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What a wonderful dream! Weather phenomena occurs very often in dreams and in sorts of ways.

The weather in your dream is an imporant element. Maybe it is just a "decoration" or you suddenly see weather patterns "kick in." Now, elements of weather carry a distinct message. If in real life there is a downpour outside when you are sleeping It is not uncommon to actually dream of rain.  this is probably due to the fact that you can hear the weather while you sleep. This is very "Freud"  In his approach to dreams. Freud believes that what was in the real world as symbols is also transmitted into our sleeping world. In daily life weather phenomenon can break your good mood, in your dream, it foretells good luck. And when you dream of fog, it is a sign that you should expect a calm and peaceful period.


Detailed dream interpretation: Different types of weather featured in your dream are associated with your feelings of contentment. Dependent upon the details of the weather, this is either a positive or a negative dream. If it is raining, the dream suggests that you may encounter some complex situations in the near future. If you dream of showers of hailstones you should know that you or a close person will lose something. It can also represent obstacles. If you hear the raindrops on a window, you will soon make peace with someone. If you dream that you have gotten wet by the rain then this indicates a harmonious period will follow. If you dream that you watch the rain from the window, you will find financial luck, such as an inheritance or winning the lottery.

A rainbow foretells joy because it represents hope, success, and happiness. Usually, such a dream appears especially when you undergo a difficult period in your life. In this case, the rainbow announces a new beginning. When you dream of water entering your house, or you have been flooded it means that you are going through a stressful time and you are afraid that you cannot face your worries and responsibilities anymore. With lots of patience, you will succeed in passing through all these troubles. Water with mud featured in your dream means that soon you will receive unpleasant news.

Calm waves suggest that you should make an important decision. You will brainstorm with many people and in the end, you will choose the best way to go about it. If in your dream the waves hit the seashore, this means that you will be appreciated at work. This dream can also predict a harmonious period in your love life.

White clouds announce you to be prepared for a pleasant surprise from your loved one. It could also mean that you will receive good news or you will make a trip. Black storm clouds warn you. It could be about somebody sick, or it could be that you will have a few sad days. Clouds are made of air and water which are two of the four basic elements. Some would say that the soul is represented by air, and the spirit by water. Your positive energy and idealism could be represented by white clouds, while your more negative personal characteristics and private thoughts are represented by dark storm clouds.

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If snow appears in your dream, you will receive a consistent amount of money or a gift. As snow symbolizes wishes and desires, dreaming of snow drifts indicates that yours will come true soon. If in your dream you see a snow storm, you will make a new conquest, or if you are already in a relationship your partner will be tender and loving. Scattered snowflakes foretell days during which you will be unhappy and easily hurt.

If the weather is windy, it can indicate your intellectual capacity in a situation related to work. A windy day may also indicate that you are seeking knowledge. If the weather is warm and lovely, it means that good times are ahead. A hurricane normally indicates there are going to be hard times ahead. A dream about a storm prepares you for contingency. The events will not necessarily be unpleasant, but they will put your life upside down. If you dream that you have shelter, a carefree time is coming your way.

Dreaming of heat tells you to be prepared for a transient fight, either with your partner or your boss. However, the dream may warn you not to make hasty decisions. Lightning is a good sign since it announces a time of joy with loved ones. If it is accompanied by thunder, you may change your job or have a family achievement. If you dream of wind, such as a slight breeze, this means betrayal either from friends, relatives or your husband. If you see a strong wind that takes you up, you should expect to succeed in the waking life. In the Persian tradition, the wind is always auspicious. Thick fog means that you are safe and that you will be successful in anything you decided to do. It is a good time to start a project or take a trip.

In your dream, you may have Experienced bad weather. Experienced good weather. Made or seen the weather forecast. Encountered rain or fog. Had the weather affect the waves. Encountered snowy weather. Positive changes are afoot if: You dreamed of fog. You dreamed of any kind of calm, peaceful weather. The weather was sunny and warm, The weather reflected your favorite season.  Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of weather: Admiring. Content. Happy. Upset. In pain. Indignant.


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