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Vinyl is a plastic which is used for covering furniture, records, wall paper, and even clothing.

It is very versatile! It is a substitute often used for leather which leaves room for inexpensive purchases. Vinyl is the leather substitute chosen by vegetarians all over the world so that they might be able to work on stopping using cattle for leather. This is an activist’s dream, if everyone in the world used vinyl or would have some sort of connection with it instead. Vinyl producing factories in a dream represents a time in the life when the dreamer is going to start to become very busy. Creative projects are on the high end of this road, and when one dreams about Vinyl hanging on a wall this symbolizes freedom of uncertainty in the life of the dreamer.

In this dream you may have

  • Purchased Vinyl Rolls.
  • Had a child made of Vinyl.
  • Went to a club in which everyone was wearing Vinyl.
  • Bought Vinyl Boots.
  • Saw elderly people made of Vinyl.
  • Were made of Vinyl.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You bought vinyl rolls.
  • Had a child made of vinyl.
  • Went to a club where everyone wore vinyl.
  • You rolled around in pieces of vinyl.
  • You made necklaces out of dehydrated vinyl.
  • You made hair ties out of vinyl.
  • You decided to start a marketing campaign supporting vinyl.
  • You had a car made of vinyl.
  • You sold your car made of vinyl.
  • You made candles out of vinyl.

Detailed dream meaning

Wearing vinyl boots or clothing, purchasing vinyl to make clothing, or trying on something made of vinyl is representative of up and coming travel and a desire to look and to feel confident. Vinyl is also associated with manifesting or creating because it can be considered sexy or attractive. Usually wearing vinyl is a sign of attraction which is a positive sign for romance and wealth. Sofas with Vinyl are representative of the dreamer’s desire to feel confident and secure in new endeavors.

When vinyl is everywhere (such as when used on bed sheets or wall paper) and you take notice of the material then you want to be warned of getting stuck in your waking world. The material, in this sort of situation indicates a lack of creativity and a need for change in your life. Consider boredom in your life as a blockage towards success as it is creating a depressed or unhappy mood.

Vinyl is referred to when talking about records and music. Vinyl records are a symbol of nostalgia and can indicate many positive things. Sometimes these dreams are about taking it easy and taking a break in your life. These can also be dreams of simpler times in your own life – like sitting around with friends as a teen and listening to music. Consider the social outlet of the dream and relate the dream to your own responsibilities. Dreaming of the past is usually a way the mind deals with having too much going on in the waking world and you will want to consider how you feel responsible for things or people that should not be your concern.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Feeling a lack of creativity.
  • Starting a new and creative endeavor.
  • Having antiquated ideas which need changing.
  • Being confronted with change.
  • Desiring to start over anew.
  • The need for Travel.
  • Creative security.
  • Contemplative thought processing.
  • Saving time and money.
  • Musical creativity.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of vinyl

Creative. Inspired. Understanding. Defeated. Unsure. Clarity. Certainty. Happiness. Joy. Weird. Nostalgic. Nice. Peaceful. Curious. Pleased. Pleasure. Ecstasy. Romance. Hot.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012