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To dream of Madonna as the sculptured representation of Virgin Mary, in Catholic belief or Roman Catholicism indicates hope.

Madonna is Mary; the Mother of Jesus symbolizes life. To dream of Madonna, the pop star and artist is a symbolism of dynamic entity. Dreaming of Madonna is more of a representation of one self, attitude, ones behavior and actuation's. Since, this dream is a manifestation of unfulfilled desires, dreaming of Madonna could also imply that ones unconscious reveals the “self” and you need to remove the thought of what others expect you to become!

You may dream of

  • Madonna, the religious icon (Madonna only or Madonna and the Child).
  • Madonna the Pop Star.
  • A name in text – Madonna.

Positive changes may happen if

  • You will not ignore the message or advice of the image Madonna.

Detailed dream interpretation

What does the word Madonna mean? This term is from Medieval Italy, it means “noble woman” while in Europe it means “My Lady” signifying a beloved woman or a noble woman. You may have dreamed of Madonna the pop singer or the virgin mary. So what does it mean? This dream can be associated with feeling you should personally belong in life. It is associated with being treated as a noble person or hoping to feel truly loved and respected. This could also be a reminder for you to meet with someone who is influential or important to you. Your inner self longs to see a person if you were dancing with Madonna in the dream. It is a person who is from your present time in life.

To see the image of Madonna, the Roman Catholicism representation of Mary, the Mother of Jesus in a dream prompts you to exude the stronger self within you – Rediscovering oneself is normal when you see many "religious omens" such as the Madonna.

The good news is that change is not inspired through the expectation of others but rather will allow yourself to surface your inner strength. This dream also indicates a new life since Madonna symbolizes the Virgin Mary. It is associated with being a "giver of life" and a mystical mother who represents blessings, purity and love. With a new life, it signifies change. While allowing the image to sink into the realm of your dream means surging feminine power and humility or relief.

Dreaming of Madonna can also symbolize the positive and kind personality you have. This is pointing towards looking at your own changing personality. Taking into account the personality of the pop star Madonna, this kind of dream may also mean you need to bring inner boldness to become a better person. To see Madonna perform on stage in your dream is associated with your inner confidence, beauty, talent and freedom of expression within you. To dream of worshiping the spiritual figure of Madonna indicates you hold a humble personality – one with humility despite of all the wealth, character, talents and gift that you possess. This could be the "spiritual" message that is being sent to you.

If you dream of Madonna singing in your dream – or you are listening to the lyrics of a song then it indicates you need "fun" in your life. She might be singing and telling you to cherish the love that you have, maybe even saying something about your relationship with your loved ones. Madonna is commonly tagged as the “Material Girl” – maybe you are focused on material gain in life and you are getting too superficial. Maybe there is the need to dig deep and learn what is really important in life.

Feelings that you have when dreaming of Madonna

Proud and dignified for being talented, Purity, Loving and caring, Enthusiastic. Very dynamic and talented. Insecurities for not possessing the abilities.

By Florance Saul
Jun 10, 2013