Quoits Dream

Quoits Dream

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Dreaming of quoits denotes that you are facing a loss in your career.

Quoits symbolize many things, and although they most commonly appear when we face loss in our careers, they may also appear when we feel vulnerable, under pressure, or stressed.

This is a gender specific dream, and with the exception of our career loss, the quoit will resemble different things if seen by a male or a female. A quoit is a thick ring, most commonly made out of either iron, rope, or rubber. To play the game quoits, a person will throw the ring forwards in the air, and try to make it land around a spike coming out of the ground (also known as a hob). The quoit can be made out of either iron, rope, or rubber, and all mean different things in the dream world. Also, they all relate to the dreamer differently too, depending on if they are male or female.

In this dream, you may have been

  • Holding a quoit.
  • Throwing a quoit.
  • Playing a game of quoits.
  • Losing a ring.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You adapt your life slightly in order to focus a bit more on your career.

If you are male and holding an iron quoit, or playing a game of quoits and your object is made out of iron, this denotes that you are unsettled by either your wealth or your material possessions. If you do not improve on this, then it is likely your behavior will change towards others around you, conflicting with how you'd like to perceive yourself. If you are female and holding an iron quoit, or playing a game of quoits, this also denotes that you are coming into problems with wealth and material possessions, but instead are likely to maintain the same behavior around loved ones as you have always done.

If you are male and using a quoit made of rope, this generally denotes that you are concerned about getting older and not yet ready to feel settled down. As you continue through life you feel more pressure to settle down, but your mind and body are feeling uncomfortable with this. The best solution is to talk to others who relate to you. If you are female and holding or using a quoit made of rope, more often than not this means you are losing touch with your goals and ambitions. As you go through life your goals can change sometimes, but this dream suggests that you are losing your ambition, which will cause you to head down a dark path.

If you are male and have dreamt of holding or using a quoit made of rubber, this suggests your relationship towards a close friend, family member, romantic partner, or admired colleague has changed, and your opinion of them altered as well. You are in conflict due to the positive history you have with them and need to figure out the best course of action. If you are female and have dreamt of holding or using a quoit made of rubber, this suggests you are lacking resilience and feeling self-conscious. If you often find yourself able to bounce back from things, but have recently been struggling with that, you might need to focus on improving yourself a bit more, so you can gain confidence and happiness.

Although the quoit equals different complications in your life, there is a chance that if you have thrown it, you will actually find clarity and contentedness. While most commonly people will dream of throwing a quoit because it denotes to the loss of obligation they feel for themselves regarding their career, to throw something away from you can sometimes mean you are rid of it.

There is a visual exercise involving an imaginary pen: the pen represents all your anxieties, and you are holding it and staring at it. Then you decide to throw it away and it removes all your stress. This method works in alliance with your brain, so you may have dreamt of throwing a quoit away because you are actually relieved of something related to any of the previous dream meanings.

Feelings that you may have encountered during your dream

Worry. Joy. Freedom. Oppression. Sadness. Difficulty. Victory. Comfort. Sadness.

By Florance Saul
Jun 19, 2017