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Wrong bag dream meaning

A Wrong Bag.

Did you see yourself picking up the wrong bag?

Maybe you were on a plane, and you picked up the wrong suitcase in your dream. You may have left the office or the house, but the bag you are carrying is not the one you wanted to carry. What does this denote?  It is a warning that something is not right somewhere in your life. It yields the need to be cautious in everything that you do in order to avoid falling into problems.


Knowing this in advance and being forewarned in the form of a dream is a good thing because it makes you take necessary precautions to avoid being caught out unaware. You even have an option of preventing it from happening altogether because this dream serves as the “warning.”

In the dream, you may have…

  • Carried the wrong bag.
  • Seen a  bag picked it up, and it was wrong.
  • Picked up the wrong shopping bags.
  • Taken home an incorrect bag.


Detailed dream interpretation...

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A dream whereby you see yourself carrying the wrong bag means that a problem is about to happen in your life and you should make sure that it doesn’t happen. 

If it does happen, make sure that it does not affect you too much. It is a warning sign that, whatever you do, wherever you go, you need to be careful so that, you don’t find yourself in an awkward situation where your integrity is compromised.

A dream where you see yourself picking a bag and then realizing later on that it is the wrong bag indicates a clear choice to prevent negative things from happening in your life.

If the bag changes in the dream (from one color to another) avoid coming into contact with certain situations or people related to work. Try to spend time outside of work with new people.


Picking up the wrong shopping bags in your dream means that, you are about to perform a task which is not meant for you. Even so, you will accomplish it well.

You won’t be thanked for the hard work though. Stick to your task and avoid taking responsibilities of other people, unless they ask you to. Try and continue your job and avoid doing tasks which you are not supposed to do.

When you find yourself taking home the incorrect bag, it means that you are about to make a decision which will lead you in the wrong direction.

You need to be extra careful when handling people and making decisions, especially if you know these “people” will have a negative impact on your life. To find a room full of unusual bags denote possible guiding and counseling from an expert who can help you understand yourself better.


Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream...

Committed, responsible, applauded, careful, wrong and baggage.

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