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This dream is related to things that are not ordinary such as a dream of a strange land, distorted body parts, strange people, funny objects, magic powers, and extraordinary weird things happening. To dream of something strange or abnormal, extraordinary or odd is an indication that new possibilities are going to enter your life shortly.

Once you have identified the answers to the questions above you can try to relate it back to events in your life. Men and women and the gender signs also give us helpful ways in interpreting this dream. This dream is connected to magic, in that we can carry out cosmic ordering and make sure that what we do and what we process is beyond the obvious. There are many possible abnormal things that may have been featured in your dream. If your body is abnormal in your dream then you will be facing challenges about how you come across socially. If you have a large or small nose you need to slow down and become more organized. To become a giant or a dwarf indicates that your dream referrers to the physical image that you project to others, you need to eat healthier. If your body is distorted this can be connected with how you perceive yourself. If your face is abnormal means you need to avoid grievances.

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream of a strange land means a decision needs to be made in waking life. You need to balance your time and commitments. To dream of a strange object indicates you have an understanding of the spiritual side of life. To dream that you visit a strange land signifies that you should open up your emotions to others. What consequences are you experiencing as the result of a previous action? Any dream which involves weirdness or strangeness is a sign that events in the future need some attention.

This dream is traditionally associated with any type of magical event in your dream. If strange things happen in your dream this demonstrates the need for involvement with others. If you are frightened of the abnormal events in your dream this indicates that troubled times could be on their way. Finding the strength to begin or continue with some difficult times despite clear and emotional strain may be indicated. The message is that you need to stay strong to overcome all obstacles. To dream of a strange person, means you need to associate the logical scientific side of your brain to find the right course of action. Many things within your dream may appear to be abnormal. This generally represents the feeling that you are distinctively looking at things in your life that are not balanced or wrong at the moment.

If you're finding that you have more dreams which are abnormal in nature (rather than normal) then you need to pay particular attention to the parts of your life that are not inline or in tune with the way you feel they should be. If you dream of a magical land or of a giant then this directly indicates that you need to draw attention to any issues that are making you unhappy at the moment.

If you dream of a large object such as a large spider then you may need more confidence in waking life. Things are not too big to handle. If the abnormal part of your dream involves how you feel inside or that you can hear strange noises and sounds then this dream indicates that you may suffer from inappropriate behavior in waking life beware of how you act in the future in regards to work situation. Seeing an abnormal house is connected to your spiritual side, the message is to find a greater understanding of your actions in waking life.

What do dreams of strange objects mean?

Have any of the objects from your dream shown up in your waking life? Maybe you are seeing many objects around you? What do you think these objects could mean to you? You might visit a cinema to see large seats or strange people. I dreamed that you could fill saucepans filled with cider. What does the symbol of a saucepan mean? This dream would require you to consider what the cider drink means to you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream

Suffering. Fear. Guilty. Scared. Not able to understand the events. Strange. Pleasure. Protected. Comforted. Loved. Appreciation. Fear of the future. Problems encountered leading to confusion. Positive energies. Respect for others. Emotional. Unable to face the truth. Unfulfilled. Used by another. Closeness in companionship. Unwilling to please. Allowing others to take control. Suffering due to a feeling of guilt. Expression of love and spirituality. Contentment. In your dream you may have:

  • Noticed your body is distorted in a dream= natural progression.
  • Faced a strange or abnormal person in a dream = strange things are going to happen.
  • Become a dwarf or midget in a dream = things are going to go well.
  • Visited a strange land in a dream = new horizons.
  • Seen a strange object = New possibilities in life.
  • Been frightened about abnormal events = small opportunities will be yours.
  • Had a large or small nose in a dream = someone will ask you questions.
  • Had a strange abnormal face = abnormal events.
  • Been frightened about abnormal events = magical times ahead.

Questions to ask yourself is as follows

  • How abnormal or strange is it?
  • Is it a feeling, person, sound, or pet?
  • What is strange?

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were aware things were strange but the overall dream was positive.
  • Good lessons were learned in the dream.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream

  • If the dream was not favorable.
  • The dream involved fear.

By Flo Saul
Oct 3, 2012