Jump leads

Jump leads

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Jump leads in dreams are associated with starting something new.

A new project or kick starting a business idea. If you could see two thick wires or the silver/gold metal clips in a dream it is “time to fight” to win against competition. The key message of the dream is not to give up. Did you see the metal crocodile clips of jump leads? This means you need to hold onto something that is dear to you. Jump leads are used to start a vehicle. One normally connects jump leads from one car to another and in dreams they are all about “recharging yourself” relaxing and taking it easy. They can also feature in their dream on their own.

In your dream

  • Children playing with jump leads.
  • You see two thick wires in the dream.
  • A battery for a car is dead.
  • You are charging jump leads.
  • You cannot connect jump leads.
  • The jump leads cause a fire.
  • The jump leads do not charge a car.
  • You use jump leads from a stranger.
  • You buy jump leads.
  • Jump leads are not used to start a car in your dream.
  • The jump leads have a box in the middle and can create electricity.
  • Jump leads used in a dream to start a lorry or bus.
  • Jump leads are tangled around you in a dream.

Detailed dream meaning

As we have already covered jump leads are about relaxing in life. Also, fighting for what is important to you. If the jump leads do not work then it means you must rest in life. It can suggest you have had significant problems at work or a business has had difficulties. It is associated with “not worrying” about the future. To see children playing with jump leads can suggest that you need to play more with your children if you are a parent.

If you are single it can suggest that you need to think about your childhood and take the best course of action in a work situation. Jump lead wires are also associated with finding out what you want in life. To be tangled in jump leads, or for them to be used as a weapon denotes hard work is required. To see red jump leads in a dream can suggest possible hidden danger at work. Blue jump leads in one's dream is connected to relaxation.

To “jumpstart” a mode of transport is focused on seeing things for what they are. If the jump leads cause a fire it means it is time to relax. Fire is connected to one's temper, possible anger and to see the fire can signify not only passion but also destruction and a new start. Have you been angry about something in waking life. If the jump leads are brown it suggests that you have strong emotions in life. The fire does represent you emotions in waking life.

You do have blanked emotions at the moment. To dream the jump leads cause an explosion denotes that you need to focus on your own self-esteem more. To see smoke coming from jump leads means your self esteem is low. Jump leads that do not clip onto anything means that you need to take a holiday - time away to relax.

If the jump leads do not start the car then this is common, it means you need to kick start a job. To see jump leads stolen suggests that your motivation is life in being tested. Finding a car battery needs assistance to make it work indicates feeling somewhat “directionless” in dreams. To ask a stranger to help you start a car is focused on your motivation in life. Do you want another career path? There is uncertainty in waking life if the jump leads are used to kill someone in a dream.

Feelings associated with the dream of using jump leads

Power. Courage. Control. Trying to succeed. Rescuing someone in the dream. Trying to start the car but it does not work.

By Florance Saul
Aug 10, 2017