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To dream of a fairytale or a princess signifies women that are fun loving and innocent.

You have or will shortly encounter a women who will give you an important message, which you will need to take on board.

The other meaning of this dream is that you may have a subjective approach to a woman in your life and may not necessarily agree with all the things that she does.

In a nutshell though this is a positive dream. If you yourself are the actual princess it shows that you have a good energy and tons of self worth which will be important in your life going forward.

A princess in a dream symbolises feeling positive about life. Perhaps you turned your back on somebody or a project that you was working on. It is important to understand that one must not be scared to move on in life. The princess could be yourself or another. Freud noted that the princess is a connection with emotions. To see yourself as a princess is related to practical issues and your family. Think about whether things are still important to you or can you let certain things go.

In this dream you may have

  • Been a princess.
  • Seen others as a princess.
  • Seen a princess in a fairy tale.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You felt calm and confident in your dream.
  • The dream was positive in nature.

Detailed dream meaning

To dream of a princess is associated with emotional needs in life. Additionally, a poor princess can also stand for a terrible argument. Perhaps somebody has cost you dearly or treated you badly. The princess can also symbolise a sexual urge. It can mean that you have been thinking about sexual acts with other people you perhaps want to be close to somebody? If so, have they been acting in a kind manner? Like a princess?

A crown on a princess in a dream can often represent happiness and good news. Seeing more than one princess denotes that when feelings in waking life become too difficult for you to deal with you have a tendency to source comfort by hiding away from the world.

The dream dictionaries in the 1930s believed that this dream was associated with good luck. Look at the emotions you experience in your dream. If the dream was positive in nature it indicates that a problem in waking life will be resolved. Real progress can be made by understanding the context of the princess. As we have already highlighted the dream of princess is generally emotive. To have a recurring dream of princess means that you will embrace a happy ending. However, if the princess is negative in your dream then you may find difficulty communicating with somebody else.

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By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012