Bachelor dream meanings

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A bachelor is quite an interesting symbol in dreams.

To dream of a bachelor party can indicate that it's time to focus on your own attitudes in life, normally such a dream indicates change coming. If you yourself exhibit a bachelor image in the dream this can suggest your prevailing attitudes towards others, it could sometimes simply signify the "singleness" of life. If you're a bachelor in real life it is not uncommon to have such a dream. This is simply a case of deep rooted feeling of being on your own.

Let me first clarify the term bachelor. Bachelors themselves are normally heterosexual men who are over the age of 40 and have never married. Statistically, most men tend to find themselves married by the age of 27. 90% of men according to the US bureau of the Census in 1993 married by that time. In dreams, a bachelor may behave in a very different manner socially. To dream of having a relationship with a bachelor can surprisingly mean new love is on the horizon. In real life we are often curious about other people including single men.

If you are a woman and you dream of a bachelor it can suggest that you are thinking about settling down in some aspect of your life. This could possibly be a new job or focus of something different. There is a relatively small percentage of bachelors in waking life and dream psychologists have said that when we see ourselves as being single in a dream it indicates we need to depend on ourselves m much more. Do not be tied down and independent in a dream is a positive omen. It can often mean that you need time to reflect on your own life. It is a indication of the freedom to move forward with any aspect of life. To dream of a bachelor chatting up a woman can suggest you're trying to release baggage.

So what about your love life? Your own love life comes into play when you have this dream. The dream is all about your state of “love” relationships. A bachelor refers to a male who has never married. To be a bachelor, you must be a man who has never been married. So when a bachelor is seen in a dream, it has something to do with a relationship whereby you are losing dignity and honor.

In the dream

  • You might be the bachelor in the dream.
  • Someone familiar is the bachelor
  • A strange person might be a bachelor.

Detailed dream interpretation

This dream is associated with feeling trapped in a situation in life. If you are a man and you dream of being a bachelor then this indicates you need more freedom in life. For a female to dream of a bachelor means that something is holding you back in life. It can also suggest your desire for a family. If you see a bachelor party in your dream this indicates that you need to respect yourself more.

If you are the bachelor in your dream it implies that you have to be aware of a relationship. This relationship can indicate that "things" are not moving in the right direction. You are better to think about the weather this is a relationship that you want - maybe starting afresh with someone who understands you better is more appropriate. If not, they try to work out your existing relationship.

To see a bachelor pad indicates that a relationship is not working due to your busy schedule. This dream may suggest that you are lacking time with your partner. When you end this relationship and embark on a new one, make sure that you work towards making the foundation stronger.

This dream shows that with each relationship we grow. You learn more than in a previous relationship so the question is: can this stand the test of time? Go on holiday, go out for picnics, adventures, and hikes to strengthen the bond. It is through such outings that you get to learn about your partner and work towards resolving any problems in the most amicable way without having to wait until things are difficult. Take your time to know your partner and be known to them.

When you see a person you are familiar with as a bachelor in your dream, it suggests that you need to work towards helping a friend or a relative regain their relationship as it seems to be on the rocks. If they don’t approach you, approach them and win their trust because that is the only way they will open up to you about their relationship.

To dream you are a bachelor but married in real life suggests problems in life. When you happen to see a strange person as the bachelor in your dream, it means that, you will need to help someone who is in a career crisis; even though you are not familiar with them, you will need to help them because you are the best-placed person to help them in this particular matter in terms of their career.

Feelings associated with your dream:

Helpless, strong, friendly, understandable and worried.

In society there is also disapproval of the images that surround bachelors. For example some might call a single man: a mothers boy, someone who doesn't like women, or even an immature person. There must be many many reasons why some people delay getting married it could be something as simple as not finding the right partner but in society bachelors are sometimes criticized and seen as strange because they do not fit into the box of culture. Additionally, a woman who cannot hold down a relationship with a man may also be seen as someone who has difficulties.

It is because in human nature people are sometimes suspicious of why we haven't met somebody. The reason why bring this up is that these negative beliefs can sometimes affect our dream state. Each one of us recognizes the importance of self independence. Having a dream of a single man can suggest that it is time for you to take on more independence.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017