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Oh, the wonderful woodpecker.

Nature has always been a great dream to have and is normally directed at our purposes in life. Woodpeckers have always been close to my heart while watching them in the field or in my backyard bird feeder. I love the red feathers and the fact that they are somewhat unpredictable. Spiritually, woodpeckers are dramatic, distinctive and inspiring. Maybe in your dream, you could feel a deep emotion, even contemplation. The color, shape, and size of woodpecker are important. In dreams of woodpeckers that are normally seen is known as the Northern Flicker, which is North America’s second-biggest woodpecker. With its spotted breast and red folded wings. The red-shafted flicker in dreams can indicate that you need help in life. Maybe you are having a difficult problem and you’re seeking a solution. Maybe you’re in a complicated situation and you’re looking for a way out?

In the ancient dream dictionaries the symbol of the woodpecker is connected with magic, however, in the modern world, we can connect the woodpecker to a positive outlook on life. To dream of a woodpecker foretells that there will be an occasion for you to use your creativity and wisdom in order to seek the best outcome. There is a strong focus on happy times ahead. Hearing a woodpecker pecking suggests that your fate is good. Seeing a woodpecker in your dream is also a sign that you are going to lose money. The woodpecker means nagging, feeling suffocated by parents, the psychological pressure exerted on you, or annoyance and irritation. The woodpecker is also a sign of financial issues.

If you were holding a woodpecker in your dream, it implies to your wish to change your attitude and show your kindness. To see a woodpecker in a park or woodland in your dream indicates that you will find value in connecting to others. The dream is all about communicating with others. All humans would innately like to understand others better - then the world will be a better place. To dream of the woodpecker in its own habitat indicates that great things appear on the horizon. By now I want to summarize that a woodpecker in a dream can be connected to love, joy, fear and sometimes aggression. The image of a woodpecker in the dream is associated with the symbol of the fact that you have overlooked something important in life.

What do 1930’s dream books say on dreaming of the woodpecker?

If we look at Freud at the interpretation of dreams book published in 1899, he believed that bird dreams were connected to our momentum in life. In other dream books, dreaming of a woodpecker connects to your own stubbornness. You always listen to yourself and no one else. Maybe it’s time you give someone a chance to explain their point of view and opinion about certain things. Open your mind and hear new suggestions. You don’t have to accept them but interact with others and show your amazing communicative side. I believe that this dream can denote you are a kind person with strong beliefs and because of this, people mistake you for being rather closed minded.

If you tried to catch a woodpecker in your dream state, it implies to your wish to focus more on yourself and what you do. You want to become the best in your field of work but somehow, you get distracted often. Isolate yourself and work hard. Great success and wealth are inevitable. If you admired a woodpecker in your dream state, it reveals your admiration for people with hard-working nature. You admire people who are independent and survive on their own. However, you don’t see yourself as needing others rather more of an independent individual. There are people you still depend on and they depend on you too. You don’t want to just walk away and break their hearts. You want to find an easier way to maintain distance but don’t break the hearts of people you once cared about. The best way to approach life is honesty. Talk openly and tell everyone you need some space and time alone if this is how you feel. People will understand if you do not have the time. If you saw a dead woodpecker in the dream, it foretells a career decline or a conflict with your boss. You should pay more attention to details in your dream.

What does it mean to be annoyed by a woodpecker in a dream?

To be annoyed by a woodpecker in your dream denotes your short temper and your sensitivity. Are you annoyed by people and what they are saying - or not saying? To hear the tap of a woodpecker in your dream in old dream dictionaries denote that you are easily offended by other people’s opinions of you.

What does it mean to see a woodpecker flying in a dream?

Woodpeckers have to create their own cavity every year and do not reuse their home, they fly around looking for somewhere to settle. Thus, this dream is connected to your job or how you earn your living. If you don’t like your job, review what can make you feel happier in life - try something new is the advice. This way, you’re not just losing your time and wasting your energy for nothing. What did you want to be as a child? Why not follow your childhood dream? Or develop your many talents.

What does it mean to watch a woodpecker in your dream?

If you enjoyed watching the woodpecker in a dream, it foreshadows a pleasant moment with a family member. Although you felt suffocated by the person in the past, you will establish a new, fresh connection and enjoy each other’s company. Your dream also portrays your inner peace. You will finally discover what makes you happy, and do everything you can in your power to keep your smile on your face. Enemies can’t harm you anymore.

What does it mean to dream of being attacked by a woodpecker?

If you felt like a woodpecker is pecking on top of your head in the dream, it can suggest you’re under stress. You feel like a bird in a cage who is struggling to enjoy freedom. To see yourself being attacked by a woodpecker indicates that you are feeling delicate in waking life. It’s time you stand up for yourself and bring your own decisions. Break the cage and break free. Remember: you can handle yourself well.

What does it mean to shoot a woodpecker in your dream?

If you shot and killed a woodpecker in your dream, it denotes you’re pointing at the wrong target in waking life. Reconsider your goals and your plan on how to achieve them, step by step. If you dreamed of a woodpecker with a broken beak, it indicates moments of sadness followed by a complex problem you won’t be able to solve alone. However, the good news is that you have a strong attitude and a positive outlook on life. 

In your dream you may have

  • Encountered a woodpecker.
  • Seen a woodpecker flying.
  • Seen a woodpecker pecking at a tree.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The woodpecker is not annoying in the dream.
  • The woodpecker is productive.
  • The woodpecker appears to be working hard.
  • The woodpecker is calm and docile.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a woodpecker

Irritated. Indignant. Upset. Angry. Amused. Excited.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012