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To dream that you are at the oscars is generally positive. If you are a famous actor and dream that you win the oscar we predict this is a "predictive" dream meaning.

If you are a woman and you dream of being at the oscars and you are wearing a beautiful dress symbolizes that you need to express yourself better in waking life. To see photographers at the oscars denotes people will look to you for advice. If you dream of the oscars on television then this signifies that you will be awarded in waking life. If you pick up a trophy at the oscars then this is an indication that an opportunity will arise. To be an actor in real life and to dream of the oscars denotes success.

In your dream…

  • You attended the oscars.
  • You gave a speech at the academy awards.
  • You won an academy award.
  • The oscar is gold.
  • You mixed with celebrities in your dream who had won an oscar.
  • You were at the academy awards.
  • You bought a dress for the academy awards.
  • You fell off the stage at the academy awards in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning of the oscars…

To dream that others are receiving an oscar in life is a suggestion that you will encounter a social event in the future. The award dream is associated with opportunity and advances in waking life. Sometimes we dream repetitively. If in the dream the “winning” element is re-occurring then this suggests that you will win eventually. It is connected to your achievements in waking life and successes.

Officially the academy awards are known as the Oscars. If you dream that you are celebrating the best films at the Academy Awards and this suggests that you will encounter merit from another. To dream that you are in Los Angeles California the oscars is a suggestion that you will travel soon. To dream that you are in award winner indicates that you will win in waking life. To be the best actor or actress in your dream indicates that you will encounter somebody interesting who will help you in waking life.

To dream that you are the best director at the oscars is a suggestion that you will control of the people successfully. To see the statue of an Oscar in your dream is a suggestion that other people are going to give you some sound advice soon. The Oscar itself is representative of a goal achievement in waking life. To see a photo at the Academy Awards is a suggestion that you will support somebody in the future. If the Oscar is golden colour and this indicates riches will soon be yours.

To fall off the stage when giving a speech or you see yourself giving a speech is a suggestion that other people will challenge you in the future.

To see other people at the academy awards eating dinner suggests that you will need to think about how you approach other people in the future. To win the “best picture” in the Academy Awards in the dream state is associated with new possibilities in life’s. We have already concluded the academy awards associated with successes and achievements in waking life it is a positive dream.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of awards / oscars…

Fear. Scared. Frustrated. Protected. Excited. Ready. Terrified. Angry. Empowered.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017