Cruches dream meanings

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Crutches relieve the pain of walking, of getting to a certain place.

Therefore, a crutch is an item of reliance. If you dream that you have broken a leg and that you choose then this indicates that you have been feeling that you're rather dependent upon other people. A pair of crutches is an item that is used to support when one has broken bones. If you see others on crutches then this shows that you’re going to have to help others and there will be satisfaction with your work life balance.

If you dream that someone else is using crutches, you feel that they are emotionally weak. You think that they should have more willpower or take better control of a situation. Ask yourself if this true, or if you are simply being too judgmental.

In your dream you may have

  • Been on crutches.
  • Seen a friend on crutches.
  • Seen a pair of crutches.
  • A child on crutches.
  • Broken many bones.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were able to break free from the crutches.
  • You were able to walk without crutches.
  • You saw another person or an animal on crutches.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of yourself as a child using a pair of crutches suggests that you maybe trying to cope with something in life. This can be an addiction, such as smoking or alcohol. The crutch needs to be thrown away in this case. Willpower will be needed to break the habit. In one's dream, a pair of wood crutches suggests physical, emotional or spiritual support. If you dream of other people relying on crutches, you could be in need of support. You could also feel that you are supporting other people in waking life if the crutches are somewhat larger than the person.

A common dream symbol that typically represents problems of some aspect of your inner nature is to see crutches on others. This dream is reminding you that you have a responsibility to yourself and to see that your own sexual, nutritional and bodily needs are met, rather than rely on addictions.

If your dreaming mind depicted you engaged activities that resulted in wearing crutches (such as dangerous sports) then this means that others will be likely to rely on you in the future.

To see a friend with crutches means that they are likely to be relying on you in waking life. f you cannot draw a parallel between your dream and your waking life, for example the person in the dream wearing crutches is someone that you do not know means that the reliance is on yourself.

You may dream about a crutches if you feel that you have made a decision or expressed an idea that others do not approve of. You are looking for someone to support your choice. Crutches in a dream can at times, represent an unhealthy addiction, for example, to alcohol, drugs, or gambling, or to an unhealthy relationship.

Crutches are usually used for temporary support for an injury. Unlike a wheelchair or a prosthetic solution, you usually only need to have crutches for a short period of time before you heal. If you have crutches in your dream, it can mean a few things:

First, crutches can represent that you are suffering, but that this suffering is only temporary. Just as you only need crutches for a small period, you will only be feeling this way for a little while longer. You are grieving over the loss of something, but in the back of your mind you know that you will someday be able to overcome.

Second, crutches can represent that you feel you are lacking support. Since crutches are meant to give you something to lean on, your dream is similarly looking for something (or someone) to lean on. Perhaps you have lost hope in your current situation, and you are looking for another place to go or another job to start. Or, you may be feeling as if you have very few friends that offer you support when you are not feeling well.

Finally, crutches can represent a damaged love life. Crutches are usually used instead of wheelchairs because only one leg, ankle, knee, or foot is injured. To function properly, a person needs both in order to walk. A dream about crutches, especially if there is a visibly damaged leg, can show that one partner is not functioning properly. Just as the broken foot shows the damage in your leg, the dream shows the damage in your relationship.

Your dream could have included any of the following

  • Seen crutches.
  • Been on crutches.
  • Seen someone else on crutches.
  • Been on crutches or seen someone on crutches even though there was no injury.
  • Used crutches even though you probably needed a wheelchair.
  • Needed crutches.
  • Been limping.
  • Used crutches for something other than walking.
  • Used only one crutch.
  • Destroyed or broke crutches.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You did not need the crutches.
  • You were supporting or helping somebody else on crutches.
  • You were a friend to someone on crutches. This shows you are a good friend who is willing to help in times of need.
  • You destroyed the crutches. This shows you are strong and independent and can get through tough times with or without someone else.

If you dreamed of simply seeing crutches in the dream that nobody was using or that somebody else was using, then you will have to look at your own life to see what exactly the dream was about. You are suffering in some way, but it is up to you to figure out how. There may not be enough friends supporting you in your life or you are wishing to start over and begin something new. You may be having friendship or relationship issues. It is up to you to find out what is missing so that it can be fixed.

If you were using the crutches in the dream and you had an injury, or if you needed crutches but did not receive them, then it show that you are lacking support. You may be feeling as if your romantic partner is not trustworthy or dependable. Alternatively, you may be wishing for the love and support of your friends and family. The same can be said if you were only using one crutch in the dream.

If you were using crutches but did not have an injury, then you sometimes lean on other people for support too much. You may have trouble forming your own opinions, and you constantly seek out advice and reassurance to support your decisions. You have to be able to trust your own views.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Broken or damaged relationships.
  • Feeling as if you need support.
  • Supporting others through tough times.
  • Illness, hardship, and temporary suffering.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of crutches

Hurt. Damaged. Bruised. Sad. Helpless. Pathetic. Shy. Scared. Helpful. Supported. Ignored.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012