Dreams About Snakes Everywhere

Dreams About Snakes Everywhere

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

About ten years ago, I had a dream about seeing a mass of snakes, they were not threatening but did cause me to worry - and feel anxious. Over the years, I have gathered some interesting facts about dreaming of “many” snakes. In my research dreaming of “masses” of snakes (everywhere) spiritually can indicate that you are undertaking a rebirth or a regeneration after a period of being blocked.

In general, to experience a dream about snakes everywhere, can signify the following:

  • The need for healing and untapped energy.
  • If you see masses of black snakes possible dishonesty.That you may meet someone who wants to deceive you if the snakes are in their natural habitat – such as in a jungle.
  • A problem where someone is not loyal if the masses of snakes are intertwined.
  • A hidden lover or feelings for someone you like if the snakes are brown.

Many Snakes Can Mean Rejection

The snake in masses can also indicate your own pent up feelings. Sometimes in relationships we can feel rejected. And, past difficult relationships can be incredibly distressing and often volatile. These questions will help you self-reflect regarding the parts of the dream the are important.

What does dream psychologist say about dreaming of a mass of snakes?

In dreams, we often turn to specific dream psychologists in order to get a clue as to the meaning. Carl Jung was instrumental in the 1930s with his dream interpretation theory. He believed that the “snake” dream interpretations. In psychology the snake is known as a phallic symbol. Jung also believed that snakes are a representation of the nervous system and our instinctual energy, in particular when they are seen in “large” numbers.

What is the dream symbol of seeing so many snakes?

The serpent in dreams is a symbol of wisdom and are considered a “safe” omen. Sigmund Freud believed that the snake was a representative of the male organ, so some people do believe that this is the symbol.

What does seeing many snakes mean spiritually?

There are many “spiritual” definitions of what seeing a mass of snakes mean. In China, for instance, to dream of many snakes indicates that you will soon have a daughter, in India the ancient meaning of seeing snakes everywhere - can mean the end of something important.

Is this dream good or bad?

Seeing many snakes is connected to a powerful spiritual symbol! Even more so if the dream is recurring! Think about it like this! Maybe the snakes in your dream are associated with you gaining attention and there to “warn” you about something negative - that is about to happen to you soon. Seeing many snakes can often occur when we are hanging out with the wrong people and need to re-evaluate the “people” who recently entered ones life.

Another spiritual interpretation of dreams about snakes is associated with transformation. This comes from the fact that snakes change skin. Maybe your dream is preparing you for a change or predicts a new event taking place in life. Maybe your life will change dramatically! It is a positive sign!

What does it mean when you dream of snakes all around you?

The snake appears as a staff of Asclepius, the physicians emblem and denotes healing. Also, multiple snakes in the bible are connected to the richness of an archetypal image. Mass snake in dreams can represent that you need healing after a transformation.

Just like any other dream symbol, snakes have a positive and negative meaning. However, to interpret your dream properly can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t remember some of the details, in my dream analysis I often ask the following questions.

  • Were the snakes all in the same place e.g. in a room or on the street. If all in the same place it can indicate that people will expect allot from you.
  • Did the snake attack you? If so this could denote spiritual healing.
  • What’s your biggest regret in waking life? Has the snake presented itself because you are thinking about your regret?
  • Do you think that some of your friends/relatives can hurt your feelings?
  • Do you feel trapped by someone or something in your waking life?
  • These questions will help you interpret your dream deeper.
  • Snakes represent untapped energy

Although most people fear snakes and consider them as a negative “dream symbol,” a snake is a symbol of unused energy. As you have dreamed about lots of snakes this denotes that you have a mass of energy inside. According to dream dictionaries - you have to find a way to use this energy in your favor and improve your life.

Snakes symbolize invasion

If you notice masses of snakes in your dream, this could represent an invasion in life. Let’s take an example, if you could see snakes in your office, it may reflect how you feel around your colleagues or someone else at work. You feel like someone is trying to invade your privacy. If you see a snake in your home, maybe someone will control your family life – in regard to happiness.

Where were the snakes in the dream?Ok, the next thing I will ask you to do is think about where you could see the snakes in your dream. If you saw many snakes in your garden, in ancient folklore this could mean that your neighbor/close family friend plans to upset you by saying something which you will take out of context. I’m not sure I would take what people say literally!

If you saw multiple snakes in your bedroom, maybe your partner is cheating on you. Or you have lots of sexual energy that needs to be released. Feel free to experiment and change your partner if you feel like it’s necessary.

To see masses of snakes on the street in a dream warns you about someone/something invading your privacy.

Snakes initiate transformation

I mentioned this before, snakes may symbolize healing. As you may know, they shed their skin. And they’re not afraid to change. Meaning, you should change as well. If your past is painful, let it go. Maybe do a cord cutting exercise. Snakes symbolize personal transformation and change for the better. If you feel like you’ve lost your path, your dream is trying to help you make a major change.

Snakes denote subconscious fear

You probably know that if you step on a snake in nature, there’s a big chance that it’ll bite you. So, you have to walk very carefully. Now, if you know this and you dream about snakes everywhere, you probably feel insecure or trapped in your waking life. Maybe you feel like you have to pay extra attention to your steps, because a single wrong step may lead you to a trap. Your dream suggests that you break free and pay extra attention to the people you hang out with. Alternatively, your dream means that you have a subconscious fear to face.

Snakes represent sexual energy

Did you know that (according to Freud) snakes represent a phallic symbol? Meaning, if you dream about snakes everywhere, it foretells a sexual desire or a sexual issue that you will have to deal with in the future. So, the mass of snakes in your dream may be related to your sexuality. It may denote trapped sexual energy that you need to release. Negatively, it reflects/foretells adultery.

If you were walking over snakes everywhere in your dream, it means that you’re afraid of betrayal, deception, and sickness. And if you’re surrounded by snakes in your dream, it is a clear sign that you’re surrounded by enemies in waking life. However, the best way to deal with enemies, if you’re passive, of course, is by ignoring them. Otherwise, you will have to figure out a healthy way to deal with them without hurting your feelings and your future.

What is the biblical meaning of snakes in a dream?

Did you know that snakes represent one of the most important symbols in the Bible in both the old and the new testament? They’re a significant religious symbol from pagan time.

A snake was considered a sign of chaos, evil and symbolized the underworld. But it was also seen as a symbol of fertility and healing. In the Bible, it’s often associated with the Devil.

You probably wonder why. Well, have you ever heard of the Adam and Eve story? Do you remember what type of creature led Eve to bit the apple and doom humanity? A snake, of course. In Genesis, the story says that the snake led Eve to bite the apple and eat from the forbidden Tree of Life. Allegedly, the snake was the symbol of deception in the Garden of Eden. The snake communicated with Eve that she wouldn’t die after eating an apple, however, she the snake did not tell her that she will become mortal along with Adam. This is why most people see snakes as a deceitful and that someone is associated with deceit if you see many snakes in a dream.

John, the Baptist, in the New Testament names the Sadducees and Pharisees “blood of vipers”. Also, it’s very interesting that Jesus taught his 12 apostles to be wise and smart and serpents, which makes us believe that the snake is a symbol of wisdom and smartness, according to the Bible. Now, let’s learn what colorful snakes signify in dreams.

What does it mean when you dream about many colorful snakes?

A colorful snake is one of the most common dream symbols according to Google. And if you dreamed about seeing a mass of them this is very interesting. Seeing a mass of colorful snakes in your dream represents your own mind. This dream indicates that you hold a colorful imagination - and you’re open to challenges. It You always find a way to face your fears and conquer your enemies, no matter what.

Is it good to dream about snakes?

Personally, I believe that every dream symbol has positive and negative interpretation. And the snake symbol isn’t an exception. Snakes have important symbolism in many cultures and religions worldwide. In the Bible, a snake is considered as a symbol of evilness, but it’s also considered as a symbol of wisdom and smartness. Indians saw the snake as a symbol of their Lord Shiva who wore cobra around his neck. That’s why they have respect for snakes.

Also, the snake is one of the 12 Chinese zodiacs. In the Chinese culture, those born in the year of the snake are considered as very gentle, perceptive and kind. The negative traits include sloth and vanity. Another interesting fact about snakes is that they symbolize the third eye. Meaning, nothing can be hidden from the eyes of people born in the year of the snake. This is why Pharaohs had a snake symbol on their crowns.

You see, different cultures and religions hold a different interpretation of snakes in dreams. What’s your opinion on the subject? How would you interpret a snake in a dream? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

By Flo Saul
Aug 20, 2019