Three Men

Three Men

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

You don't have to believe in spirits to be surrounded by them.

In fact, it's pretty hard to avoid them. Three men featured in a dream can be associated with our spirit guides. It may& things that we cannot understand.

There are times when we dream about strange occurrences. Dreaming about three men is one of them. When you come across a dream that involves three men, it usually varies in interpretation. If the three men in one's dream is identifiable, it denotes a positive meaning. It means abundance and prosperity. This is a reminder that most tasks can be complete quickly with the aid of others.

If the three men are people that one cares about, then this suggests that other people will help you in life.

Dreams of three may include the following

  • You see yourself talking to three men.
  • Three men are chasing you.
  • You are dreaming about three men courting you at the same time.
  • Three men want to cause you harm.
  • Three men invade your house.
  • Three men kidnap you.
  • The film - three men and the baby.

Quick interpretation of these dreams

  • You wish to understand the opinion of others - before you can make a decision.
  • Three men in conflict denotes miscommunication.
  • One is facing a dilemma and you don’t know what to do.
  • It denotes anger.
  • Feeling of anxiety that secrets will be divulged.

Detailed explanation

Dreams concerning three men can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the feature of the dream. If one is talking to three men, there is a chance that you are having a difficulty making a decision. To be in conflict with three men indicates that you’re decision will equal a great outcome. To dream of three men and a baby suggests that you want to hear someone else's voice, but the problem is you are hesitating to ask one of their opinion in a matter concerning a career. You are afraid that they might not like your idea or they will act violently on learning what you have to say. It is important to understand that decisions that one makes will affect the people around us.

Three men chasing you can be interpreted as a miscommunication with other people. Think about the question: why are these men chasing you? Why do you keep on running away from them? Is it because they know something you do not want to know that is why you are trying to run from them? If you know the people in your dream it might be the perfect time to sit and talk to them in real life. Perhaps there are things that these people need to tell you.

If you are dreaming about three lovers / suitors, you are probably facing a tough decision in real life. This dream means your facing a make or break situation and you are too scared to choose the right way. These situations have been on your mind in walking life and you tend to bring that strong emotion on your dreams. Ask for enlightenment and consult people who can help you. Prepare yourself for a new life.

When three men invade your house, it is a sign that you are too worried that some secrets will be divulged and might jeopardize your privacy. You are concerned that it might affect your relationships with people close to you. If you want a peaceful mind, then let the truth surface. Clear your conscience, speak the truth and it will surely set you free.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream the three men

Happiness, doubt on ones capability, fear, confusion, anxiety. Enjoying the company of the three men and possible worries of the three men.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013