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Dreaming and meanings Addiction


To be addicted to any type of drugs means that you are depending upon someone. Drugs can cover things like tobacco, alcohol or cannabis.

This dream shows that you have some type of pleasure connected with trying to help your love life by igniting passion within.It clearly shows that you somehow identified that there is some type of anxiety you are trying to hide from someone. To be addicted to someone shows that you need to make sure that you take full responsibility for your actions.



In your dream you may have...


  • Been an addict to drugs or alcohol.
  • Been addicted to cannabis.
  • Been addicted to sex.
  • Been addicted to someone.
  • Smoked drugs.
  • Reliant on medicines as drugs.


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Positive changes are afoot if...


  • The dream ended on a positive note.
  • Things ended well in the dream.
  • You overcome your addiction in your dream.


Detailed dream interpretation...



Taking certain substances in waking life can lead to altering your dream state and perception. This mean that you may feel in a dream due to being high and it is just a distortion of reality. Drugs have long been associated with the occult, and some of the occultists such as Aleister Crowley has been known to take drugs to heighten his experiences spiritually. The dream means that it is time to act more positively and stop being negative and reliant on other people to make you feel positive in life.


To dream of a love or sex addict indicates that you need a basic rhythm and balance in your life. We sometimes want to be free, but we all have responsibilities.


To dream of being drugged to the extent that it interfered with or altered your normal movements and/or behavior, it is a warning of active jealousy around you. This is from someone who is not only ready to capitalize on any mistake you might make, but might even try to mislead you into making one. Be extra careful of your actions following this dream.


Drugs used in a dream as a pain relief (like aspirin or pain killers) suggest that you will experience a financial increase in your income. To have an adverse reaction to drugs in your dream means that you need to think more positively in life.


To dream of medication given by a doctor means you must form definite and intelligent conclusions concerning the relations between your mind and your body. This will be of value to you, in a number of ways. In the first instance, you will understand the bodily mechanism through which the mind operates, and the knowledge of this mechanism is bound to enlighten you. Secondly, it is worthwhile to know the extent of the mind's influence over the body, because this knowledge is the first step forward.



To dream of injecting drugs refers to the development of your own resources, such as powers of observation, imagination, correct judgment, alertness, resourcefulness, application, concentration, and the faculty of taking prompt advantage of opportunities, the study of how you can improve your own life. To dream of powered drugs is connected to cupid.


To dream that you are drugged and unconscious indicates that someone is trying to prevent a promotion. If you dream you are stoned, someone will try to harm you emotionally. To dream you take drugs means you have lost control of life, but you can count on the people close to you to help you out. If in your dream you smoke drugs it indicates that you have a lot to accomplish, and it would be good if you can come back down to earth.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Addict/Addiction...

Worried. Confused. Sickish. Dizzy. Content. Pleasant. Cool. Relaxed. Tired. Worked-out.

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