Carrying a bag

carrying a bag

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According to Freud carrying a bag represents the sexual nature of the vagina.

A woman carrying a bag is rather common, indicating the bag is associated with the women’s identity. If you are a man and are carrying a bag for a women in a dream this is associated with your female side. A man carrying a rucksack suggests that travel will yield good results. The woman's bag is generally an important element of one’s own identity. If we look at a bag in its literal sense we can focus on how the bag is associated with our own personal skills and tools. A man carrying a bag in a dream suggests that they are trying to define their own “identify” in life.

The bag itself is associated with not only in securities but also financial elements of life itself. In many different psychological dream interpretations such as freud the bag is a symbol of the different roles performed in life. The bag’s feature within the dream is extremely important. The fact that one is carrying a bag in this dream means that you feel you are carrying life’s burden at the moment.

The actual action carrying a bag along way suggests that you feel you have many different objectives that you need to reach a life.

In the dream, you may have

  • Carried a bag a long way.
  • Seen a women carrying a bag.
  • Seen a man is carrying a bag.
  • Went to the shop and forgot a carrier bag.
  • Carried a large brown bag.
  • Had a bag around your body.
  • Seen a strange bag.
  • Seen a junk bag.
  • Seen bags overloaded or heavy.
  • Seen rubbish bags.

Detailed dream interpretation

The more detailed interpretation of such a dream indicates that the bag is a symbolism your own responsibilities and life. The carrying of a bag featured in your dream suggests that you hold deep emotions and feel that sometimes in life you’re carrying others.

To carry a large bag full of junk indicates that you are trying to cover-up the loss of something life. Try to get rid of negative attitudes. Additionally, this can also be related to your confidence. The junk in the bag can signify that you feel life is a bit of a mess at the moment.

If you see yourself going into a shop and you have forgotten a carrier bag, then this indicates that you are likely to need to work on an internal problem.

Shopping with a carrier bag is a reflection of our own healthy eating according to Freud. Therefore, to go into the shop to get or buy a carrier bag means you need to learn more about yourself.

To carry large brown bags in your dream is a positive omen it denotes that you should focus on yourself while. To find or see a bag wrapped around your body, alternatively, to carry a bag on the shoulder or across your body suggests that you want to try and keep your emotions close to you.

If you see a strange bag in your dream this is associated with new beginnings and a new start. This strange bag could be for example a magician’s bag! If you do however see magicians bagging the dream suggests that magic and a new start will be yours.

Alternatively, to see a bag that is carried along a path in your dream suggests good luck in the future.

To find a familiar bag is an indication of possible contentment in the future. To try to carry many bags overloaded or heavy builders bags indicates that you wish to create something from nothing.

Carrying rubbish bags indicate the need to clear away any old bad habits and emotions.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Successful, hard working, stable, bold and committed.

By Florance Saul
May 4, 2017