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Dream dictionary meaning Dad / Father

What does dreaming of my dad mean?

A father or Dad is an interesting symbol in one’s dream. There is one exception to the rule regarding dreams about other people and that is dreams about family.

A father in one's dream is associated with "control" in life. Obviously we trust our father and it can suggest that you will be “protected” in life. Try to think about your own life and how you control others. Rather than representing an aspect of you, a “father” featured in one’s dream represent’s how you handle your relationships. For example, your father represents your power or authority in your relationships.

If you have a dream of your own father or alternatively, being a father then this means that there are going to be difficult days ahead. The father normally plays an important role in an individual’s life and family. A father can serve as the decision maker in a family. The dream may portray the father as the role of being a teacher who lectures their children regarding the important lessons in life.

Most, if not all, of the time our dreams pertaining to our parents (regardless if he’s our dad or our mom) depicts a symbol of what it literally means or happening in real life, in our family, or in your own family.

In your dream you may have

  • You dream of your father.
  • Your father is dead on your dream.
  • You are hitting your father in your dream.
  • If it’s the other way around, your father is the one who is hitting you in your dream.
  • Dreaming of your father and he is angry at you.
  • Your father has a mistress in your dream.
  • Your father is drunk, foolish, and incapable.
  • Seeing your father in wakefulness.
  • Your father is ill in your dream.
  • In the dream, your father was given a dwelling high fences.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • A healthy relationship not just with your father but with every member of your family and relatives.
  • A positive output towards life’s dealings with an incomparable amount of optimism, dedication, perseverance, and loyalty.
  • A more understanding as to how an individual should and must deal with shortcomings, unfortunate events, and mishaps.

Detailed dream interpretation

To see your father in your dreams is a way of asking yourself how you can show authority, your right, your power, and your ruling strength in your family. You need to be more independent from your parents and be more self-reliant especially in terms of decision making, and in your judgments. This could also mean that these skills are lacking and you need to work extra hard and double the effort in applying it to your life.

This is also a perfect time for you to assess the relationship that you currently have with your father. May it be healthy or not, you might want to pay him a visit? Have a little chat, a dinner, or watch a game during late nights as you might not know, he is longing to see his siblings and wants to reminisce the good old times you had with them.

Dreaming of your father who is dead is something we all wouldn’t want to experience. However, reality bites, this may serve as freedom from an untangled issue with your father. There are some interpretations where seeing your father dying is to let the negative aspects in your life die, so that positive ones can come in.

Hitting your father in your dream means you need to work out your relationship with him that requires a greater closeness with him. And you are feeling to be neglected, or he is not listening to every word you say and offends you, your feelings, and your ego tremendously. If it is the other way around, then your emotional connection is lacking.

Seeing your father angry at you in your dream denotes your personal anger towards him. This could also mean that he is disapproving something that you’re about to do, or that you’re about to decide.

Disconnection with your parents is the primary cause of dreaming your father having a girlfriend/mistress. If your father is drunk, foolish, and incapable means that you are being freed from emotional repression while an unexpected help is about to come if your father is in wakefulness or is ill in your dream.

Try to think about how you will achieve in life and what you need to do. If you dream of your own father who has passed away in waking life this indicates that you will encounter a “positive” relationship with a male going forward. You can trust others. If you dreamed of your father and in real life you are estranged this can just be your sub-conscious mind worried about the relationship or lack of it. If you have issues or problems with your father in waking life it is not uncommon to dream of him. If you have a great relationship with your father in real life this dream suggests that others will support you going forward - especially others.

When we look at what a father should represent it should be: safety, happiness, richness and support. In addition, a father can be cold hearted. To see your father die in your dream is associated with a specific “warning” of a male that may try to cross you. To dream that you are locked in your room or your father is violent towards you can suggest that someone at work has control over you. Think about your relationships and how much control others have. If you dream that you kill your father in a dream this can be associated with feeling worried about a situation in life. It will not actually mean that you are thinking of killing him in real life - it is symbolic.

If you see your father marry another then this can suggest that someone is not who they are on the surface. To dream of seeing your father marry someone (not your mother) can suggest a positive path in a career will need to be reached in life. If you see your father be homosexual then this is associated with a predicament in life - it is time to make a choice. To see your father angry in a dream indicates problems and conflict in the future. If you are fighting with your father in the dream suggests that you will need to make some major decisions.

The father has occurred in your dream state to indicate a new start but this is positive but you must control it. Marrying your father indicates a difficult decision will need to be made. This is normally connected to your love life. This dream maybe quite worrying but it is not “literal” in any sense! Seeing your parents arguing in a dream denotes a worry in the future.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of your father

Understanding, recuperation, hope, self realization, awareness, assessments, strength, dedication, perseverance, loyalty, and firmness.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013