Dream meanings Baking

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Baking in a dream symbolizes sensitivity to others. If you are baking for other people, then this dream serves as a recommendation to take the center stage and be more outgoing in social circumstances.

When we bake food, it means we are giving something to someone or ourselves.

Baking in your dream suggests that you can aspire to a better financial situation. If you are the one baking bread or cookies this is a positive omen. Baking can also be a sign of guests coming your way. If you eat freshly baked bread, this represents joy. Baked bread, however, is a sign of poverty, hunger, and that you will be called by someone in your family. If you see bread being baked, you may enjoy a small financial gain.

In your dream you may have

  • Been baking.
  • Seen somebody else baking.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Your baking venture was successful.
  • You held a social event and baked at it.
  • The dream included a pleasant baking experience.

Detailed dream interpretation

You can find many dream meanings regarding baking or cooking food. If you are dealing with diet issues in waking life then this dream means that it maybe related to your own cravings. It is not uncommon to have a dream of eating sweet food while on a diet. To dream of baking cakes is a positive omen, indicating that things in life are going to turn out well. In addition, Freud stated that dreaming about food represents libido. The traditional Greeks associated dreams about food to making love as well. Food signifies what we are as people, what we are inside!

Your meal is another essential need for humans - if deprived of foods, we die. Baking in dreams can certainly become sensual: the act of eating is highly delicate and also intimate dinners frequently come before sexual intercourse. Fruits in which resemble parts of the body, for example bananas as well as peaches, may bring sexual that means in your fantasy.

Dreams of pigging out may well indicate that you need to engage in lovemaking, which is why you desire food. Eating is a highly sociable exercise and may possibly symbolize many sociable interactions. What you are ingesting can easily signify qualities or skills that you're wanting to absorb and create.

If you're preparing the ingredients, this may signify a desire to influence people. To have a dream about "something cooking" indicates a predicament is about to come into your life or perhaps a surprise could be around the corner.

Different characteristics regarding baking will help determine it's significance in your dream state. You need to be willing to invest time into exactly what it individually represents to you. As an example, baking apple pie may symbolize intelligence or even breaking rules, as the old saying goes "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Dreaming of baking bitter or perhaps ruined foods may possibly symbolize being nasty about a circumstance or even person. Dreaming about sweet fruit or even baking puddings may signify that every day life is fairly sweet as well as abundant or perhaps you need to gratify yourself for doing a good job. Breads may possibly signify fertility or even cash.

May all your dreams become a reality!

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of baking

Grasping. Upset. Busy. Surprised. Confused. Hungry. Greedy. Creative.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012