Stealing Dream Meaning

Stealing Dream Meaning

Stealing can be presented in our dreams in many ways.

Dreaming of someone stealing from you is connected to your own identity. It can mean you are feeling you are loosing something important. This could be a business or a relationship. You need to look at the object also. For example, I recently dreamed that someone had stolen my mattress, this indicates that someone is "stealing" my rest. Maybe a project was stealing my time. So, think about the object that is stolen. If it's money then it can imply that you feel being taken for granted. I have segmented this dream down so you can understand this better. To dream of stealing (yourself) generally means you are not getting what you want in life. When you dream that you are stealing, it suggests that you are feeling deprived. And depending on the place the stealing action is taking place, additionally, it represents your neediness. It could alternatively denote unfulfilled and unrealized dreams. Seeing yourself stealing different items during the dream can indicate success and safety in a career.

We often have dreams of robbing a bank or stealing money from someone. A dream where you steal and then you see yourself being chased is an indicator of failures in the relationship and also personal and business. But if you happen to catch someone who is trying to steal from you, according to old dream lore, it is a sign that you are going to defeat an enemy and be able to manage an upcoming challenge. If thieves manage to steal something from you in your dream or in your workplace or home, it is a warning that you need to be courageous and outgoing when it comes to defending your own interests. If you are careless, a dream about stealing is a promise of trouble.

In my Victorian dream dictionary book it states that dreams about stealing are related to the idea of taking something for granted: perhaps there is something in your life that requires more care and attention than usual. As Albert Einstein once said, "Look deeply into nature and then you will understand everything better." In this way dreaming about stealing could be an indication to slow down and cherish some of life's simplest pleasures - like cooking a delicious breakfast egg on toast!

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a dream about stealing dreams?

Sealing in dreams may suggest that you feel like something important has been taken away from you without your consent or knowledge. It could be material possessions, someone’s attention and affection, or even time itself. You might be feeling out of control over aspects of your life that are up to chance or other people's decisions and actions. And, it could mean that you're trying to take back what is rightfully yours in some way or another - for instance if someone else wronged you in some way.

The dream may also have to do with wanting something so badly but feeling like you cannot get it no matter how hard you try; this can lead to feelings of frustration and desperation, which often manifest themselves as dreams involving thievery. On the flip side though, dreaming about stealing might be symbolic for taking charge and having control over your own destiny - perhaps there is an aspect of your life where you need more autonomy?

Also think about it in this way: dreaming about stealing could relate to general feelings of guilt or shame for having done something wrong – this could range from big things such as cheating on a partner all the way down to seemingly minor ones such as lying by omission when asked how work was going today (yes we’ve all been there!). Spiritually ‘stealing’ suggests being aware that things seem out-of-reach because they are tucked away somewhere safe among us; finding balance between wanting things desperately yet not rushing around like a headless chicken when it comes time to claiming what you want in life.

What does it mean to see a dream about stealing money?

When a dream appears to focus on stealing money, it often indicates feelings of a lack or need for power in your life. The dollar, euro or pound is seen as the great equalizer—so if you’re dreaming about taking possession of this actual currency, your mind may be expressing an overarching financial insecurity. Perhaps, you feel low on resources which is causing feelings of envy or lack of control over certain areas in your life. Thus, your dreaming self could be subconsciously trying to regain control and abundance by “stealing” money from others.

However, it’s important to note that dreams don't always reflect literal situations; instead they speak more to inner emotional states and represent our complex psychological makeup as human beings. A dream might express something we want but haven't been able to also attain yet such as moments where we use hustling or manipulation tactics which are outside ethical standards just like themes we've seen in Netflix's Dirty Money series. Or, remember that documentary: The Tinder Swindler- have become emblematic examples of our prevalent culture today when it comes to acquiring wealth.

What does it mean to see a dream about stealing money from a bank?

Dreams about stealing money from a bank are usually metaphors for the struggles we face in our waking lives. The image of money being taken from a vault or safe in your dream can represent the powerful resources and control within your grasp. At times, it is indicative that you could be taking advantage of someone else’s hard-earned possessions and resources. Alternatively, it could also indicate feelings of deprivation you have experienced due to lack of recognition or reward for efforts made in some area of life.

What does it mean to see a dream about someone stealing your wallet?

I am thinking that if the wallet signified actual wealth then stealing could represent our current ambitions and hopes towards financial stability while at same time revealing anxieties we naturally face when striving for success – such as fear of failure or being taken advantage of by someone with more power than us. To dream of a pickpocket can suggest that other people will be important to you going forward. If the thief is done by someone that you know, then this might be an indication that there is a lack of trust between yourself and a person close to you. If the thief was  carried out by an unknown person or a stranger then this may suggest that something from your past is coming back to haunt you. If coins were taken from the wallet then then it means you can’t put your finger on something that is not feeling right in waking life. If you notice bank cards are stolen --- may point towards anxieties.

What does it mean to dream of shoplifting?

Shoplifting in dreams is connected to your concept of security and privacy. Often, dreams of seeing yourself shoplifting can indicate that your expectations are great, however, you yearn to have privacy in life. Professional thieves are generally very skilled and to dream of seeing other people, shoplifting can often indicate that you will have control over others in life. We have all heard the famous story of the lady on the 12th of December 2001 walked into Saks Fifth Avenue and walked out with $5k dollars worth of unpaid goods. This really bought shoplifting to the core. Of course, the reason being was that it was Winona Ryder, the thrifty-year-old millionaire movie star. This bought shop lighting to the forefront. She later blamed this on prescription drugs making her feel confused. Stealing from shops in a dream can certainly mean that you are trying to steal something in life, maintain your own privacy. Many people who seal, especially from shops believe that this is a crime that is victimless but it does cost us all on average $400 more on products. All I will say is that shoplifting in dreams is connected to privacy and feeling like the victim in life.

What does it mean to dream of someone stealing from you?

When you dream that someone is stealing from you, it means that you are going through an identity crisis or alternatively, it could be that you are suffering from a loss of identity in your life. Normally, I believe that seeing such a dream is connected to a loss of goal setting. This is quite an old dream interpretation of course. I feel after my research dreams that someone is stealing from you can indicate that you will encounter problems going forward. On the other hand, dreaming about someone stealing money from you could imply that, your success has been stolen from you or someone is taking credit for an achievement you made in life. Such a dream could also suggest that you are experiencing some injustices in your life where someone took something that was meant for you and thus left you feeling disappointed and betrayed. It could be a representation of a heartbreak that you have experienced – and this is still fresh in your mind, causing pain and sadness.

What does it mean to see a dream about stealing a car?

The key is to look at the dream and see if there are any themes associated with it that we can explore and draw from. Not long ago, my car was stolen in the dream and I was running after my car, it can suggest that you will have justice in life and that you will be protected from any harm but it does suggest a sort of out of control vibe. There is two parts of this dream, stealing a car yourself or having your car stolen. 

First of all, let’s look at the dream itself - what type of car was it? Was it a Tesla or some other fancy porch? Or maybe you dreamed of stealing a crappy car? Was it your own car? This can tell us something about how our unconscious perceived success and what we are striving for. A Tesla could represent ambition, victory or accomplishment while an older beat up vehicle would point towards feelings of insecurity and failure. It's important to pay attention to all aspects of the dream – who else is in it and what emotions did you feel during the experience? All these details will bring more clarity as we interpret deeper meanings behind this particular dream scenario.

Next, consider whether you had any thoughts before going to sleep that may have influenced your subconscious mind later on when dreaming about stealing a car. Perhaps you have been feeling overwhelmed by certain responsibilities lately so dreaming about taking off from them could be symbolic for your desire for freedom (represented by taking another person’s vehicle). Similarly, maybe your job has been draining recently but getting away with “stealing” someone else's car can equal success. On the flipside, if your car is stolen then this is about your life journey, in that you feel someone is stealing something from you.

What does it mean to dream about your parents in regards to stealing?

A dream where parents are stealing from you is an indicator that, you are anticipating problems in your family or with your parents. Sometimes we don’t feel good enough for our parents and this causes us stress. Such a dream can occur when we are feeling sidelined. To dream of your father stealing from you in the dream can indicate that you feel other people are neglecting your feelings. To dream of your mother stealing from you in the dream can suggest that you are feeling repercussions of past actions. Have you had conflict? If so, this dream could be your subconscious mind just replaying that you feel that your emotions have been stolen.

What does it mean to steal from your parents in a dream?

According to a survey by the Josephson Institute of Ethics almost 43,000 students, every year shoplift and 21% of children steal from parents. So, if you have stolen from a parent in the past it might just be your own subconscious mind coming to the surface! I will now address the dream meaning. To steal from both parents, in dream lore indicates that you avoid using harsh words which you might regret having used later on. Alternatively, such a dream could imply that you are going to face problems in your life due to a person’s attitude or behavior. The advice is to be attentive to your family members behave and talk. It could be that they your parents are having problems and need assistance but they maybe afraid to approach you.

What does it mean to see a dream about stealing and getting caught?

To have a dream about stealing and being caught can be a symbol of the inner conflict between morality and what you are suppose to do in life. It could indicate something you want badly, but don’t feel entirely comfortable with taking - so in your dream, someone is there to act as an authority figure to make sure you know that it’s wrong. Getting caught by the police for dreaming is about planning something ahead. I am not sure if you have read the news story that Canada recently recovered 84 million dollars worth of stolen gold bars back in 2020, and they were caught. Dreaming of being caught by someone you know stealing can suggest that thing are about the things behind the scenes that you are not seeing. Also, look out for someone that may contact you on text or instagram. It is about people getting in touch if you have not heard from them in a while.

What does it mean to dream about stealing and not getting caught?

If you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings this normally pops up as a dream. It is important to listen to our instincts and maybe you are not being yourself. It can mean that you are a people pleaser. Dreaming of being caught stealing can suggest feelings of guilt around past choices and decisions you have made—namely, with regard to taking something that did not belong to you or was not rightly earned by you. From a dream psychology perspective, dreaming about being punished for theft might serve as a reminder from the subconscious mind to take more care in what actions one undertakes and to think twice before engaging in any activity that may be deemed unethical or wrong by society’s standards. In some cases, this type of dream might be understood as an acknowledgement from within yourself: it is time for self-reflection and introspection so corrections can be made before one goes too far down a slippery slope (in terms of morality). In short: whether it reflects an internal lack of security. Let me ask you a question, we all have inner voice warning us from potential mistakes we are about to make—dreams related to theft should provoke some insight into our lives which should inform us about how we should deal with others going forward. 

Seeing a dream about someone you don’t know stealing and not getting caught (getting away with it) can mean that someone is going to be refreshingly honest about something going forward. To simply get away with stealing money in your dream can indicate that you could be feeling overwhelmed by unwieldiness in life and you need to gain control. This could be anything from feelings of passive-aggressive behavior in relationships to fears of being unable to make decisions or fears around failure. Let people be your guide in life. 

What does it mean to dream about your partner stealing from you?

Dreaming that your partner (girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife) is stealing from you is a sign of a small problem with your partner. The “stealing” action in the dream could just be connected to how you are feeling in life. or that you are worried about your partner’s actions in real life. What they did was not respectful and thus left you feeling betrayed by them and their actions. After such a dream, it could be important if you talked with your spouse and explained to them your feelings. Out of the conversation, you could end up knowing why they acted the way they did and thus, no need for you to feel bad. The dream in itself will cause you a lot of stress and it means that you are having issues with your partner in your real life which you need to straighten up.

What does it mean to see a dream about stealing and running away?

A dream about stealing and running away could be symbolic in that there is a desire to escape the craziness of current life obligations; to get away temporarily from work or other responsibilities. On a deeper level, it might represent a psychological need for freedom from oppressive circumstances.

In some cases when we dream about stealing a car (or any vehicle) and leaving quickly it indicates an urgency towards resolving something before making our escape with ‘stolen goods’ can also hint at issues where you feel tempted to do something illegal but find yourself having 

What does it mean to dream about your children stealing from you?

When you dream that children are stealing from you, it is an indicator that you are worried. We sometimes have dreams of our children when we are worrying about them or we wish to forge a better life for them. There might be something that they did or some aspect of their life - during your waking life which is worrying you. Alternatively, the dream could imply that your children or a close family member are encountering a problem which requires your help.

What does it mean to dream about someone stealing money from you?

Dreaming of someone stealing money from you is an indicator that, there is someone who is stealing power or taking advantage of you. If you see yourself dreaming of spending money, it could denote that, in real life, you are overspending money. Be aware of any “overspending” that you are carring out. Maybe that dress or car is too much money! You will need to be careful about your investment after such a dream as it is an indicator of problems in your future, present, and past spending habits. You will need to be extra careful is the message that is coming through. Alternatively, if you are the one stealing money, then it is a warning against impending danger ahead of you. After such a dream, you will need to be more careful and mindful of how you behave.

What does it mean to dream about someone stealing groceries from you?

This is a rather strange dream! A dream where someone steals groceries from you is an indication of positive times ahead of you. Often, in my view such dreams are associated with important business deals and possible new business connections which will be fruitful. Alternatively, the dream suggests that your relationship will go to a new level. Encountering such a dream is generally positive because you will engage in as many ventures as you can.

What does it mean to dream about someone stealing a job position from you?

A dream of a co-worker or someone steals a job position from you is indicative of a warning that, you should be careful with your actions and words. If you are employed by someone else it is quite common to dream of someone taking your job or stealing a promotion from you. I will try to keep it simple. This dream is a warning to beware of those around you. Someone could be trying to destroy your reputation. There might be something that you did in the past that other people are not happy about. Such a dream could also imply that you are surrounded by envious people at your workplace who are not happy the way you are progressing and how popular you have become with everyone else. After such a dream, you should be careful on the type of information you share with colleagues because there is a likelihood that they can use the same to make life at work difficult for you. If you are suspicious of anyone, avoid them.

What does it mean to dream about someone stealing a watch from you?

If you dream that someone is stealing a watch from you, it means that you are afraid of wasting time. It is like time itself is passing by and you don’t have enough of it to do your investments and all that you have always wanted to do. This is causing a feeling of anxiety, unhappiness, and depression. Alternatively, the dream could be an indicator that, there is a project you are undertaking which is causing you to feel stressed out. You are under strict timelines and thus, you may feel like that there is not enough time in the day to focus on you. The watch is a symbol that can mean time is ticking on. If the watch is something dear to you and it is stolen indicates a fresh start and a new time. If you are the one stealing a watch from someone, then it depicts a negative time as it denotes that your credibility and reputation might be under siege due to some people trying to bring you down. The watch symbol according to dream psychology is connected with disassociating from people who are toxic.

What does it mean to dream about someone stealing gold from you?

I would say that gold generally means that riches are coming your way. This is a dream that is focused on gaining riches in life. Give me one good reason why you should not make a change for the better – this is the question if you dream of being rich and having gold bulletins in the dream. If gold is being stolen from a bank in your dream is an indicator that, very soon you are going to lose respect due to something that you will indulge in. It is a dream which you should handle yourself better in life. You will need to be cautious and avoid indulging in anything that will make you regret.

Laws are made to be broken is the saying, stealing gold in dreams can be interpreted as your internal desire to strive for something better – it could also mean that you are searching for a greater purpose. Now, the important thing to know is if you were stealing gold or if someone else was. 

It could be that you feel like you aren't getting enough recognition for your hard work or gifts and talents - and therefore --- and, dreaming about stealing gold may indicate a lack of trust with those around you; perhaps indicating an inherent distrust toward other people due to past experiences where someone has failed or wronged you in some way leading to fear that everyone else will end up doing the same thing if given the chance. This could also be interpreted as a need for control over one’s environment, wanting wealth (symbolized by gold) 

Now, the act of stealing itself in such dreams might point towards behavior which involves taking excessive risks without proper consideration during decision making process or even trying times with finances due to not planning ahead effectively enough leading one into chasing after illusory solutions too quickly. 

I also believe that gold is connected to ambition and determination to achieve success, although this interpretation carries a slight risk of coming across as greedy or malicious. When it comes to taking someone else’s valuables without permission can suggest that you may encounter negative emotions. 

What does it mean to dream about someone stealing a partner from you?

Now, we sometimes have such dreams when we are feeling worried about a partnership. But what does it mean to dream of your partner going off with another women or man? When you have a dream where someone is stealing a partner from you, it is a sign that, in your subconscious, you are afraid of losing your partner – yes it boils down to a good old anxiety dream meaning. There is a possibility that you have trust issues in your current relationship and that your emotions will be used wrongly. There is a possibility that you have laid your emotions in front of your partner and are unsure how they are going to react. After such a dream try not to worry about what you are doing: sit back and enjoy your relationship. Be honest with yourself and to others around you too!

What does it mean to dream about someone stealing a bag from you?

A dream where you see someone stealing a bag from you denotes that, you will need to be careful when it comes to decision making. I have had many of these dreams, normally my purse is stolen. Well, in my experience soon, you are going to be faced with an important decision in your life. And, you need to put everything into consideration before you make a decision. If possible consult others whom you trust.

What does it mean to dream about someone stealing a book from you?

Books in my view is all about knowledge. Your inner knowledge. Thus, when you dream that someone is stealing a book from you, it is an indicator of receiving news about a person you know or that someone wants your advice. It will be intriguing news and it will be up to you to decide what you want to do with the news – beware though this could be gossip. If you are the one stealing the book from someone, then it means that you are going to make an important discovery. But the process in which the discovery is made will not be purely ethical or your own idea. It could be that you are going to use someone else ideas and pass it as your own to those who know you.

What does it mean for someone to steal your purse in a dream?

Our purse or wallet is connected to our own persona. The wallet, after all, represents everything that we own, credit cards, driving licenses and basically our own identity. All this is kept in our wallet or purse. But what if it is stolen in your dream? It means you are unaware of your own identity at the moment and that other people are moving forward without your opinion. It could be people at work are focused on driving for promotion or that family life has become more complex.

If you’re dreaming of stealing a purse, I should say that it could represent a desire for more money, wealth, power or security. It could also just be an outlet of your feelings about having something taken away from you recently without your permission. Think about what has been taken from you recently: a promotion? relationship?  Now, this dream could be interpreted in two ways: one is a sense of hopefulness and the other is a fear-induced anxiety. Firstly, you may be feeling an extra amount of hope and ambition to strive for success and have greater control in life. On the other hand, this dream might mean that you feel something has been taken away from you or that someone else has taken credit for something that was rightfully yours.

The exact interpretation of what it means for someone to steal your purse will likely depend on the context of the dream; such as who took your purse or why they were taking it? Was there any way to stop them? How did this make you feel afterwards? Was it stolen on a night out?

What does it mean to dream of someone stealing your job?

To dream of your job is two-fold. Someone stealing your job in a dream indicates that you may feel threatened at work. In order to understand I would urge you to review how you feel about your job right now. The first question is whether you are happy in your dream? At times in dreams we can feel pressured and trapped just like in a job. If you feel comfortable at your workplace (in waking life) this dream can signify that you enjoy your profession but new changes could be on the horizon. If you could see someone “doing your job” in the dream it can indicate that in time people will appreciate your effort and presence. To dream of a specific job, position symbolizes your hard-working nature and high aspirations. You always feel like you need to accomplish more and be more. You want to master everything, so you can be able to survive on your own, without anyone’s help. It could be that you are the lone wolf everyone admires.

What’s the spiritual meaning of stealing food?

The spiritual meaning of stealing groceries is connected to your deep emotional need to be able to feel “alive” again. Seeing someone take your food indicates and you’re scared of the emptiness you feel inside. In order to revive yourself, you must start something from scratch. I like to think of this dream as starting over but this time with less trust in others and more self-confidence. To see yourself stealing food in a dream indicates that you feel preoccupied with the complexity of life. It is important to set up new goals with a higher purpose. This dream also symbolizes your pride and career which will take off in the next period. Enjoy the fruits of your work if you could see people stealing food from others.

Personally, one of the first things that come to mind when dreaming about stealing food is the story of Rapunzel in the folklore story -- she goes out into her garden one night to gather salad greens (“Rapunzel, make me a salad!”) and stole them, the dream about stealing food may suggest there are unresolved issues inside yourself that demand attention; underlying feelings of entitlement or greed that are better addressed through conversation and problem-solving than by acting them out in our dreams through criminal behavior. I also feel, it might also mean that you feel deprived or undervalued in some area(s) of your life which causes these unsettling feelings within you.

What does it mean to dream of stealing a bag?

The bag in dreams represents the responsibilities you carry in waking life. If the bag in the dream was torn or ripped, it symbolizes the negative energy you are carrying that’s ripping you apart. If the bag was full of gold and you steal this, it denotes that at the time you can become obsessed with unnecessary worries. You worry about things that will probably never happen. The only way to feel free and easy again is to get rid of the emotional weight you’re carrying. It seems hard now, but once you do the first step, everything will seem easier. Let go of your past and negative emotions to make room for something better. If the bag was an expensive designer bad, it indicates financial profit and possibility for career progress.

What does it mean to see a dream of stealing art?

When thinking about stealing art, many people immediately think of famous works like the Mona Lisa which was famously stolen from the Louvre Museum in Paris in 1911 by an Italian handyman named Vincenzo Peruggia. He managed to steal one of the most valuable paintings in history and eventually returned it two years later. There have been other famous cases involving both ‘art napping’ – when artwork is held hostage–and ‘art theft’ – when artwork is stolen and kind of kidnapped. Stealing art can have serious legal implications if done illegally but there are cases where criminally acquired artwork has been recovered intact (as with the Mona Lisa). 

I believe dreaming of stealing art can be seen as a sign that you are feeling unappreciated for your own creative efforts. It could also represent the desire to gain recognition and admiration from others by taking something that has already been created, rather than creating something yourself. Let me explain further.

Dreams about stealing art may reflect feelings of envy or jealousy related to another person’s creativity or artistic talents. In some cases, dreams of stealing art can symbolize an attempt to take credit for someone else’s work—you might feel like the only way to get attention is to take what someone else has done instead of doing it yourself.

If the painting was in a museum in the dream and you stole this, the dream relates to your inner struggle with self-expression and self-esteem issues. Perhaps you have difficulty expressing yourself creatively and feel inadequate in terms of recognizing your own talent?

What’s the spiritual meaning of stealing money or gold?

The gold symbolizes our own spirituality, knowledge, and a deeper understanding of the soul. It’s a valuable metal. Therefore, it’s also spiritually connected with your self-worth and self-appreciation. Are you appreciating yourself enough? In colors, yellow or golden symbolizes giving, generosity, compassion, love and wealth. The gold also indicates that you’re on the right spiritual path. Keep going!

What’s the spiritual meaning of stealing a book?

The book is a representation of spiritual awareness, wisdom and acquiring more knowledge. The spiritual meaning of a familiar book in your dream is connected to the lessons that the book has taught you. Reading a book in the dream that you have stolen indicates that you need to pay extra attention to your past mistakes.

If you were reading but you’re not sure of the content, it means that you will solve your problems easily. To dream that you bought a book promises future success while writing a book foretells a career change due to your dissatisfaction with your profession and the progress you’ve made.

The spiritual meaning of a book is also associated with sacred knowledge and symbolizes secrets. Just think of the Bible or the Koran – they both symbolize secrets and sacred knowledge. However, dreaming of books means you have to acquire more sacred knowledge in order to find your path.

What does it mean to have a dream about stealing jewelry?

Jewlery is precious, and to dream that you have had a ring or necklace stolen can suggest that something valuable in life is about to be lost (it could be symbolic). Perhaps the act of stealing something precious holds no implications for negative behaviour but instead illustrates an opportunity for abundance in your life. 

I feel that dreaming of stealing jewelry can be a sign of wanting to increase your status or authority in life. It could indicate an underlying feeling of insecurity or dissatisfaction with the station you currently hold and desire for something different. 

If you dream about stealing jewellery specifically, it may suggest that there are certain symbols, such as power, wealth or love, which you are striving for in your life but have yet to obtain. A popular folktale tells the story of a thief who was never caught despite multiple attempts at taking valuable necklaces and rings from stores and homes. This suggests that while we strive for material possessions and riches, our own happiness is more important than any item we could ever steal. 

From a spiritual perspective, dreaming about stealing jewellery might represent trying to attain something greater than ourselves or aiming higher than what is achievable right now - representing ambition and tenacity towards achieving one’s goals. Alternatively, it could mean desiring true connections beyond mere material acquisition; deep spiritual relationships with others instead of just tangible things to show off our worth or financial achievements. 

For example, if someone dreams about stealing gold bracelets from a jewellery store - maybe this means they want their efforts to be seen by others even when they don't get rewarded directly with money or tokens like gold bracelets in return. Ultimately these jewels suggest inner strength rather than outward monetary gain so keep this in mind when interpreting your dreams!

Conclusion of a dream of stealing

Dreams about stealing usually have a lot of different meanings depending on the context of the dream. Generally though, these types of dreams can stem from feelings of guilt or inner conflict over something that you believe goes against pre-existing rules (like a moral code or law).  For instance, if someone had an urge to take something that didn’t belong to them in real life but stopped themselves from doing it due to some sense of morals or laws they follow, they might have a dream where they steal.

Another common dream involving stealing in dreams is feeling like you are being taken advantage of or taken for granted in real life. People often resort to dreaming that they are taking something away from those who took too much away from them without realizing it. This type of person would be subconsciously expressing their desire for reclaiming what was lost through their dream scenario about stealing.

Yet another example could be fear – sometimes people dream about theft because they feel vulnerable and scared and lack control over their lives when consciously awake. Dreams symbolize our insecurities and fears by manifesting our helplessness into scenarios revolving around thievery which signals this underlying fear. Don’t forget that our dreams also represent desires – desire for money, power and possessions through acting out what would happen if we did possess such things despite following certain rules which we regard highly in waking life.

By Florance Saul
Feb 13, 2018