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In some dreams we have extremely strange visions and not all dreams can be defined. 

So you could see someone smoking tobacco or even cannabis? Did you have a fag in a dream? Did others smoke tobacco in a dream? Tobacco can feature in may ways in dreams. And you popped to my site to understand why? The great news for you is that tobacco and cannabis, in fact anything you smoke in a dream indicates that luck will be yours. So perhaps you had a dream last night about a stolen bag of cannabis, alternatively you went to the shop and you bought a bag of tobacco - it all means something! The actual smoking of tobacco and cannabis is also important in order to understand this dream interpretation. Cannabis and tobacco are both natural plants. 


In order to understand this dream from a deeper perspective we do need to realise that while we sleep our brain is very active. It takes in all the symbols from our external waking life. If you smoke in real life then this dream is perhaps your subconscious mind telling you to cut down on your smoking! Yes, I know that might be hard. If the dream is actually a nightmare, perhaps you lose a bag of cannabis or tobacco, alternatively you're unable to buy cannabis or tobacco, then this indicates that there may be some difficult times ahead. To smoke a bag of cannabis or tobacco indicates difficult times, you will be able to rely on your own inner wisdom in order to progress in life.

Dreaming of tobacco plant indicates you are held back or trapped in a misfortunate event that leaves you feeling helpless and vulnerable to pain and suffering. Often sometimes, our dreams serve as a mirror reflecting our life’s experiences indicating whether or not there are changes that needs to be made or enhanced. Ok, so what does this mean? These changes are subject to the unjust prejudice of other people. To see or grow a cannabis plant can indicate that your life will lead to a more vulnerable state of awareness and or conclusion which may either benefit you as an individual or can possibly cause harm.

In the context of expressing one’s feelings, regardless if it’s to be made out of an optimistic and objective point of view, the connotation of causing harm cannot be set aside. One way or another, this will cause a questionable sense of leadership and credibility.

What is the symbolic meaning of rolling tobacco? Generally, tobacco comes in either cigarette form or in bags of tobacco. This is known as “rolling tobacco” to roll tobacco in dreams or to see bags of tobacco actually means something in one's subconscious mind! To buy tobacco from a supermarket in a dream denote a new approach to old problems. To spill tobacco on the floor (even not in the dream state) can indicate you need to be more courageous in facing your problems about life. Enabling the courage in one’s mind can bring out the leadership ability which expresses authority. Regardless if it’s within a household, a workplace and or anywhere else it may apply - so take that away. To spill tobacco means you need more courage!

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What does it mean to dream you are smoking a tobacco but in real life you don’t smoke? You have the capability to recuperate and relax. The dream of “smoking” when you don’t smoke indicates you need to establish a firm and a strong sense of masculinity which consequently relates to how you approach problems in life. The ability to withstand stress in life and how you communicate may mean utilizing the resourcefulness in life. This could be through the complexity of a situation that you may find difficult, this can consequently result in gaining respect and reverence from other people.

What does it mean to see someone smoking tobacco in your dream? So, maybe you could see someone with pipe, cigarette or smoking rolling tobacco? Did you smell that funny hazy smell in the dream? To see a haze of smoke in a dream indicates that you will be challenged in life. Rolling a tobacco cigarette indicates rolling something important in waking life, like a new job or opportunity!

What does it mean to dream of growing cannabis or tobaccos in your dream? To see that the tobaccos (leaves) in your dream are drying indicates an end to something in life. Lavishness and extravagance should and must be taken into great consideration. Poor judgment and decision making are the primary focus in life and to “grow” cannabis in a dream indicates you will have vigilance, but on the other hand you may or may not be able to see the “wood through the trees” If you get caught by the police in the dream while growing cannabis it can suggest that you will face a situation that will measure your adaptability! However this may either result in unjust and untoward criticism, maybe from a boss - which is unbearable in the long run.

What does smoking a pipe mean in a dream? Yes we all heard the saying “a pipe dream” is this literal in its sense. And what does a pipe dream mean? For this, we need to look back to the old fashioned opium pipes. Yes, we have all seen Sherlock Holmes smoking his big large pipe. Or even the pipe featured in good old Alice In Wonderland. But what does this mean?The pipe dream comes from America and was first coined in 1890. Yes, dream interpretation wise it means a false promise or living in the clouds in life. 


What does it mean by chewing a tobacco in your dream? This is all about comforting needs from another person. Someone will be kind and want to spend this with you. Yes, this dream can be subjective yet objective at the same time! You will be “judged” in the eyes of other people if you chew tobacco in the dream. Either way, as an individual you are also given a warning in this dream. You should not get carried away in terms of speculations and must weigh things up logically, especially analyse situations that may cause a big impact to another individual!

What does it mean to get “stoned” in a dream on cannabis? This is all about the embarrassment of a situation in life. Obviously, cannabis is illegal so to smoke this in the dream is a “warning” to be more relaxed. Yes, older dream dictionaries do say that smoking pot in a dream can equal a positive outcome. It’s not about what the other people have to say it is about what has happened in life. What matters the most is the experience and the lessons that you will learn out of the next few weeks if you witnessed others smoking cannabis in a dream with you|!

Feelings that you may have encountered in your dream of tobacco: The feelings differ from one individual to the other. Yes, every dream is different. The interpretation of one dream to another it all is different. But most often than not a dream of smoking or tobacco helps us understand our own awareness, responsiveness, attentiveness, and a considerable amount of understanding how we approach situations in life. Maybe you are weighing things up, and understanding what matters the most. Although, an individual may bear the procrastination of interpreted dreams in a positive or negative sense smoking tobacco or cannabis is a lucky omen. So that is it folks! Hope you liked this tobacco interpretation, oh and don’t forget to like this site on facebook. Remember, that if you are lacking interest, experiencing depression this dream comes along to say: things will work out so don’t you worry! Blessings, Flo x

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