Ballet Dancer

Ballet Dancer

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Having a dream that involves a ballerina will mean that you are seeking spiritual healing or harmony in your life. There is something in your life that you are trying to deal with that is in pieces and you are wanting to find unity in this matter.

A ballerina indicates grace and poise, how everything fits together perfectly. This could be something you are struggling for in your daily life.

In your dream you may experience

  • That you are a ballerina.
  • You are watching a ballet.
  • You are wearing a ballerina outfit or slippers.
  • Seen a ballerina in daily life.

Positive aspects

  • That you know how to deal with people on a social level.
  • You get along well with each other.
  • You bring grace and poise to all aspects of you life.
  • You are moving through life effortlessly.
  • Good things tend to happen more than bad.

Detailed dream interpretation

Having a dream that involves a ballerina allows the dreamer to see things in a graceful and effortless environment. This will give the dreamer the feeling of being able to handle anything that comes their way. Ballerina's always show grace and elegance even in their daily lives which in turn shows the dreamer that they can control their lives.

This is a positive sign that the dreamer will soon have unity in their lives. When you dream of a ballerina it is showing you how bright and sunny your personality is and not only in your personal life but also in your professional life as well. Dreaming of a ballerina's shoes means you need to unify things in your life and live with all your decisions. The type of dancing a ballerina is doing could also provide indications of the dreams meaning. If the ballerina is dancing slow and graceful it shows that your life is settling down and you are in for a long tranquil road, but if the dance is hectic and out of sorts then you could experience some turmoil with friends or family. Always remember that even if there is turmoil relax and think things through before acting. A ballerina never makes a rash decision, there is always a well laid plan. Showing this effortless way to deal with your problems that arise will help you to gracefully deal with any aspect of your life whether it be personal or professional.

Pay notice to the colors the ballerina's are wearing. Colors will offer a lot of insight to the dreams meaning and intention. Black shows something dangerous or someone in danger where as blue indicates tranquility and peace. Now red stand for passion and force, so that color could mean that you have a lot of passion in your life or you are trying to force too much into your life. White could indicate innocence or a new beginning. To see a ballet dancer wearing yellow it indicates that life is going to get better. Most dreams will give you a positive for every negative, you just need to know how to interpret them correctly. Always try to live your life positively and in respect to karma, because no matter what karma is always around us. And if we treat people badly somehow it always comes back to us in one way or another. Your dreams could be a warning or a hint at the good things to come.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012