The Martyr

The Martyr

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Are you having the martyr dream often?

Beware of the situation, because you might be in a very frustrated and resigned state where you are thinking of inflicting maximum damage on yourself. Are you having trouble with your spouse, children, relatives or friends? These problems may be so intense in real life that your thoughts are engrossed with intensity and as a result, you are having this martyr dream.

Again sometimes you may be totally inspired some people to think of your own life as a commodity which can be exchanged for somebody else’s happiness. This condition also makes you have the martyr dream.

In the martyr dream the situation may have any of the following scenarios

  • You are being hanged.
  • You are sitting in the electric chair.
  • A black cloth has been pulled over your head.
  • You can feel the rope around your neck.
  • You are being suffocated by the rope tightening around your neck.
  • You can feel the electric shock flowing through your body.
  • Someone you know very well is being hanged.
  • An unknown person is being electrocuted.
  • You are looking at the gallows.
  • You are going up the steps of the gallows.
  • You are falling through the hole at the bottom of the gallows.
  • You are dying of the shock, the suffocation and the fall.

Some of the rare things which might occur in the dream are

  • The rope breaks as you fall.
  • The fuse of the power unit connected to the electric chair blows out .

The interpretation of the martyr dream may be as follows

Seeing a martyr dream is very ominous for you. You may have committed a sin which nobody has seen or knows about. You are not able to talk to anybody about the nasty and utterly degrading act. The dastardly act is eating away at your sense of righteousness. You are feeling like killing yourself. You mind is filled up about how you will be ostracized by society once your cowardly deed comes to light. You are greatly frightened by the prospect of losing the love and respect of your near and dear ones. You feel that if you die then probably the slate will be swept clean. This is the time when the probability of seeing a martyr dream becomes a reality.

Have you taken a decision due to which somebody has lost his reputation or standing in the society or something very precious to him or even his life? Is it that even though you may not be really responsible for the situation being what it is, you still think that you are the actual culprit for somebody’s misfortune? Again the guilt inside you will cause immense distress and sleepless nights. In periods of drowsy wakefulness and restless sleep, you may have the martyr dream. You may equate yourself with a martyr you have heard or read about who gives up his life for the betterment of others.

Again, you might be suffering from a sense of betrayal by friends or persons you trusted. You think that you had not chosen your friends wisely or have ignored the tell-tale signs or words which you failed to notice before you befriended them. You feel you do not have any place to hide from the embarrassing situation you find yourself in. Whenever a person seems to lose all options for living, then the best recourse he decides on is to take his own life. But the way you want it to be is like that, the result of taking your own life would make the others feel that you had been wronged, and actually you are a decent person. Under this extreme mental stress you may have the martyr dream.

By Florance Saul
Mar 17, 2013