Weather dream meaning

What does the weather mean in your dream?

What a wonderful dream! Weather phenomena occur in dreams and in sorts of ways.

In dreams, the weather symbolizes the intense emotions that we have in waking life. I know that weather dreams offer remarkable insight into how we feel. Over the last twenty years, I have understood the universal language of dreams from both a spiritual and psychological perspective. I’m Flo and I believe that by understanding what the weather means in our dreams we can begin to uncover what our unconscious mind is trying to really tell us. To dream of the weather portrays your emotions and it’s related to your current emotional state. Were you dreaming of stormy weather?

Was a storm approaching in your dream? Maybe you saw lightning and could hear thunder in the dream? Was it raining in your dream state? You're in the right place. I have undertaken research in many ancient dream books in private subscription libraries throughout England, and have read so much about the weather and what it means in our dream state. There is so much information in this meaning, I urge you to scroll down to find your own dream meaning.

The weather in your dream is an important dream. Maybe it is just a "decoration" or you suddenly see strange weather patterns "kick in." The elements of the weather carry a distinct message. In daily life, weather phenomena can break your good mood, in your dream.

What is the general meaning of weather in a dream?

Different types of weather featured in your dream are associated with your feelings of contentment. Dependent upon the details of the weather, this is either a positive or a negative dream. If it is raining, the dream suggests that you may encounter some complex situations in the near future. If you dream of showers of hailstones you should know that you or a close person will lose something. It can also represent obstacles. If you hear the raindrops on a window, you will soon make peace with someone. If you dream that you have gotten wet by the rain then this indicates a harmonious period will follow. If you dream that you watch the rain from the window, you will find financial luck, such as an inheritance or winning the lottery.

A rainbow foretells joy because it represents hope, success, and happiness. Usually, such a dream appears especially when you undergo a difficult period in your life. In this case, the rainbow announces a new beginning. When you dream of water entering your house, or you have been flooded it means that you are going through a stressful time and you are afraid that you cannot face your worries and responsibilities anymore. With lots of patience, you will succeed in passing through all these troubles. Water with mud featured in your dream means that soon you will receive unpleasant news. What a wonderful dream! Weather phenomena occur very often in dreams and in sorts of ways.

If the weather is windy, it can indicate your intellectual capacity in a situation related to work. A windy day may also indicate that you are seeking knowledge. If the weather is warm and lovely, it means that good times are ahead. A hurricane normally indicates there are going to be hard times ahead. A dream about a storm prepares you for contingency. The events will not necessarily be unpleasant, but they will put your life upside down. If you dream that you have shelter, a carefree time is coming your way.

Dreaming of heat tells you to be prepared for a transient fight, either with your partner or your boss. However, the dream may warn you not to make hasty decisions. Lightning is a good sign since it announces a time of joy with loved ones. If it is accompanied by thunder, you may change your job or you will have a family gathering. If you dream of wind, such as a slight breeze, this means betrayal either from friends, relatives or your husband. If you see a strong wind that takes you up, you should expect to succeed in the waking life. In the Persian tradition, the wind is always auspicious. Thick fog means that you are safe and that you will be successful in anything you decided to do. It is a good time to start a project or take a trip.

What did the dream psychologist Sigmund Freud write about weather dreams?

Freud had many theories about dreams, however, the most famous theory is that our dreams are our repressed wishes and feelings. According to his theories, dreaming of weather patterns signifies suppressed emotions and wishes. Maybe a seeing bad weather indicates an explosion of feelings and dreaming of a pleasant weather foretells our wish to feel something nice and beautiful. If in real life there is a downpour outside and you are sleeping It is not uncommon to actually dream of rain. This is probably due to the fact that you can hear the weather while you sleep. This is a "Freudian" approach to dreams. Freud believes that what was in the real world as symbols is also transmitted into our sleeping world.

What is a general spiritual meaning of the weather in dreams?

The general spiritual meaning of the weather in our dreams is related to our current emotional state. To dream of a change in weather indicates a spiritual awakening, finding your inner peace after experiencing an overwhelming situation and surviving a mentally challenging time are all associated with this dream. However, the type of weather that you dream says a lot about your current emotions and what to do next to overcome negative feelings. For example, if you dream of sunshine, it indicates that you will experience a time that will open your eyes. Bad weather in dreams signifies a negative experience and an emotionally difficult time. I do believe that every negative area in life is supposed to make you stronger. Each weather dream has its own significant interpretation, depending on the type so scroll down to find your dream.

What does it mean if you dream about the stormy weather?

Thunderstorms can often happen in dreams, even snowstorms, ice storms or sandstorms! Whatever the storm featured in your dream spiritually it carries the same meaning. A storm is often seen in dreams as a symbol of depression or worry in daily life. It may also foreshadow a possible focus on how you interact with others. Storms in the dream are normally intercessory spiritual in their meaning. As the force in the dream is somewhat negative, demonic even in nature the storm can indicate that you need to take an inspirational tone to goals or objectives in life.

Maybe you could see clouds rolling quickly across the sky. Perhaps the rain poured down or the wind blew and lightning lit up the sky. If you dreamed of out of control or unusual stormy weather, it can indicate you’re feeling confused, drained and stressed out in waking life. This dream often occurs when you are truly tired of everything, The storm can be a reflection of the “negative” areas or events that are currently happening to you. My advice is to try to accept everything because you know that you can’t have a rainbow without rain! In ancient dream books, the advice after seeing stormy weather while sleeping is to keep fighting and don’t give up on yourself. If in real life you encounter anything that is negative, will make you a stronger person. To see lightning in a dream also comes with a spiritual a warning to relax and not work too hard. There are many storms and extreme weather patterns that occur around the world every single day. In closing, you might be dealing with what is known as a “stormy” situation right now in your life!

What does it mean to dream of clouds?

White clouds announce you to be prepared for a pleasant surprise from your loved one. It could also mean that you will receive good news or you will make a trip. Black storm clouds warn you. It could be about somebody sick, or it could be that you will have a few sad days. Clouds are made of air and water which are two of the four basic elements. Some would say that the soul is represented by air, and the spirit by water. Your positive energy and idealism could be represented by white clouds, while your more negative personal characteristics and private thoughts are represented by dark storm clouds.

What does it mean to dream of a tornado?

Tornados featured in weather dream is rather common based on the users that e-mail me, especially in nightmares. The weather of a tornado needs certain conditions to occur. It takes the warm air out of the atmosphere and dry air to create the tornado. At times, the tornado occurs when a thunderstorm is present. Now I have explained a little bit about how it works you will gain a great understanding of what the dream means. So what does it mean to see a tornado in a dream? The dream is connected to a funnel of difficulties in life. As the tornado is often a slender column it can indicate that at the end of the funnel of problems that have occurred in your life. The good news spiritually is that only positivity is left after the turbulent emotional times you have been experiencing. Often known as twisters, the tornados in dreams can indicate spins and twists in your emotions.

What does it mean if you dream of a strong wind blowing?

Strong wind seen in dreams can be a representation of how you approach your work life. If you dreamed of a strong wind blowing, it implies that you feel like life’s pushing you too hard. Are you experiencing many things all at once? It’s like you have to learn and experience everything again in order to meet your goals in life. Remember, the universe is not pushing you because you’re the only one making decisions. Do you want to take a break? Then take a break! What’s stopping you? You’re your own best friend. The wind in a dream can be associated with the “change” that you need that is moving through your life. A breeze in the dream is associated with changes or impact that you can handle quite well. I believe you must feel quite good about yourself and your life if you see yourself walking through a light breeze in the dream.

What is extremely hot weather symbolizing a dream?

Maybe your summer escape has already left your mind, but during your sleep, you fantasized about visiting that wonderful tropical island! If you have not managed to jet off recently the dream of hot weather is a common dream to have. It can simply suggest that you are planning your next trip away, or will soon be!

Maybe you were on holiday in your dream, laying in the sun soaking up the heat? Oh, I wish. I honestly believe everything I have read on dreams that hot weather is a positive omen. If you dreamed of hot weather and it was unpleasant in the dream it symbolizes you’re under pressure and fear you will make an error in real life. To dream of being in a hot room denotes that certain people in your life are inferring with your relationship with others and you don’t know what to do. The advice is to talk openly with the people. Try not to get too stressed out by what people say, Ignoring is the mother of peace and you will realize that after you let it go over your head it will all work out in the end. Try to practice being open-minded and enjoy solitude. If the dream is however positive and the hot temperature.

What do hurricanes mean in a dream?

We all know the danger of a hurricane. The huge storm system that normally hits both the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific oceans. These powerful storms in dreams often indicate that you are feeling not only out of control but the fear of danger in your waking life. To be in the eye of the hurricane in a dream is connected to your own spiritual happiness in life. To dream of being hurt or lifted up by a hurricane in a dream is a warning dream - that you should try to concentrate on defining your own desires and goals in life.

What does dreaming of black storm clouds mean?

If you could see floating black storm clouds it denotes that you’re going to have an emotionally difficult time shortly. You may experience an unpleasant event but it will be in your favor at the end. You will come out stronger than ever. Your dream also symbolizes your current emotional state – are you feeling depressed? Did you know that depression is a fictional state of mind? Yes, you can beat it but only if you try to think positive in life.

What does it mean when you dream of thunder and lightning?

Thunderstorms are often loud and extremely powerful. Normally, in dreams we can hear the thunder and lightning but what does this mean? In most dream books thunder and lightening denote changing times. Lightning normally occurs in the storm when the ice that is found in clouds bounce off each other. This ice then creates frozen rain and the electricity is charged. This electric charge seen in a dream indicates a spiritual warning. If you could see lightning and heard thunder in your dream, it indicates a reminder or a warning dream. Are you aware of difficulties in life? Are you paying enough attention to the events that occurred recently and the new people who have entered your life? Dreaming of lightning also represent enlightenment. You will uncover something important about yourself that will be useful. Some dream dictionaries indicate that your beliefs and opinions will change, and also your life values. To be caught in a thunderstorm indicates that you will become more aware of everything around you, including yourself. You will finally find inner peace and calmness.

What does it mean to dream of a storm at sea in a dream?

Calm waves suggest that you should make an important decision. You will brainstorm with many people and in the end, you will choose the best way to go about it. If in your dream the waves hit the seashore, this means that you will be appreciated at work. This dream can also predict a harmonious period in your love life. Stormy waves or a storm at sea can indicate turbulent times ahead.

What does it mean to dream of snow?

If you dreamed of beautiful white snow falling from the sky foretells you will soon meet a coldhearted person in your life. You shouldn’t trust the person because they’re not always honest. Maybe already have your doubts about who the person might be, just listen to your intuition. If snow appears in your dream, you will receive a consistent amount of money or a gift. As snow symbolizes wishes and desires, dreaming of snow drifts indicates that yours will come true soon. If in your dream you see a snow storm, you will make a new conquest, or if you are already in a relationship your partner will be tender and loving. Scattered snowflakes foretell days during which you will be unhappy and easily hurt. Your dream also symbolizes warmth and positivity if the snow does not settle on the ground. You will feel whole again and enjoy your life. To build a snowman in a dream indicates that people want to listen to you, maybe you have some great advice to give!

What does it signify to dream of rain falling on me?

If you had a dream of rain falling on you it is very exciting. It denotes absolute happiness. You will experience a major achievement and you will feel fulfilled. So good for you! You’re a person who enjoys the smaller things in life. It’s time you yearn a big prize for your hard work.

What is the relevance if you dream of seeing a storm approaching?

Seeing a storm approaching you in your dream is related to your emotional state. You will experience a turbulent, overwhelming situation soon. My advice is that you should use your strength to overcome this emotionally difficult time. Remember to be somewhat careful in life. Do not take any chances and try to protect yourself!

Conclusion of a dream of weather

You can make a list of all the weathers that take place in your dream Which weather is your favorite? What emotions do you have when you think of the weather? Are you averse to the weather? It seems that varying weather conditions are a frequent topic in many dreams. These conditions often reflect our emotional state. It usually means a time of emotional cleansing. Rain means that you are washing away all the things we have left behind, leaving you feeling refreshed. Snow, is pure and white, which gives off a sense of freshness. This could indicate a new beginning - a blank page. Do you feel like something is stuck, frozen? You feel like your emotions are stuck inside, unable to flow. You can also think of "skating on thin ice" is that how you are feeling. Try to relate the weather to your feelings inside.

Random weather dream meanings

  • You dreamed of a rainbow: It means bad times will end and you will gain your hope in life.
  • You were watching the rain on the window inside your home: It denotes you’re not allowing yourself to feel what you want to feel. Break free and allow yourself to be happy again.
  • You dreamed of a tornado/earthquake/hurricane chasing you: It implies to a destructive relationship in your life. You already know which one. It’s time you end it.

In your dream, you may have

  • Experienced bad weather.
  • Experienced good weather.
  • Made or seen the weather forecast.
  • Encountered rain or fog.
  • Had the weather affect the waves.
  • Encountered snowy weather.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You dreamed of fog.
  • You dreamed of any kind of calm, peaceful weather.
  • The weather was sunny and warm.
  • The weather reflected your favorite season.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of weather

Admiring. Content. Happy. Upset. In pain. Indignant. Scared. Anticipation. Angry. Excited. Depression. Loneliness. Confusion. Trapped.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012