Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

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Aurora Borealis is the northern bright dancing lights which normally form as a collision between electrically charged particles that hit the earth’s atmosphere from the sun.

They are normally displayed in the northern and southern hemisphere poles. When you see the Aurora Borealis in your dream, it foretells that beauty and guidance are in the air. If you happen to see yourself gazing at the Aurora Borealis in your dream, it implies that beautiful things are about to happen in your life due to the way you have guided your life. You need to know that, these things are going to make people admire your life and everything that are in it.

Detailed dream interpretation:

Aurora Borealis is another term for northern lights or an aurora in the sky. It suggests that there is an upper area that produces the colors. The auroras happen in certain areas in the auroral zone. This dream is important because if you are seeing oval auroras then this means that you are going to have a "magnetic" approach to a situation.

Make sure that when you set your goals are you take them to completion because that is where the beauty lies; in completing everything that is assigned to you. When your goals are complete, you will be able to guide others in achieving what you have achieved. To see the lights shine in your dream indicates you have great tactics to achieve success. If you can make it possible for everyone around you to get to where you are, you will be viewed in awe because people will respect your decisions.

A dream where you see a friend gazing at the Aurora Borealis can suggest that you will be able to depend on a familiar person to get to the top of your career because they are the ones who have achieved so much in their lives. And for you to achieve the same, you need to make sure that, you consult with those that are higher than you. This is to purely get to know the secret behind success and use it to achieve your goals. As long as you are hard working, nothing is impossible in this life. You only need to be dedicated to your life goals and everything will come ticking in as planned. Be guided by your friends and family. When you happen to see the Aurora Borealis in your dream, it denotes that you don’t need anyone’s guidance because your life is guided by strong principles which are making you achieve great things.

In the dream:

You are gazing at the Aurora Borealis. Someone you know is gazing at the Aurora Borealis. A strange person is gazing at the Aurora Borealis. 

Feelings associated with your dream:

Principled, successful, guided, disciplined, beautiful and content.

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2017