Dream dictionary meaning Abdomen

Abdomen Dream Meaning

If you see your own stomach in a dream this is connected to your natural ability to express your emotions in life. If your stomach was swollen then this indicates that you are finding it hard to cope with everyday tasks. Seeing lovely abs in the dream can indicate that you wish to focus on your body.

Is the dream about your abdomen good or bad?

It is time to think about how you can relax. This is a direct indication of something that you are finding difficult to cope with. Have you been trying to escape a situation or person? This dream also indicates that you are perhaps traveling towards something new in your life. If your abdomen is naked then this dream indicates that you're going to recover some money in the foreseeable future. To see someone else's abdomen shows the need to focus on emotions and feelings. In time, you must learn how to leverage people's feelings so you can use them to your advantage. To dream of someone else's abdomen means that you should learn how to manipulate people in order to maximize benefits - in other words, how to transform your life into a blessing.

What does the abdomen mean in dreams?

As the body indicates outward physical manifestation the body also represents your ego. If you dream that you are pregnant then this relates to any new era of life or potential within your waking life. Interestingly, this dream does not necessarily mean that you're going to become pregnant in waking life, although it may also symbolize the pregnancy of others around you. If you dream that somebody else is pregnant and you are looking at or touching the abdomen then this dream suggests that there is positive influences around you in regard to new skills or characteristics within your working relationships.

It is important to become aware that this dream is sometimes associated with your unconscious mind and you may need to get your stomach checked by a Doctor. To be concerned about any part of the body in your dream indicates that there is anxiety in waking life. This dream may also be a message that you need to trust your own gut instincts about relationships with people around you. To suffer pain or discomfort in an area of the body is a negative omen. Our subconscious knows that something may be wrong, even before we have any symptoms. Make sure you are in good health in your waking life. This may be a contrary dream meaning and that your health is on the upswing. If you dreamed that your abdomen is exposed, it may be a warning that someone you trust is not loyal or is working against you.

If you dream of a man that is pregnant then this indicates that you need to take responsibility for your life. If you do not know the man in waking life then this indicates that you use your masculinity when approaching matters at work. If the man is pregnant then this shows that new beginnings are on the horizon. The overall meaning of this dream is to make sure that you remain tough in the face of opposition - you may have to be patient and wait for the natural processes to take form.

In your dream, you may have

  • Experienced pain in your abdomen, can mean that you have an appendix! please get yourself checked out as soon as possible if you still have pain when you wake up.
  • Seen yourself belly dancing.
  • Touched or seeing your abdomen.
  • Been a male or female pregnant.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The overall control of your dream was positive in nature.
  • The experience within your dream was contentment.
  • You did not suffer any anxieties in relation to your body will show you flattery.
  • You dreamed that you are pregnant or other people were pregnant.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream

  • You experienced pain.
  • The dream involved feeling terrified.
  • You found yourself visiting a doctor because of your abdomen.
  • That you have surgery within your dream in connection with your stomach.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of seeing an abdomen

Pain. Inability to understand why you have seen this in your dream. Feeling naked. Touching your stomach. Scared. Painful. Worried about your health? Freedom. Water retention. Being pregnant.

By Flo Saul
Oct 3, 2012