Stolen Car

Stolen Car

Car Being Stolen In Dreams

A stolen car seen in dreams, in most cases denotes that you are going to face a lack of control, and that you need to review how important "things" are to you in the future.

Stolen cars are like life itself in that it's full of risks and rewards. If the thief is caught, they could face serious consequences, but if they manage to get away with it, it's an unforgettable experience. Just like in life, the best way to avoid getting caught is to be cautious and prepared, but sometimes taking a chance is worth the risk, this is the spiritual context of the dream of stolen cars.

What is the dream of a stolen car trying to tell you?

To see a car stolen can also be associated with not only your own identity but your chances in life. In life, we have both good and bad fortune. This dream indicates that is up to you to make a choice that you need to make your own way in life. To dream that your car is being washed and consequently stolen indicates that you do a changing need to embrace it. If your car keys are stolen then this indicates that you need to take responsibility for who you are this is what is causing the problem in life. Try not to focus too much on the past but think about the future.

If you cannot find your car in a car park and suspect that it is stolen in a dream indicates you’re working on goals you will not fulfill. You need to start afresh and turn over a new leaf in life. The fact you can’t find your car in a dream means that your desires and goals are lost. To see your own car being driven by another drastically, and without your permission indicates you are taking on too much responsibility and letting other people control your life. There are many more dream meanings which I will cover below.

Is the dream of a stolen car good or bad?

The first question you may ask is if the dream of a stolen car is good or bad? Cars are symbolic of our identity in waking life. Life is tough. We are all born and someday we pass, most likely to be alone. It is hard in life when we are alone and to put on the fake happy face and keep telling ourselves that we're ok and alright when really it's not alright and everything is not. Then to log in to Facebook and see everyone happy with their lives is just like rubbing salt into the wound. We, not Picasso, Jesus, or neither can we save the planet. We can however wash dishes and go to work and be normal. Spending days pushing down the feelings of what the suffering is this all about and the question of "do I have to spend another second with all these crappy situations" might be why you had this dream. And all these life experiences that are supposed to shape us and align to the advances of the universe make you turn around and think what the hell is going on. Something has been stolen from you, not materially, but spiritually. This is about who you are. Dreaming of your car is about your identity, about thinking about what has been stolen, and remembering we don't have to have "stuff" to make us happy.

Spiritual message about this dream

Dreams of a stolen car as a sign of feeling overwhelmed or out of control in life. This could be due to stress from work, school, or personal relationships. Alternatively, it could represent feelings of insecurity or anxiety about the future. As with all dreams, however, we need to look more into the details. 

There is one thing that I want to mention first of all. When I was young I use to drive a brand new car, it was shiny, sporty, and envied by my friends. Fast-forward today and I drive an old ten-year car. This is not because I have to, indeed I have enough money to buy a new car but there is a reason I choose to drive an old car. I don't want to worry about parking it in a safe place, I don't want to worry about someone breaking into it or vandalizing it. I also like the fact that an older car is less likely to be stolen. In my opinion, owning an older car is worth the trade-off over having a newer model because it gives me peace of mind.

There are a number of reasons why someone might choose an older car over a new one. One reason is that it can be more troublesome to take care of a newer car. Newer cars are often more delicate and require specialized care that older cars do not necessarily need. Older cars, on the other hand, are not as likely to be stolen or vandalized. There is a life lesson here, and the reason why you have come to my dream page. There are certain benefits to choosing something old over something new. For one, older items are less likely to be stolen since they are not as valuable as new items.

What does it mean to see your own car stolen in a dream?

For the car to be stolen or attempted to be stolen indicates someone is trying to steal your identity or that you will go through a transformation. No matter how destructive. It may be personal or related to your profession, but you may be affected in waking life. The car represents your own personality. It may affect your reputation, the trust someone has in you, a close affectionate relationship, a finance-based problem, an employment-related negotiation, or expenses-related issues. For a car to be hijacked in a dream is associated with somebody attacking you in real life. If someone in your dream demanded your car keys in a dream (stole them!) then this dream indicates that somebody will take something away from you. This could be a lover or alternatively a job. If you see your own car smashed in a dream after being stolen then this is a warning not to fall back on bad habits. Stolen cars in dreams represent the fact that your identity is being lost. The stolen car can also signify that your direction in life may be lost. It suggests that you need to think about your needs and wants.

A dream in which you see your own current car stolen can be something unpleasant, but the good news is this dream in older dream books indicates that you will soon have some great financial news. It could be a sign of trouble if you dreamt that you saw someone’s car stolen and not your own. However, there is no need to worry. The warning can help you overcome it. You may dream that you were witness a stolen car, if this is the case, it denotes you will receive important news. I had a dream last night that my car was stolen (hence why I am writing this meaning). I was driving down the street and someone came up from behind me and took my car. I didn't know who it was or why they did it. I just remember feeling so angry and helpless. It was a really unsettling feeling when I woke up and the first thing I did was check outside to make sure my car was still there. I personally interpret dreaming of a stolen car as how you view life.

Dream about sitting inside a stolen car

If you find yourself sitting in a stolen car during the dream it is associated with the fact you want to get in the driving seat. It is exciting and nerve-wracking to sit inside a stolen car. Neither you nor the police knows when they will catch up to you. When you're breaking the law, there's always an element of danger and adventure. On the other hand, driving a hot car that you shouldn't drive is exhilarating. It's like living on the edge and experiencing an adrenaline rush that most people will never experience. The dream could mean you are feeling this way about something in waking life - be it a job, or relationship, Maybe the dream is saying don't be afraid to take risks in life, because that's how you experience the most growth. Sure, there's always the potential for failure, but that's part of the journey. Without taking risks, you'll never know what you're truly capable of achieving. So depending on the context, it could be saying go out and seize every positive opportunity that comes your way, but make sure you weigh up the end result and decide if it is really worth it.

 Result of seeing your car stolen in a dream

  • Being fired: It may be a career-related issue in which you face the danger of losing your job. This means you must engage in your job with care and responsibility. Be professional when negotiating with your seniors as well as juniors. Always respect your firm’s guidelines and job responsibilities. Always be polite to your colleagues but never try to build up personal relationships in the workplace.
  • Personal relationships: A possible crack in your relationship with your best friend, spouse, or family. You may think that they are not the cause of problems and that you are being betrayed by them. But always be mindful of your role in the relationship, be affectionate and friendly as usual and be tolerant of others because you will be the one who suffers most in this particular breakup. Always try to keep your various relationships in a steady state and try to avoid critical encounters that may consequently cause a disagreement.
  • Identity-related issues: Sometimes, your image as a businessman or a reputed personality in your workplace could become vulnerable during the coming weeks. The special management and leadership traits you have practiced may not prove so effective. In this case, it is best to try and be stable and tolerant. Face the problems with an unaffected and solid point of view. Be prepared for possible business fluctuations and take precautions. Be more conversant with your employees to avoid possible “professional mutinies “. If you are a student or a sportsman with special talents in your subject or sport, then a challenger could emerge one of these days. Do not worry, because challenges sharpen our talents. Engage in your activities with more enthusiasm and avoid mental or physical imbalance.
  • Losing something valuable in your life: You may be about to lose something valuable in your life. Therefore, take the utmost care to protect the important things in your life. If you have invested a large sum of money in a non –recommended facility, think twice before renewing your deposits. Valuable things in your life is not necessarily material. It could be a loved one or friend.
  • A warning - watch your stable before the horse flees.
  • Unbearable expense: You may face a situation in which you will have to spend more than you earn. It is advisable to watch your wallet in the near future. Consider your company`s stability if you are in business. In your financial decisions, think twice.

Biblical dream meaning of a stolen car

There is also a hidden message in this dream meaning, the Bible mentions theft numerous times, both as stealing physical objects and as stealing intangible things, such as money or time. The act of theft typically involves taking something without the owner's knowledge or permission. The item could be as small as a lollypop from a store or as large as a car.

When it comes to intangible things, theft can involve lying to someone or stealing their ideas without their permission. Fraud or embezzlement may also involve taking money that does not belong to you. A stolen car can represent a loss of innocence or purity or a breach of trust. It could also indicate that you feel cheated or deprived. The interpretation of this symbol ultimately depends on the individual. The Ten Commandments mention theft numerous times throughout the Bible. According to Exodus 20:15, God says, "You shall not steal." In Leviticus 19:11, it says, "You shall not steal, nor deal deceitfully or falsely with one another." These verses and others condemn theft. Stealing can be viewed as an act of deception and treachery in some cases, such as in Genesis 25:29-34. In Ruth 2:16-17, Ruth steals grain from Boaz's field, but this is not considered inherently bad. The actions of Ruth in this case are not condemned, but rather seen as an act of survival and desperation. Ultimately, the context in which stealing is committed determines whether or not it is a sin.

Dream about car parts being stolen

Parts of cars are like feelings in that they can be valuable and important, but they can also be stolen or lost. Car parts taken without permission can be frustrating and upsetting, just like feelings. Having dreams about car parts being stolen may symbolize feeling unappreciated or undervalued, or fear of losing something significant.

Dreaming about driving a stolen car

Maybe you were the getaway driver? Perhaps you stole a car? It is generally considered a sign of good fortune if you can see yourself driving a stolen car in daylight during the dream. You will soon find peace of mind and relief from anxiety if you drive a car in the dream at night or in the early morning. However, this is only temporary if you dream of driving a stolen car in the city, you may find other people will try to control you. Being a getaway driver in a stolen car dream can signal that times will be relaxing going forward. 

Dream of stealing a car

In your dream you steal a car - it could feel exhilarating and dangerous all at the same time. Maybe your heart races as you try to outrun the police, and you feel a rush of adrenaline as you speed through traffic. In your dream, this is an illegal and risky activity, but that just makes it all the more thrilling. If you're caught, you could face serious consequences, but if you manage to get away with it, it's an unforgettable experience. Stealing cars in dreams is like life itself. 

Will my car (ACTUALLY) be stolen after having this dream?

Dreams that predict the future are known as precognitive dreams. They can be vague or specific and very clear. In some spiritualist circles, precognitive dreams are believed to be psychic abilities, while others believe that the subconscious puts information together logically. People who have had precognitive dreams that have come true have reported anecdotal evidence that neither claim is scientifically supported. I feel it is very unlikely this is a "one to come true" type of dream.

One of the most common types of crimes is car theft, and the statistics surrounding this problem are unfortunately quite high. In 2012, there were an estimated 721,053 motor vehicle thefts in the United States alone, in the UK and Australia there are similar figures per population ratio. The dream's details about your car and the situation you find yourself in will determine how it is interpreted. 

This number has been on the rise since the early 1990s when it was just over half a million. The vast majority of these thefts (80%) are of passenger cars, while the rest are made up of trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. There are a few states that have particularly high rates of car theft. California, for example, had almost 140,000 reported vehicle thefts in 2012. This is likely due to the large population of the state.

There are two main types of precognitive dreams: those in which the dreamer sees themselves in the future, and those in which the dreamer sees someone else in the future. In both cases, the dreams can be very vague or very specific. Sometimes, the dreamer may not even realize that they are seeing into the future; they may just have a sense that something is going to happen. There are also times when the dreamer may be aware that they are dreaming about the future and recall the details of the dream.

Going back to your car stolen dream, many people believe that dreams can come true, there is no scientific evidence to support your car is going to go walkabout in real life. The dreams we have are simply manifestations of our subconscious mind, which have no bearing on the real world. It is possible, however, to see some connection between your dreams and real-world events if you interpret them as having personal meaning. Keep in mind, however, that dreams are highly subjective and can be interpreted in many different ways. While it is possible that your dream of a stolen car may come true, it is also likely that it won't.

Again, there is no one answer to this question as it depends on the individual's own spiritual beliefs. However, some people might interpret a stolen car in their dream as a sign that something important is being taken away from them or that they are feeling lost in their life. Perhaps you lost your job or ended a relationship due to a major life change. This could also indicate confusion or insecurity about the future. 

Dream about a car stolen by a gang

A gang in a dream is a mash-up of our own experience, we won't always understand the real reason. When we sleep our brain is full of our experiences and thoughts of our life. The gang in your dream is often a reflection of what happens in our life. The truth is that when we see a gang of people stealing our car is about feeling a threat in life. It is normally a dream that happens when we are dealing with a tense situation in our waking life, so you need to work out what that threat is, then solve it.

Conclusion of a stolen car dream

As the car represents your own identity - in the dream state for your car to be stolen means that you are unsure of the future. If you see your car being driven by a thief in the dream then this indicates you are giving somebody else control and responsibility in life. It could be a partner or parent. This relationship may lead to difficulties going forward.

There are many different outcomes if you dream of your car being stolen. We have listed some below but it can mainly suggest a lack of employment, difficulties in relationships alternatively blockages in your current life. The key to good finances and fulfilling goals in life is to listen to others and learn from mistakes.

I believe that this dream has a spiritual message. Cars in dreams are about control. A stolen car in a dream is about how you view material possessions, remember they will eventually break down or go out of style, whereas experiences and relationships typically last much longer. You should also consider how much storage space you really need - do you have enough for everything? Do you have a cluttered home that is difficult to move around in? Could you live with fewer possessions just as well?

In addition, it is important to consider the things that bring you joy. Many people find happiness in material possessions, while others find fulfillment in spending time with loved ones or pursuing hobbies. Simply being aware of what makes you happy and focusing on those things is all that matters is the key to this dream meaning.
I want you to consider that material possession are not the only things that matter in life. There are far more important things, such as our health, our relationships, and our happiness. So try not to worry too much about the stuff you have - instead, focus on the things that really matter. In conclusion, a stolen car symbolizes something negative or unfavorable regarding your life. But, if you think and act wisely, now you have a warning through this dream you can watch out for things going wrong.

In your dream

  • Your car was stolen in a dream.
  • You could see your car being driven by someone else.
  • Someone came to you with a gun to take your car keys.
  • Your car was stolen when parked.
  • You returned to your car and it was stolen.
  • Your car was being sold by someone in a dream.
  • Your car was being given to a thief in a dream.


By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013