Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A tile featured in one’s dreams suggests the preparation for something extravagant, luxurious and grandiose.

A tiled floor can also mean division, and misunderstanding among members of a family. When you come across a dream concerning a tile, it is best to analyze your lifestyle and the relationship of the family.

In your dreams about tiles you may see

  • A marble tile.
  • Dreaming about tile maker.
  • Broke tiles on the floor.

Positive changes are afoot if you see in your dream

  • Shopping for a variety of tiles.
  • Tiled floor.
  • Golden tiles placed everywhere.

Quick interpretation

  • Luxurious elements in life.
  • Denotes a stressful life, it is also a sign of corruption.
  • You are longing for an extravagant lifestyle.
  • You wish to clear any misunderstanding in your family.
  • Trouble within the family.

Detailed explanation of dreams concerning tiles

A marble tile is related to luxury, wealth and prosperity, it is widely used by the countries in the East. It denotes authority in life. If you dream of a tiled world, this simply means that you will face a unique change in your life, perhaps you are going to be promoted or you will be involved in a project that concerns high ranking individuals. Make the most from such an experience because it will definitely benefit you in countless of ways. To dream of laying tiles in a bathroom means that you shall learn from other people and apply it to your own life. To see broken tiles means that you will meet someone - their secrets to success can be yours too.

Dreaming of a tile maker is a sign of a stressful life. You may encounter someone who corrupts money for the benefits of themselves. A tilemaker is a reminder that you will get tired from your present life. On the other hand, to see yourself laying tiles on the floor means that you are preparing for grandiose. This might be a possible celebration or it can be an important event that is likely to happen in the near future.

Broken tiles on the floor may seem a bad omen, but ironically it is a sign that a misunderstanding surrounds the atmosphere. This can be either a conflict in the family or a set of friends – but the negative energy will soon clear. It can also mean that people who are involved with an event has already come to an agreement or met a common ground and are ready to patch things up. You are dreaming about this since this situation affected you. It can also bring strong emotion in your dreams. Do not worry because things will soon pass.

To observe a tiled floor means that a relationship is beautiful but family are divided. People might see your family as perfect, but in reality, your family relationship are experiencing difficulties. This is not just a simple misunderstanding, chances are both parties have already draw the line - both of them are refusing to listen to each other and come up with a compromise that will satisfy them both.

Stay strong and neutral, prove to them that you are sincere in what you are doing and eventually you will succeed.

Feelings that you may have when you dream about tiles

Grace, unease, magnificent, lavish, pleasant, enjoying the tiles.

By Flo Saul
Mar 21, 2013