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Bait is connected to financial success in a business context.

Bait is a food used to lure animals or fish into a trap. When you dream of losing bait in the water, it means that others will turn to you for advice. As bait is connected to fishing, it also implies that you're going to reach an important business decision in the future. The bait in this sense is connected to money.

In your dream bait can also be associated with tackling different issues. It has the implication that there is a desire to entice someone into doing something which you strongly believe in, and which others are opposed to.

In the dream

  • You find bait.
  • You are fishing with bait.
  • You use maggots as bait.
  • You use bread as bait.
  • Your holding the bait.
  • You may see bait used in deep sea fishing.
  • Someone you know is holding the bait.
  • Bait is used to “lure” someone into a trap.
  • A stranger is using bait.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

If you have a dream where you are the one using bait this is a lucky omen of success in money. To lure someone using bait (such as a partner who is cheating) indicates that people's attitudes change in the near future.

To dream of maggots as bait suggests that you will entice others into your way of doing things. This can have repercussions and advantages as well. Repercussions in that you may make some people worry about the fraternity.

To use bait to lure fish indicates financial freedom and success. To use bread as bait indicates you will be decoyed into a situation you do not understand or are not interested in. Advantageous in the sense that, you might be able to push through your desire and rally support which might just work for you. This will lead to you to become prosperous at someone else's expense. If it favors you, make sure that you don’t forget those who supported you in your life. Even those who are against you thank them.

To find bait means You are likely to find financial freedom at some point in life. Bate has often been connected in general to success in business. Make sure you develop clear plans going forward. To catch a fish using bait in the dream means you will become successful.

If you see a relative or friend holding bait in your dream, it means that someone you know will try to decoy you into doing something which they think will become favorable. Such as a business idea. They may turn to you and need your support. It may turn out to be fruitful. In case it backfires, the business is not a success you will have each other to lean on.

Life is all about taking risks and the more risks you take, the more you are going to win.

To see a lake with many fish is connected to the possible trust of friends and relatives. If you dream of fishing and use bait then this suggests a recognition of your attitude towards new projects. Make sure if you gain from all the experiences in life, help others who are afraid of taking risks this is the shortcut to becoming wealthy in life.

A dream where you see a stranger holding bait means that you are not a risk taker. This has resulted in lagging behind in terms of development. In life, you have to be a person who can take risks and also lead others to do the same.

This is what will make you popular with friends and relatives plus strangers. So in order to learn the art of becoming a risk taker, you will have to rise above your current comfort zone and get to a place where you will experience challenges which will help you succeed.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Successful, repulsed, desirable, leadership, prosperous, wealthy, afraid, popular and a risk taker.

By Florance Saul
May 5, 2017