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The blindfold is quite a powerful symbol in dreams.

There is something behind that blindfold but what? This leaves the answer to the fact that you "need to see the unseen" in waking life. If you think about the image of justice, its diffusion the symbol of the blindfold is across the eyes of justice. This can be that the "gaze" of the women is prominent and her penetrating gaze is capable of understanding crimes and punishing them.

Until justice is served the person wears the blindfold. This is a universal symbol that does not have ambiguity. In fact, in dreams, the blindfold could represent that you need to understand what the blindness is doing to you. Evidently, dreaming of being blindfolded could mean that you are not precisely looking at a situation for what it is. Often, the blindfold is deep within us and you need to have questions about how you can move forward to clear away obstacles that have been holding you back.

In Greenland, the symbol of justice is the image of the drum and two figures. This is because that, in the end, a person will tell one the truth. This is not like the western culture of seeing justice blindfolded. To dream of being kidnapped and a blind fold or hood placed over your head indicates that someone is trying to hide you from the truth. If you remove hoods or blindfolds in the dream you are seeing the light. It could mean that you need to make a change.

I am sorry to say, that generally, being blindfolded in a dream often suggests that you will encounter dishonesty by others. A blindfold usually appears where there are irrational forces at work. Any dream that involves feeling out of control often means its literal meaning, that you are feeling out of control in some part of your life.

In your dream you may have

  • Been attacked and blindfolded.
  • Worried about being blindfolded.
  • Seen other people blindfolded.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • In your dream you were happy and content.
  • The blindfold was removed in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

This dream normally presents itself when we are all aware subconsciously that a situation is likely to turn out negative. An important lesson to take away from this dream if you do not act negatively in response to a situation involving financial security.

If you are suffering from blindness within your dream then this can indicate that you are limiting your possibilities. For a woman to dream that she is blindfolded, means that troubling things in her life are coming to the surface which may be worrying her.

To see a black blindfold in your dream can sometimes be related to a strict upbringing and home structure. This dream denotes content times. Many dream dictionaries from the 1900s connect seeing a blindfold with the important factor of coming to terms with our position in life. If you dream that you are imprisoned or captured in an unusual surrounding, it denotes emotional problems and/or dissatisfaction in how a trusted friend reacts to you; however, if you dream that you are willing to have a blindfold on you then this dream indicates a new and enjoyable friendship.

A blindfold symbol in dreams sometimes occurs when we are trying to understand ourselves. This dream has got much to do with recognition. To blindfold another person, if he is threatening you is a sign that we need to think about how we cope with some difficult situation. 

The biblical meaning of being blinded in a dream

I like to look at the biblical meaning of being blinded, spiritually, this means that you are moving between being awake and asleep. It shows there is a transition there. As I already said there is a focus on being dishonest. Or coming across someone who will cheat you. The blindfold has been spiritually very significant in life. Wearing the blindfold indicates rebirth and opening up the unconscious mind. In the bible, there is two scriptures. Job 40:13 which says: “hide them in the dust together and blindfold their faces in darkness” and then Mark 14: 65 which states “Then some began to spit on Him, to blindfold Him, and to beat Him, saying, “Prophecy!” The temple police also took Him and slapped Him.” Biblically, again this means that we are hidden from something in life if we find ourselves wearing a blindfold. 

Blindfolds can cover sleep masks, weightlifting, children games, magic tricks - in dreams the meaning is all the same!

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of blindfold

Worry, Unhappy about the blindfold, happy and content.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012