brooms dream meaning

Broom Dream Meaning

To dream of brooms indicates rapid improvement and movements to your financial situation.

This is an extremely positive dream, and can often mean there is going to be new starts and new beginnings in your working life. In summary, this dream can imply: money coming, clearing away old problems, a new home, sweeping away troubles, moving forward with projects, and being surrounded by people you cannot trust.

A broom is a common item in every home, spiritually the broom can imply “sweeping away troubles” I know this from reading about the hoodoo and the occult. The broom is a symbol of brushing away difficulties. The broom can imply it is time to “clean away problems in life.” In my other ancient dream books, the broom can indicate the change of residency or the fact that it is time to think about what makes you happy. In witchcraft, the broom is called Besom Broom and was often made of straw. It was hung on walls to prevent evil spirits' negative energy within the house. From a dream perspective, this could mean that you are looking for a new direction and want to “ward” off evil if you notice a broom is hung from the wall. This dream also indicates that things in your life have been complicated to date. This is clearly a positive dream as things are going to change for the better.

Dreaming about the broom can be both negative and positive depending on the other objects or details of the dream. For you to understand the true meaning, we will need to combine all the “elements” in your dream and I will help you analyze the true meaning below, I am Flo by the way. There are many superstitions around the broomsticks. For example in old folklore try to prevent their daughters from stepping over a broom this will prevent her from marrying apparently. Brooms should only be stored in the cupboard as if left in the house this will create difficulties and problems. There is various particular attention that we must understand when interpreting a dream of a broom. Many people believe that the broom is a symbol of the female and it can bring prosperity if seen in dreams.

Generally, what does a broom mean in your dream?

In general, a broom seen in a dream could be a sign that you are surrounded by people who could be dishonest. Sorry, this is what ancient dream lore states. There could be someone in your group of friends who is planning to cross you. You will need to be extra careful and avoid giving out information that could hurt you if used against you. To beat someone with a broom in a dream indicates others who are waiting for an opportune time to make you difficult.

What does it mean to dream of sweeping with a broom if you are female?

If you are between 18-40 years old and you see yourself sweeping with a broom in a dream, then it means that someone is going to propose to you. Now, this is from old folklore. If you have a partner, he is going to gather enough courage to ask your hand in marriage. In case you are not in a relationship, the dream denotes that, you are about to meet your soul mate who will be your lover in your entire life, so lucky you!

What does a broken broom mean?

Dreaming of a broken broom could imply, there is someone likely going to betray you. Alternatively, the dream could be your subconscious, reliving a scene in the past where someone who is close to you betrayed you. The best thing you can do is to try and move forward and forget about the difficulties in life. Open your heart and trust yourself. Such a dream can also mean that you are experiencing some minor failures of sorts which could be linked to your career or business. If you are planning to make any money, you will have to hold onto it because anything you do at this time may be complex. The message from dream lore is to wait until the negative period passes by before you embark on investments. I hope this helps.

What does it mean to dream of several brooms?

This is an interesting dream. To uncover the meaning I researched some 1930s dream books. Right, a dream where you see several brooms announces financial stability in your life. Business deals or projects that have taken most of your finances and times are about to give you profits. Whatever money you get will enable you to settle your debts which had accumulated over the years when you were trying to invest and remain with a lump sum of profits.

What does sweeping with a broom mean in your dream?

Seeing yourself sweeping with a broom in your dream means that, you will be likely to receive great news in the near future. You are likely to face positive changes in your life in the near future, and thus, the dream is alerting you to get prepared to enjoy it. In the near future, your life is going to be filled with new positive opportunities which you should make sure that you capitalize on and make yourself established in life. Get the most out of what you can - ensure that nobody spoils your plans.

What does flying on a broom mean in a dream?

We have all seen the image of a witch flying on a broomstick. It’s quite a rare dream to see yourself flying in the sky on such a stick. A witch's broom is historically made of an ash handle in the bristles from twigs. If we look at the power and force of the broom this can indicate we are seeking something from divine forces. The bristles themselves represent internal female energy and the handle itself is masculine energy due to the fact that it is shaped as a penis. A flying broom indicates you have power over other people. In history and also modern times we associate the female witch riding on a broomstick. This is true for both witchcraft and shaman rituals. So where does actually come from flying on a broom? It is thought that this was associated with hallucinations based on astral projection and the types of potions and ointments that were used in the early 1500s. A dream of seeing yourself flying on a broom denotes that, people around you tend to comfort you. It could be due to your position in your career, or you are very influential to other members of the family. Whatever the case, the dream is just trying to remind you that, people are with you and flying around you to help.

What does a dirty broom mean in your dream?

A dream about a dirty broom is a representation of gossip. People who are close to you might gossip about you. There is something that happened that triggered them to start gossiping about you, and there is nothing you can do about it other than close your mouth in silence for the consequences of people’s negative behavior. I know this sounds a rather old dream meaning but I will say that an outside broom seen in a dream can indicate that you will try to sweep away your troubles.

What are the superstitions around brooms?

I will lastly provide an overview of the superstitions involving brooms because I feel that it is important to understand these when dissecting your dream. In old folklore, you should never bring a broom into a new house. In Scotland, if the broom sweeps your feet then it means that you shall never marry. A broom found outside the front door indicates strangers will never visit. In China beating a person with a broom results in bad luck. If you walk backward with a broom it can indicate the plans will change. If the broom appeared in any of then you can take this meaning based on older dream folklore.

Is the dream of a broom good or bad?

The dream about a broom occurs often for girls or women. In the Western Tradition, it is said that this dream warns you about some friends who are not quite friends, as they have negative thoughts about you. Try to stay away from them. The same explanation is given by the Eastern tradition. To dream that you use a new broom is a sign that you will be lucky if you are abstinent. An old broom predicts losses in business. A broom in your dream can foretell an unpleasant visit. If you use the broom to sweep your floor or a path, it means that difficult obstacles are about to be overcome.

A broom can be the omen of a quarrel in the house. Having a broom means reconciliation. A wooden broom suggests complications in business. Seeing yourself sweeping with a broom in a dream indicates that you will get rid of those that bore you. Sweeping the street means contempt. A new and modern broom predicts new experiences in love. A new broom in general means unreliable friends, but also conjugal problems. An old broom suggests that you are going to see again some friends that you have forgotten. If you dream of a broken broom, you may experience a big sorrow. A traditional broom means money loss, but also your wish to get rid of some people. Seeing a broom omens gossip and big boredom. If you sweep with a broom in a dream it means you have a mind untroubled by problems.

What is the history of the broom in witchcraft?

Many legends are associated with the question of the reasons why witches ride broomsticks. Back in time, the so-called witches used poisonous plants, such as black henbane which is rich in powerful alkaloids to cause hallucinations in people from their society. These plants can also be very dangerous and have deadly side effects, but that’s what witches found amusing and intriguing in these deadly plants. Historical researchers have confirmed that the apparent witches used different herbs to do ‘magic’. And not surprisingly, the plants with psychoactive properties in their potions were their favorite.

These potions were also known as “flying ointments”. Witches applied these ointments to their nether regions. Can you think of a better applicator than a wooden staff? Neither did witches. According to one of the legends, Lady Alice Kyteler who’s remembered as Ireland’s first witch killed her husband back in 1324 and was condemned to death for using sorcery in the murder. But she eventually escaped in her own magical way, and her maid was sacrificed at the stake in her name.

The real question that remains unanswered is – can witches fly on brooms? Unfortunately, the latest research shows that the background of these legends is rather medical than magical. The plants the witches used to craft their potions caused hallucinations, so they started believing that the brooms help them fly over the sky. I forgot to mention that in Lay Alice Kyteler’s closet, a pipe of ointment was found. She greased a staff, upon which she ambled and galloped.

You might wonder why witches fly. Well, sorry to disappoint but so far, only birds can enjoy flying without the need of an airplane like humans do. Witches gained their ‘flying power’ by the tropane alkaloid hallucinogens that have caused sleep but also dreams involving wild rides on brooms and “frenzied dancing”. The broom is also related to the intense sex desire of witches.

What does it mean to buy a broom in a dream?

Believe it or not, brooms in dreams represent your sexuality and your secret sexual desires, and denote your mind power. Sometimes, the broom warns you about false friends in your waking life. To buy a broom in your dream means making a logical step toward achieving something. You will not completely understand why you’re doing what you’re doing but you will do it anyway because you trust your intuition. And you will do the right thing. You will also overcome some old obstacles. Alternatively, buying a broom in your dream implies your awareness to a situation and your reaction to what’s happening to you. Your dream also denotes that you have co-workers who will be soon replaced by someone more hard-working and compassionate. It’s time you relax.

What does holding a broom mean in a dream?

To hold a broom in your hand in your dream suggests that you take good care of yourself and open your eyes. You know how to protect yourself from turbulence in waking life but recently you’ve lost your touch. To get it back, you must take risks. Your dream also denotes determination, and a wish to succeed. But what’s success to you anyway? Are you sure you’ve got your priorities sorted right?

What does it mean to dream of a new broom?

To dream of a new broom signifies improvement on both, personal and professional level. Yet, your dream also indicates a warning. There are many false, and wrong people around you. Pay close attention to those who are most suspicious of you, and cut them off later. Solitude always remains a better option than being surrounded by fakes, and people who are envious of you.

Your dream:

  • You have a broom.
  • A wooden broom.
  • You are sweeping.
  • A new broom.
  • A broken broom. An old broom.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • Pay attention to your friends.
  • Do not be too trustful.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of broom:

Tired. Discontent. Upset. Worried. Surprised. Busy.

By Florance Saul
Mar 10, 2013