Dreams Of Heaven

Dreams Of Heaven

Dreams Of Heaven

Dreaming of heaven can come in many forms.

There is nothing more frustrating when you are having a wonderful, exciting, therapeutic dream then suddenly you are awakened suddenly, and you need to work out what it means. God comes to us in many ways and normally dreams of heaven can be profound. I remember once I visited the gates of heaven and was told it was not my time, 20 years later this is a faded memory but I always wondered if the dream of heaven is actually real or just a dream. The dream of visiting heaven can be connected to our inner strength and the divine. I do feel that dreams of being in heaven are gifts from God, it is a direct link to your own soul or psyche. Spiritual guides, angels, and god himself can sometimes use dreams as symbols to communicate messages to help you in daily life.

Symbolically, heaven symbolizes enlightenment and eternal life. Seeing heaven in your dream could signify your desires to uncover happiness. In your real life you might be trying to escape from the difficulties you are experiencing and thus the dream comes in order to restore your hopes, optimism, and faith. Psalm 50:3 states “our God comes and will not be silent.” In dreams, God can communicate and open your spiritual eyes. The prophetic eye of visions and dreams can help you grow. I do believe that if you have had a dream about heaven then it demonstrates that God wishes to speak to you. As we spend a third of our lives asleep then it is clear that we will encounter at least one dream of heaven. This will enable you to understand the dreams and visions while you sleep and explore what heaven could mean to you.

According to older dream books, if you dream that you are ascending to heaven then this can indicate a message in life. There is a distinction you have worked so hard to get, and instead, the joy is going to end up in great sadness. Miller says that, if you are young and you dream that you are using a ladder to climb to heaven, then you are going to rise from a low state to unusual prominence in your life but you will not find much pleasure or contentment in life. Dreams of heaven can occur in many ways and this can be attached to our current life. If you believe in god and are actively spiritual then you can expect many dreams of heaven. There are certain elements that are associated with dreaming of heaven:

  1. Open your ears: When your ears fail, your spiritual eyes are open: Here I am saying that God tries to communicate through dreams. If the river dries up then another will come along with the rain. This is the connection about “seeing spiritually in dreams” God is always there for us, nothing happens without a reason and he controls what we see, hear and feel. When your river has dried up or you are emotionally going through a challenging time then turn to God is the key meaning of this dream. Job 33:15-16 states: In a dream, a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds, then he opens the ears of men.”
  2. ​​​​​​Perception: Dreams of heaven can provide you with the perception. We have five senses and can use these to communicate all day long. When we experience a dream about heaven then you need to focus, listen and learn. Being raised up to heaven in a dream is about a spiritual encounter.

To go to heaven and then hell in your dream is an indicator that, you are going to meet issues or problems in the days to come, but you will be able to reconcile yourself. If you dream of the heavenly city, then it is a sign of your spiritual nature and contentment and that in the days to come, troubles will not affect you and this is a dream about feeling secure.

What do the experts say about dreaming of heaven?

Sigmund Freud wrote a little about the meaning of heaven in dreams. According to Freud, the dream has a spiritual meaning and that there is a message coming directly from God or the Higher Self. It could also refer to progress, direction, and status in life. Dreams about heaven are mostly associated with joy and happiness you are experiencing in life, making you feel as if you are in heaven. In my experience, dreaming of heaven often occurs when you are feeling fortunate and happy and this is what your subconscious is trying to portray, heaven, the most perfect place that everyone wants to be.

What does it mean to dream of heaven gates?

Seeing doors or gates to heaven is quite significant. It means you are currently in a period in your life where everything is unfolding with ease, and you don’t have anything to worry about. It could mean that you feel as if all your desires are easily fulfilled and you always get what you desire. Seeing golden gates could also indicate that you are going to receive support from people, even those you didn’t expect.

Do dreams about heaven mean anything?

An idea may arise from a dream. A famous dream by Neils Bohr had a dream of the atom and later this dream became reality as he carried out tests in order to unleash that the atom structure was in fact presented in his dream. God and heaven featured in a dream can imply that you may solve issues or challenges in waking life.

What does it mean to dream of visiting heaven?

Visiting heaven in a dream can indicate that god is present. Heaven can also be presented as our own sense of mind. In general, this dream can be relaxing and take you to places that will help you. Dreams of seeing yourself in heaven can imply that achievements in your life will succeed. There is a focus on confidence and pride. Seeing God speaking to you is all about controlling your emotions in a healthy way. It could be a sign of fortune and success in the coming period, which could be related to your professional and personal life. You might be in a position to receive good opportunities too.

There are many people that believe that if you are a perfectionist, you will tend to have heaven dreams quite often. You might be having issues accepting the fact that you are the one who needs to deal with your problems. You might also be finding it hard to deal with the fact that, some situations are there to stay in your life. A situation in waking life, where you are having difficulties and you are trying to avoid them can result in a dream of heaven. And when this materializes, the dream will encourage you in due course, things will work out well.

Does dreaming of heaven mean changes are coming?

Yes, the dream could be an indication that, you are about to make a difficult decision in life and it you need to think before committing to a task. Of course, the dream could be symbolic of new beginnings and renewals in your life. I do feel that dreams of heaven can also imply that you may wish to change your current course of life and start from a fresh. A new chapter in your life and getting rid of the old, to make space for the new, can make you dream about heaven.

A dream of heaven could be a spiritual calling to remind you that there is a need for you to reconnect with your Divine. It could be a sign of restoring your optimism, faith and hope in life. If you are a somewhat religious person, who is worried about your lifestyle and acceptance into heaven, you will encounter dreams about heaven.

What does it indicate to dream about being in heaven?

A dream where you see yourself in heaven could be a sign that, in reality, you have spiritual protection. God is the person in your life whom you are able to consult any time you need assistance regardless of the type of problem which is bothering you. Remember that God is glad to listen to you and help in dealing with people who are out to hurt you. I remember when I saw heaven in a dream I met some relatives that had passed on. This dream was wonderful in that I was connecting to them again.

What does it mean to dream about leaving heaven?

Leaving heaven in your dream is an indication that, you need more time to review your goals. Leaving heaven and coming back to earth can mean that you need to think about how you can approach your life goals. There could be some critical thoughts when you dream of leaving heaven. After having such a spiritual encounter you may feel that you need to listen to your own inner self.

What does it mean to hear God’s voice in a dream?

The biblical meaning of seeing or hearing God's voice can indicate that you are reaching cycles in your life. Biblical dreams which involve Scripture can be re-conceived in the fact that you are not realizing your visions and dreams. In that, you need to encourage not only peace but also in confidence. Divine messages delivered during the dream state often occur when you're feeling somewhat anxious and waking life. If you are facing risk then hearing God’s voice in your dream is common.

What does it mean to dream of a dead relative in heaven?

I do feel that this dream is common. Dreaming of heaven, in general, could imply that, you need to open your spiritual ears as I have touched on before. You could feel anxiety or It could be coming as a result of something you did or said in the recent past. If the person in your dream is someone that has died it can mean you simply miss them.

What does imply to dream about an angel in heaven?

Dreaming of an angel in heaven in your dream is quite amazing. Seeing many angels might denote that, there is someone important in your life or you are being spiritually guided.

What does it denote to dream about feeling like you are in heaven?

Feeling like you are in heaven in your dream could indicate that, something positive is about to happen in your life. This could be a fruitful and positive period in your life. Whatever you embark on is going to be successful and you will feel as if you are at the top of the world. On the other hand, the dream might mean that you are currently an optimistic person in life and things will turn out well. You are in a period of life where you are reaping the benefits to the fullest and there is nothing which is in a position to mess with your positivity.

What could it imply to dream about entering heaven?

Life can sometimes get tough and having such a dream opened your eyes to the spiritual level that is inside us. This is a positive dream, enabling you to face courage in difficult or overpowering situations. You will tolerate and expand after having such a dream. Without the Bible to guide you in life it is easy to often walk around not knowing what we really to do next. This dream will give you a cure for your total spiritual deafness because it will convince you that God is never silent. Entering heaven in your dream could mean that, at the moment, you are moving in a new direction. Everything you need, you get it easily and this is making this to be the right season to go out on an adventure. You may feel that this is the right time to venture into good business or a relationship as it is likely to work out for your own good. Rest assured that following such a dream you will have a harmonious and peaceful existence.

What might it indicate to dream about praying?

A dream about praying could suggest that you desire certain gifts in life. In the coming days, your desires are going to be fulfilled an this will leave you a happy and contented person.

What does it imply to dream about being removed from heaven?

Being removed from heaven in your dream could mean that, in the days to come, you are going to feel slightly lost in life, this is a natural reaction to such a dream. You will be absent when this person needs you the most. Instead of helping others, you will be busy dealing with your own things and problems which are not important at all. This is going to hurt the person a lot and they will end up resenting you.

What might it imply to dream of going back to heaven?

A dream where you are going back to heaven could imply that, in the days to come, you are going to redeem yourself from the mistakes you have made in your life. In older dream books going back to heaven means that you are going to redeem yourself and continue with positively.

What does it mean to dream about white light in heaven?

Dreaming about white light in heaven is a representation of high hopes and spiritual connection. White represents purity and spiritual power. If you are hoping that a relationship or a situation is going to work this could mean you wish to succeed in something.

What does it imply to dream about seeing God in heaven?

There is an enormous spiritual connection to seeing God in a dream. In Gibeon, the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream. God said “Ask! What shall I give you.” If you are facing a sobering question and you need an answer then God will normally appear in dreams.

What does it mean to dream about not being allowed to enter heaven?

Being allowed to enter into heaven in your dream is an indication that you are facing some problems in life. There are some obstacles blocking you from achieving your full potential. It could be that you are one person who is jealous of others and that is what is hindering them from helping you. Alternatively, it could indicate that there is a need to build your confidence more. I don’t feel this dream is specifically about not getting into heaven as we are all accepted. It is more about you accepting things as they are.

What does it indicate to dream about being in heaven and seeing a family member?

Being in heaven and seeing your family or relatives ones in your dream could denote that, you have some unresolved issues with those you saw. If they are still alive, you should make peace with them or get on better. If they are already dead, you will have to make peace with your past because, they are no longer there and thus, no way you can ask them for forgiveness. Sometimes we can forgive people but not have a relationship with them. Remember its gods will. If someone walks away from you then let them. There is nothing tying you to any person that chooses to treat you poorly.

What does it imply to dream about seeing a fountain of light in heaven?

A dream where you see a fountain of light in heaven could imply that, in the days to come, you are going to receive abundance in your life. It might come through some of your projects coming successfully to a conclusion and giving you prosperity or profits in return.

In summary, dreams of heaven is quite a miracle experience. If you look at the dream of heaven one should never neglect that God always communicates clearly in any given situation. You may have experienced the visual or audible experience of visiting heaven. Sometimes in the past I’ve woken to somebody calling my name – I believe was God. I often believed this was in connection of visiting spiritual heaven once or twice during my sleep. With this dream can come an intense feeling of peace, joy and rebirth. I hope my dream meaning has given you peace.

By Flo Saul
Aug 8, 2018