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Ruins are broken buildings and indicate death, despair, and failing health.

This does not mean that you personally are going to die; nor is someone close to you is going to be ill. Sometimes it can though. Other times ruins in dreams will indicate the death of an area in your life that need to be built up or the end of something. When you are concerned about health issues ruins can have multiple meanings, depending on if the focus in your dream is destruction or rebirth. To see ruins in your dream forewarns of break-ups or problems in relationships – especially if there is a partner or ex in the dream regarding the ruins.


In this dream you may have

  • Walked through ruins.
  • Witnessed the destruction of a city.
  • Come out of hiding after nuclear destruction.
  • Witnessed the destruction of a building or city.
  • Visited ancient ruins.
  • Talked about extinct civilizations.
  • Wished for the ruin of someone specific.
  • Been worried about financial ruin.

Positive changes are afoot if…

You walk away from or live through a mass type destruction.

Detailed dream meaning...

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You are the only one that can determine the meanings of ruins in your dreams. The overall feeling of the dream is going to be the biggest indicator of whether or not the dream is a prophetic one, one that indicates ruin in your own life, or if it is a sign of coming back after a devastating loss of some kind. Generally positive feelings of rebirth, awe, appreciation, or cleansing in a dream is going to indicate positive changes of rebirth and growth in your waking world. After dreams like these you may note that while you are going through a tough time in your life that you can look on the bright side and see why things are happening as they are. These dreams, when prophetic, are signs that you need to not fight against the tide that is present in your life and keep in mind that some changes happen for a reason. When the depiction of ruin in your dream is devastating, terrifying, or unjustified then this is a dream of caution that there are going to be negative changes in your life. Consider how you can help prepare for the storm that is coming. Even in these kinds of dreams, there is usually good that will come out of it. Keep in mind that you are given enough that you can handle and that the dream is meant as a warning and not as a prophetic terror inciting vision.

Dreaming of ancient ruins is a sign of understanding and wisdom within your own life. Consider meditation or practices that will help you focus on the past in your own life and areas of your life that you may be at risk of making a past mistake. The kinds of ruins that you see in your dream can indicate the areas of your life that need focus as well. Pyramids have their own meaning that you may want to explore. Greek dreams or dreaming of the coliseum or these kinds of things will indicate that the area of focus in your life needs to be on areas of civility and fairness. Consider the type of ruin and what they mean to you to take a deeper understanding and meaning from your dream.

Because ruin dreams often will reflect on aging and health issues – sometimes these dreams can be simple reflections on getting older. When there is destruction in a dream and you are dealing with a health issue in particular it is important to follow up with your care provider to explore any possible changes in your condition as these dreams can be an indication of your condition worsening.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...


  • Growing older and learning lessons of age and wisdom in your life.
  • A negative change that is happening or coming.
  • Accepting change and destruction in your life. 
  • Health issues.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of ruins…

Excited. Moved. Inspired. Creative. Nice. Pretty. Awe. Creative. Sad. Scared. Lonely. Terrified. Prepared. Lost. Unsure. Worried. Concerned. Rejuvenation. Destroyed.

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