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Demonic Presence

Demonic Presence.

Sometimes the demonic presence comes across as an illusionist, sometimes the presence of this in one’s dream means that you have a sense of self-control and dexterity. In dreams, this symbol might be telling you that you will have a vision, an idea or a magical mental image of whatever it is you most want, whether it is the solu­tion to a problem, a successful career or a fulfilling love life.

Dreams give us a lesson in life. There are dreams that can help build a better life, such as this one. The demonic presence maybe rather scary when seen in a dream, but this dream is reflective of ways in which one handles life.

In your dream you may have…

  • Felt a demonic presence.
  • Possessed a demonic presence.
  • Fearful of a demonic presence.
  • Confronted fear of a demonic presence.
  • Demonic presence helps one complete a task.

Positive changes are afoot if…


  • Able to confront the demonic presence.
  • Learned to overcome fear of the demonic presence.
  • You are aware of a demonic presence.

Detailed dream interpretation…

To dream of a demonic presence symbolizes negative feelings you harbour from within. This dream reflects your emotions.  This dream can be a reflection on possible disappoints and injustices in waking life. Your dream most likely symbolizes the injustices of people around you. If in your dream you were able to withstand the demonic presence and confront demons, this denotes that you can beat anything in life.

To have such a dream can make a difference in your life. It is important to try to listen to others in life.


If in your dream you were possessed by a demon it could mean something different. The demonic presence in your dream reflects possible bad behaviour.

To dream that you are able to sense demonic presence - even if not seen suggests that you will know your own urges and emotions in life.

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