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A walrus is a marine mammal that is quite large and somewhat ugly looking.

They have mustaches and a loud bark similar to a male seal. When you dream of a walrus sometimes the dream will be one that is comical, as walruses are naturally entertaining animals. Consider the purpose of the walrus in a dream. Often the animal will guide you or represent someone else in your waking world as well. Very rarely does a walrus indicate something you are doing. Rather, usually, a walrus is a sign about someone else in your life, help to your way, or a need to let go and let someone else take charge of an area in your life.

Detailed dream meaning

A walrus in a dream can indicate an omen of travel, social gatherings, or emotional turmoil in your life. Because the walrus is a water creature known for antics but also for a cantankerous disposition, the walrus in a dream can have multiple meanings. If you dream of being with a walrus, feeding a walrus, or in some way having a positive association with a walrus in a dream this can be a sign of positive changes coming in your own social life. However, if the walrus is not pleasant, chases you, or if you make it angry, then you want to be careful of the people you are trusting around you.

Sometimes a walrus will come in a dream with a message. People who speak with an animal in a dream often are in need of guidance from this animal for their merits. Usually, a person who is getting a message from a walrus is someone needing help on a social level, has an anxiety of speaking to others or has a hard time expressing themselves. This is a time to rip off the mask and be true to self. People are around you that are likeminded and you can be safe in the current social situation.

If the walrus shows as your totem animal in a dream, this indicates a fear of loneliness. Consider ways in which you have felt shut off in your own life and try to find ways to express yourself in a healthy manner. Be wary of being too independent because then you will close off others around you that want to be there for you and you may find that you are missing opportunities to branch out either in a social setting or work – such as missing networking opportunities. A strong walrus in a dream can indicate your own internal power in a relationship and you likely will find that you are pushing people away because of your own fear of not being accepted.

Seeing a walrus in your dream can also symbolize feelings of pressure or domination. If the walrus in your dream is a large presence this can be a person who is blocking you from reaching a goal. Also being attacked by a walrus indicates your power being taken away by someone. This is your choice and you can coax yourself out of a problem if you really put your mind to it. Now is a time for action in your life.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Not trusting people around you.
  • Being shy or reserved.
  • Being unsure of the next step to take.
  • Having power taken away from you.

In this dream you may have

  • Seen a walrus.
  • Fed a walrus.
  • Petted a walrus.
  • Talked to a walrus.
  • Followed a walrus.
  • Chased or were chased by a walrus.
  • Threw something at a walrus.
  • Danced with a walrus.
  • Been a walrus (coo coo cachou!).

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were being kissed by a walrus.
  • You were feeding a walrus.
  • You were being guided by positive energy by a walrus.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a Walrus

Curious. Sneaky. Whimsical. Happy. Nice. Entertained. Loved. Smiling. Treasured. Helpless. Angry. Confused. Quick. Impoverished. Enslaved. Terrified.  Curious. Shocked.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012