Land Dream Meaning

Land can present itself in many ways during a dream. From a plot of land to fields to buying land. What does it mean? The spiritual meaning of land in dreams is about how we interact with nature. To measure land in a dream can suggest that you want to measure out life and this dream is also about trust.

Land indicates the power from within the soul, it symbolizes that we all need the power of creation. When we think of land we often associate this with mud, dirt, grass and ownership. In 2010 statistics showed that more people lived in cities than in the country, this is not really economic. If we turn to psychology during the 1800s psychologist William James predicted that we will all want to own land, this is about our feelings. In your dream, you may have bought, sold or even seen land.

Recently, I had a dream that someone (not sure who) decided to buy two houses and literally crush them. This was focused on removing these buildings to create a house on this land. It was essentially a plot of land. The next day, I approached things differently. I don't know why, I just had a urge to make things different in my work. Therefore, I do think this type of dream is about making successful changes.

What does the dream of land mean?

If we look at what we own, everything could have the adjective of "i" or "we" before it due to ownership. As you sit in your home or office right now that land is owned by someone. Whether you live in a townhouse, flat, castle, or apartment we all thrive to own our own land. There is an emotion that is connected to the land itself. In fact, each day we are connected to the emotional pull of the land. The land itself spiritually in dreams is connected to our head (the decision to buy) and our heart (a place we want to be) and I do feel this is a positive dream - it is about growth.

What does it mean to buy land in a dream?

Let's face it, most land is owned by inhabitants, in the West, we live in private properties, but there are many means of owning land through different cultures. The tribal myths never really owned land, for example, the African savannah was still owned by indigenous people. The majority of people though, do own some land, and early in life land was possessed. To buy land in dreams is about buying what you need in life, and understanding your success in life. Of course, the greater revolution in the last hundred years is that we are able to buy land with mortgages or cash. Making land ownership grow throughout the world. Dreaming of buying a dream house, maybe even a plot to build your own home is about what you occupy in life. If you dream of someone else buying land this can be connected to selling something to someone in real life. The land is potential, very much focused on your own success and channelling these goals.

Older 1930s dream meanings about land

In older dream books, the land is supposed to be connected to triumph over your enemies, but I feel it is much more than that. This dream is a symbol of wealth, but also trouble. To dream that you see a big land suggests that you are going to encounter a friend who is likely to lie to you, or that could be getting married soon. This dream could potentially show that you may take a prosperous journey in the future. If you dream that you are dirty of soil, this indicates that you are not operating by your own moral principles. Here are some more interesting older dream meanings, whether these come true or not is still up for debate but it is interesting to see what the older dream books state on the land dream meaning. 

  • Dreaming of a land split in two signifies drought ahead, or it refers to human malice.
  • They say if dreaming earth mound, the dream is very bad. It is sometimes said that dreaming of a land could announce damages coming your way.
  • Dreaming of dirt or soil is explained by the Western tradition as being the omen of disease, trouble, confrontations, and a difficult period in general.
  • A landslide in a dream suggests that you need to work on your emotional stability and your fear of change. The landslide can also foretell a pleasant encounter ahead.
  • To dream that you see land suggests that you are going to encounter a friend who is likely to help you, or that could be getting married soon.
  • Buying land could potentially show that you may take a prosperous journey in the future. If you dream that you are dirty of soil, this indicates that you are not operating by your own moral principles.
  • Dreaming of land means that you are acting upon others, or other people's advice.
  • If you are covered in dirt or soil in your dream, this shows that to some degree you are not at ease with your own bodily functions. The other meaning of this dream is that you have been encountering some evil and negative impulses in your life.

If it is in relation to a spiritual meaning, this dream indicates that you have been feeling negative in some social situations. Additionally, you may need to listen to the warning that this dream could possibly indicate, that is others may not be all you see. An arid land means blockages, worries, privations, the incapability of going on, emotional instability, a difficult time ahead, lack of direction, and that you may feel trapped by some issues in your life. It could mean misery and serious difficulties.

In your dream, you may have

  • You see arable land.
  • An arid land.
  • Land splitting in two.
  • Flooded land.
  • Peaceful land.
  • Working the land.
  • Sowing the land.
  • A big land.
  • Landslide.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Nobody is hurt in your dream.
  • Seeing the land made you happy.
  • The dream had a positive outcome.
  • Gain some control over your waking life.
  • Start looking after yourself.
  • Spend more time in the garden

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of land.

Fear. Confused. Alone. Exhausted. Distrustful. Amazed. Afraid. Worried. Unpleasantly surprised. Concerned. Disturbed.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013