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Almost all that we dream has significance.

Dreaming that you are making someone’s manicure or that you are the one benefiting from this beauty service might have different significance but they are all related somehow with the person’s own conception about beauty and self esteem.

Possible dreams involving manicure:

  • You making someone else’s manicure.
  • Getting your manicure done.
  • Colorful manicure.
  • Sharp vs. round form manicure.
  • Blood shedding while working on someone’s manicure.
  • Cristal clear manicure reflecting yourself.

More information about these dreams:

If you are dreaming that you make someone else’s manicure it might mean that you are not happy with your lifestyle and that you feel inferior. You have some great qualities, you are creative, you are organized but still, you are not confident enough. This might be a sign that someone else will take your place at your work for example, if you do not learn how to take the initiative.

If you dream that you are getting your manicure done it means that you need a change in your life that you cannot do by yourself. You have the right person that can help you but you haven’t noticed it yet. Someone might try to mislead you by presenting you some “advantage” but you must be very careful because they might be looking to trick you.

If you dream that you are getting a colorful manicure or you are painting someone else’s nails using bright colors it means that you are satisfied with your love life. Dark colors are a warning that someone else is trying to steal the love of your life so be careful and pay attention to details.

Big nails shaped in round form appearing in your dream signify that you will have a good life, you will be in the center of attention and you will be appreciated for your accomplishments, but also envied. If, on the contrary, you dream that you have sharp nails it is a sign that people will try to make you abandon something you have proposed to do.

If you have a nightmare and you dream that you or someone else has blood shedding while having the manicure done this is definitely a bad sign. Blood is associated with death and pain. It is possible that someone you know might die or have an accident. Also, if the blood is refusing to stop it may stand for the wrong decisions you are about to make and that will influence your life in a bad way.

If you dream that you have a perfect manicure, that is shining and in which you can see your reflection it is a sign that you are too preoccupied with how others see you. You are selfish and you want others to see you as perfect, just like Narcis from the Greek Mythology saw himself in the lake when he literally fell in love with himself. People in general do not like such persons and it may be a sign that you should change at least a part of your behavior.

When dreaming about manicure it is more likely that the person experiences feelings of high self esteem, trust, lack of trust, fear, desire to take the initiative, confidence but also the feeling that others underestimate that person’s beauty.

By Florance Saul
Jun 10, 2013