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A dream about trowel denotes that you will be able to rise above poverty and you will be able to experience a constructive turn in your business.

It shows that your business will flourish and you will be able to eliminate poverty in your life.

When you are using the trowel in your dream, then it indicates that you are working hard towards eliminating poverty and hunger in your life.

It shows that you are also helping other people who are in need by being compassionate and affectionate to them and also providing for their needs.

In your dream you may have…

  • Seen a trowel as the most visible item in your dream. This means that you are rising above poverty and you are experiencing flourishing turn in your business that is making you to have personal progress and prosperity.
  • Seen trowel in your dream. Seeing a trowel in your dream also means that you are being kind and affectionate to other people. It shows the love you have for others.
  • Seen that you are using a trowel either to dig or remove soil. This means that you are working very hard so that you can overcome poverty and remove it from your life and from the lives of people in your community.
  • Seen a broken down or a rusty trowel in your dream. This means that you will have some ill luck in your life. You therefore need to pay keen attention to your life to avoid the bad omen of bad luck that is approaching.



Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You have a dream that you see a trowel which shows that you will show love and affection to others and this is a very positive gesture to show to others in the society.
  • You have a dream and you are using the trowel in the dream which indicates that you will work extra hard to eradicate poverty within your reach to the community and from your family.
  • You have a dream that you see a very rusty and a broken trowel which shows that you are approaching a bad luck but you realise what is about to happen to you and you change your life. When you change your life and leave your old ways which may be bad and can bring bad luck, then you may end up escaping the ill luck.

Detailed dream interpretation…


A dream about trowel means that dreamer will flourish in an unfavorable business and you are eradicating poverty in your life and even in your community.

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