Dream of meaning Birds

Bird Dream Meaning

Birds in dreams signify freedom and independence, I believe that dreaming of seeing birds means you're ready to take control of your life and free yourself from any oppressive forces, afterall birds mean freedom. This dream could also signify a period of great growth in your life where you'd be better off taking risks and not worrying too much about the consequences; allowing yourself to fly high without hesitation (just like that saying "free as a bird")

What does it mean to dream of seeing a bird?

In dream lore, birds represent the direction that we are heading in life and the spiritual power which is connected to the fact they fly high in the sky. Birds might be a sign of great things to come and can suggest imagination, happiness, spirit, nature, and matter. If we look at the history of birds then we can learn that in ancient times seeing a certain bird denotes a different symbolism or perhaps message.

As we know most birds fly in the sky and can also be associated with messages and high ambition. You may be coming to this dream interpretation because you had a vivid dream, I will say this, that you have some great ambitions in life and you are likely to exceed. Don't forget to contact me at the end of my article via the facebook comments - if your dream is not covered. These are the list of birds in your dream that represent positive times ahead: Blackbirds, ravens, owls, sparrow, (brown birds) blue rays, chickens, ducks and hummingbirds.

Spiritually speaking, if the bird was injured or attacking you in any way then this can indicate being stuck, but if the bird was flying or free then this can suggest good luck coming into your life.

The size of the bird is also important for example small sparrow can suggest that you feel that you are not given enough freedom or seeing immense birds (such as a large eagles soaring through the sky) can mean that the dream is clearly a message, the larger the bird the louder the message.

I also find in dreams if the bird is not the standard (brown and black kind) this might represent the ability to thrive in unusual or uncomfortable situations and environments - something which is necessary for us all on our journey through life! Dreaming of a bird flying could be symbolic being ready for whatever challenges lie ahead and daring enough to try out new methods and strategies for overcoming these obstacles.

In ancient Greece, for example, star-gazer Aristotle believed dreaming about small birds was an omen of joy for many people but could also provide insight into their future love life. Meanwhile in Native American cultures, crows appeared not only as symbols of death and mortality but also as signs of great strength and protection while owls brought news from other realms heralding an entirely different type of insight.

Seeing birds flying around you in a dream suggests success with whatever goals or ambitions you are pursuing at the moment. In other words - go for it! When it comes down to it - only YOU will truly understand what dreaming about birds means for YOUR life specifically.

What is the biblical meaning of birds in dreams?

When it comes to the biblical meaning of birds in a dream, there are a variety of interpretations that may be drawn from scripture. The most common interpretation comes from Matthew 3:16-17 which states, “And when Jesus was baptized, immediately he went up from the water and behold the heavens were opened to him and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him. And behold, a voice came from Heaven saying 'This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.'” This passage I feel suggests that when we dream of a bird or many birds it clearly indicates peace and favor upon life, which is a positive meaning.

I also read this following passage on researching bird dreams from a bible perspective, it can be found in Revelation 3:15-16 which reads “I know your works; you are neither cold nor hot; I would that you were cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew you out of my mouth” In this passage birds represent self-watered onboard - we all have our own view on life's choices but sometimes we don't express our opinion clearly enough for others to understand what we believe in which is represented by being lukewarm. We must take responsibility for always making sure our opinions are expressed to others clearly as missing any small opportunity here can cause us to end up ghosting people who might need us. I'm not sure if you have listened to the song by Taylor Swift called Anti-Hero but she describes being in a room with all those she has ghosted, I mention this because "birds" represent the freedom that is needed in life, to free yourself of people but also that you need to choose wisely.

Interestingly, Psalm 55:6–7 states “Oh if only I had wings like a dove! Then would fly away and rest! Oh how quickly I should find myself safety far away! How far away than shall I flee?” This passage suggests running away from an issue too big to solve instead of facing it head-on while also alluding towards finding peace with oneself internally rather than looking outwardly towards something else like religion or another deity for guidance - I feel this reminds you that even though we should rely on what people think every individual decides for themselves.

In my research (I have done quite a bit!) there isn't one specific definition attached with dreaming about birds as it depends greatly on factors such as location within scripture , context around the scene witnessed within dream etc . But generally speaking dreaming about birds carries themes such as wisdom , faithfulness, grace , protection & choices . Of course no matter what interpretation is taken these symbols serve mostly as reminders for humans who experience them not necessarily something ordained by other parties.

What do the colors of birds mean in your dream?

  • Blue birds in dreams= Love and honesty will be yours. You will be devoted to your task at hand. It can also represent peace and kindness.
  • Violet / purple birds in dreams = this is connected to meditation and also the imagination in life. There are qualities that you need to show others.
  • Red birds in dreams = energy and grounding you will encounter passion and stability.
  • Here are a list of colors and if you see these color birds in your dream take note of the meaning:
  • Yellow birds in dreams = fun times ahead, you will encounter power and also intellect.
  • Green birds in dreams = balance and communication will be yours. Turn to nature and meditation. The green birds also suggest calmness and love of life.
  • Orange birds in dreams = creative flow and also you will be happy in life.
  • Multi-Coloured birds in dreams = Carefree, happiness and joy will be yours.
  • Black birds in dreams = deep focus on growing yourself and others.
  • Pink birds in dreams = pink is connected to the heart chakra it is associated with meditation and love.
  • White birds in dreams = peace in life and meditation. Also represents clear thinking, especially if the white birds were flying in the dream.
  • Gold birds in dreams = material wealth will be yours.
  • Brown birds in dreams = fertility and grounding in life.
  • Gray bird meanings in dreams = this represents being in touch with yourself.
  • Black and white birds in dreams = common birds in dreams of this kind are the magpies it represents the unknown in life.

First of all, it is important to cover some general meanings about birds and then finally move onto some specific meanings based on each bird or setting that was experienced in your dream. In order to ascertain what the bird means in the dream state, we need to look at the different life cycles of birds.

What are the different types of bird dreams and what do they mean?

Birds symbolically represent a holistic approach to life and that we will have some direction in life. I have now summarized many different types of bird dreams. I know it's long so just scroll down to see which dream meaning is most appropriate. I will say that most of these dreams are from ancient dream lore. It is a positive dream to see birds. Birds often represent professional or social ambitions which have been attained. If you are a woman and you dream of birds, it is an indication that you are likely to be in a happy and content relationship, or find your love very shortly. Birds without feathers and that cannot sing warn you that you will be dominated by a richer person. Birds flying predict prosperity. To dream that you catch birds means you will get lucky. If you hunt a bird is a sign of loss in your business or a poor harvest (as a farmer). To dream of a bird with a large beak indicates that you may become the subject of a scandal. Birds are also associated with peace, messages, communication, freedom and spiritual connections, they also symbolize ideas. To dream of beautiful birds with colorful plumage in dream lore is a sign of a marriage.

A flock of birds seen in the dream state indicates that power will be yours. Generally, this is a dream of achieving. The actual teamwork of the flock of birds should also be considered and can indicate that you will be resourceful in life due to other people. If birds are eating you in the dream then this can indicate a period of disappointments in the future. If you are being eaten by a flock of birds then minor growth is indicated. To feed birds bread is a positive omen and implies that you will encounter an attack from somebody that you can overcome this. To spread birdseed on the ground is a suggestion that you are sowing the seeds of material wealth. It is a great dream to have if you are going to undertake a business. To see a weak or injured bird can suggest that you may encounter some problems in terms of your freedom of expression. If you see a super large bird in the sky then this is a positive dream denoting great spiritual awareness. The bird is also all about communication. To see a dead bird can indicate that a difficult situation will come to a finale. You’ve been looking for a reason to move on in your life and now it is that time.

A very large bird can also indicate that you may feel that something is difficult in life. The large bird can also suggest that other people may be able to harm you. If you see a baby bird or a small bird lying on the floor dead, after trying to fly is a suggestion that you are worried about possible dangers in life. The baby bird can also symbolize a new start or beginning - especially if they are flying high in the air. To see a bird ascending in the dream indicates that there are gonna be many opportunities available to you in life. Try not to allow things to hold you back. To see a bird descending in one’s dream suggests that there will be creative activities in the future. Birds attacking you in a dream is a suggestion that you will encounter people in life that are likely to attack you in waking life. Try to see things from different people’s viewpoints, if you do so, you may avoid this situation from happening. Emotions are very difficult to control and if the birds are pecking at you then greater insight is required.

If you are the “bird” in the dream and you actually have wings and this is associated with trying to move away from difficulties in life. You are trying to fly away. The only way to overcome your difficulties to face up to the problems that you have in life. To be torn into pieces by a bird in the dream can be rather unsettling. It can suggest that other people are jealous of you in life. Think of the saying “the bird” which in itself is often referred to a woman - who mean call “the bird.” The actual details of the dream are extremely important. If the birds are flying high in the sky above your head and this indicates that in life you are looking for greater meaning. If many birds are flying over snow or cold terrain in your dream then this can be a suggestion the different things likely to happen in the future. Remember the scene from the game of Thrones (season 7) where the Ravens were flying across Winterfell. We know that the raven is connected to spiritual development it is associated with possible progression and integration in life. If the birds are flying high in a beautiful tranquil sky then this can have direct meaning to the actual interpretation of the dream. Birds are often connected to messages from above, and some dreams you may see that the bird injured.

What is the spiritual meaning of birds in your dream?

There is most probably a question that you’re asking yourself while reading this interpretation and that is: are birds a connection or a sign from your spirit guides? In order to answer this question we need to look at the actual species of birds. It is true that your spirit guides could be communicating to you through the use of birds in your dream. This is a positive and exhilarating dream and a great experience to have. Exotic birds seen in dreams can suggest possible travel. Taking pictures or photographs of birds in your dream suggests a new beginning is on the cards. From a spiritual context birds can be associated with “freedom of thinking” and also can hide our possible “hopes or fears.” The birds can also represent a situation in life. If we look at the literal meaning of the bird it is very much associated with a feminine context.

To see yourself as a bird is an indication of spiritual protection. If you have a desire in your dream of flying (like a bird) then this can represent joy. To fly with birds in your dream is a suggestion of freedom and the fact that you are going to gain materially in the future. To see yourself trying to fly like a bird but you are struggling in your dream indicates that other people are going to bring you down. Stop trying to remain positive in life. To see bird poop in your dream, or to have bird poop cover you indicate your emotions. For bird poop to go in your hair in the dream suggests good luck. Bird poo that is not white indicates that you feel that other people are not taking you seriously life. We all know, in ancient superstitions that bird poop indicates good luck. It is no different to the dream state. To have bird flu in the dream indicates that you are worried about your life. To be cured of bird flu indicates worry but you will overcome anything.

What do the 1930s dream books say about bird dreams?

I have just quickly listed some of the older 1930s dream meanings. You may wish to review these, in case your dream is covered. In addition, the specific breed of bird is equally important. From a spiritual context bird are associated with our emotional connections in life and can, depending upon the species offer enlightenment or a specific meaning. How the bird looks and the condition of the bird are equally important. If the bird was hurt or have blurred on the bird it can symbolize that times are going to be difficult.

If you see a wounded bird, it is likely that you are going to face some opposition in the near future. If you see birds flying, then it is a common characteristic of lucid dreaming. If in your dream there is a flying flock of birds, it often means that you have unlimited possibilities and freedom of choice, which will help you in the waking life. To catch a bird is also associated with prosperity, and it can be a sign of prosperity to the dreamer. To hear a bird's beak can often indicate the inability to perform at daily tasks that require clear thinking and also high perception.

If you are a poor person and have problems in your life, a dream with birds indicates an improvement of your situation. If you are rich, you might have some trouble and possible losses, but the dream is a good omen if the birds have beautiful feathers. If you dream of singing birds it is always a sign of good luck. Birds in your dream are the sign of news. Seeing birds fighting in your dream foretells a light quarrel between lovers. If the birds are singing, you will receive good news. Birds brooding are the sign of happiness in marriage. Seeing birds pecking on your windowsill means your house is full of luck. Birds eating bread crumbs in your dream indicate good health. Birds pecking in your yard predict a loved and awaited guest is coming your way.

If you dream of any water birds, you will receive news about a gain. If you could see water birds or birds near water (flying over water) this implies your emotions will be stable. Seeing fat yard birds means difficulties. Night birds are the sign of wisdom. Migrating birds mean new acquaintances or a radical change in your life. Departing birds indicate light melancholy, and arriving birds suggest love and friendship proposals. Flying birds suggest unfulfilled wishes, while a flock of birds means good and pleasant news. If the birds are flying in a closed area, this means spiritual turmoil. Blackbirds are the sign of bad news. A bird with a broken wing means broken love, while a shivering bird is the sign of troubles in love. To dream of a birds nest full of eggs is a sign of successful meetings with people. An empty nest suggests worry and pessimism in business. If in the nest you see abandoned chicks crying, you will worry about someone in your family.

White birds in a dream symbolize freedom and peace in life. To see two birds fighting with each other represents a conflict in waking life. If the birds kill each other in a dream it suggests that some crazy situation will happen. Singing birds are positive they denote good times ahead. For the birds to be pecking at the windowsill suggests setbacks. To see many birds (like in the film birds) represents freedom but if attacking you denotes difficult relationships. To see yard birds or feeding on nuts in the garden is focused on your inner feelings. It shows that you are feeling calm in life. To catch a bird is a positive omen. To see a flock of birds flying represents you need to rest, especially if they are migrating. Blackbirds are associated with good times ahead. Ravens indicate the spiritual insight. To see birds flying in a room or enclosed area indicates that you wish for freedom in life. To see many birds are gathering in ancient dream dictionaries signified a legal matter or lawsuits. To dream that the birds fly on your body is a sign that you need freedom from trouble. To see birds flying over your head generally means that you are going to overcome enemies in life. If the birds are entering your home at all then this is open for possible losses especially connected to friends. If you see more than one bird in the cage it can suggest happiness at home.

If you see a bird unable to fly indicates difficult times ahead. If you see birds in a tree it can suggest that you need to think about how you come across in life. To see birds that are brown indicate turning back to nature. If the birds were flying in weird directions in your dream (left or right or right to left) it is associated with your inner energy - maybe misbalanced. If the birds are black in your dream it can suggest that you are feeling worried about something in life. To see an empty nest in your dream denotes difficult times financially - but you can overcome them. To see a bird fly in a circle means goals will be achieved. To see birds crash into something (an object) represents healing and you need to take time to heal. Birds eggs in a dream indicates good social events. To kill a bird or shoot birds represents that you will have problems with someone close. Birds that are pecking at you can also represent negative energy. If the birds are chirping this is positive and denotes harmony in life. It can represent that you will have the freedom to follow your goals.

A Blue Jay featured in a dream suggests that you have been controlling of late. It means that you need to focus your attention on something and solve problems. A canary in a dream is a symbol of happiness and contentment. Especially if the canary is yellow. A buzzard in a dream is not a great omen and can suggest a minor illness. In ancient dream dictionaries, a buzzard was connected to fear. A cockatiel is a great symbol that denotes luck but you need to be careful. A crane in one's dream is connected to feeling happy in life and that you will find love going forward. If the crane is flying it represents new dreams and hopes.

A cuckoo is a symbol of dishonesty, especially if kept in a cage. it can represent that someone is becoming more annoying in life. The advice here is to move forward with confidence. A red bird as I detailed at the start of this dream meaning represents hidden dangers in life, a bluebird suggests relaxation and happy times. To see a woodpecker flying indicates that there is a hidden opportunity you have not yet realized. A vulture is a symbol of spiritual development. Maybe you need to look at the past and try to learn some lessons. If the vulture is on a rock or mountain it means that someone may wish to use you. To see a Toucan in a dream represents happy times and contentment. The Toucan can also indicate possible partnerships with others. A swan in a dream is a wonderful omen it is associated with hidden peace, happiness, purity and material attainment. Generally, the “swan” dream is connected to new beginnings. To see yourself feeding swans on a pond indicates a new start.

If you are flying on the back of a bird in a dream it can indicate that you will have emotional stability. To dream of Dove’s represents great fortune to come. If you are married it means that children will make you feel safe in your life. If you have run your own business does a symbolism of material wealth and gaining trade. If the doves are feeding out of your hand all there is to doves in the dream it can signify travel to another country. A purple bird is the symbolism of prosperity and self-esteem. The purple can indicate that you will soon receive a visit from a close friend. To see a bird’s nest is a positive omen. If the nest does not have eggs it can signify difficult times ahead.

If you see two birdspair of birds then this is a suggestion that a child will be born. To see a swallow indicates joy and also the secrets and health of the dreamer will be positive. To see a swallow flying up and down can suggest a happy marriage with many children. In ancient dream dictionaries, a swallow is also a sign that you may uncover difficult circumstances or take a long journey in life. If you see more than one swallow it can suggest that you are going to become richer in life.

The turkey is generally a warning that there may be some adverse issues in life. This could be a sign of possible illness or minor sickness. The key element of this dream is to take good care of yourself and your health. If you see a turkey on the table cooked, so for example “Thanksgiving or Christmas” then this indicates your family is going to be important in the future. If you see the Turkey is dead or you see Turkeys dying then this fortells trouble. This can be associated with a relationship or quarrels in the future.

If you see a goose it can suggest that joy and happiness will soon be yours. To hear the geese cry indicates material gain and the possibility of a successful business. If you are a man any dream that you listen to a goose cry, especially on a farm then this indicates that you will have joy in life. If the young woman dreams of a goose it can suggest a great fortune will be yours. However this is also dream of a warning in that the geese can also indicate that a marriage may not go to plan to see the ghost taken. For the goose to lay a golden egg in a dream is a suggestion that a wish will soon be yours. A rooster in a dream is associated with anxiety and troubles. The rooster is also the symbolism of arrogance. Do not take people for granted. If you dream that you hear a rooster in one dream can be a warning that you must not trust other people. If you see a rooster fighting with another rooster in your dream this can indicate that your confidence will soon be betrayed. A dead rooster is a positive omen it can suggest overcoming difficulties in life.

A quail in a dream symbolizes a good friend who will attempt to ruin you. If the quail is working on grass and this is a favorable omen. To see quail eggs suggests that you will shortly encounter a new friend. Eating quail eggs is also a positive omen in a dream. Consequently, the quail can also represent that you will encounter a new phase of life. To see a penguin in your dream is a reminder that you need to keep your opinions to yourself. The Penguin is connected to coldness and being somewhat aloof in order to progress in life. Beware of the friend who embraces you. A pigeon in your dream indicates that someone may talk about you behind your back. If the pigeon is killed in your dream signifies an unexpected loss. The pigeon also is connected to gossip and difficulty in securing relationships with others. To see a pelican in your dream is a suggestion that you need to sacrifice something important in life. To dream that the Pelican is walking indicates that you will receive money in the future.

A cardinal flying in ones dream is a symbol of contentment. It is connected to rising above problems in life. If the cardinal is hurt in a dream it suggests worrying times ahead. The cardinal is also all about communication. It is associated with “lifting ourselves up” in life. The cardinal is also connected to spiritual development. If the cardinal is red in color it indicates a romance in life. To see magpies in a dream is a great omen if more than one. It can be associated with new beginnings and also being fearless in life. If the magpie is dead it is associated with change which will not yield a great result. To see a falcon in the sky in a dream is connected to our subconscious mind. It is associated with study and working towards something in life. Additionally, it represents freedom of expression. A falcon on one’s hand in a dream indicates that you must think about your own environment in life. Owls are connected to wisdom in life and indicates that there are many things that are “hidden in life” owls are also connected to a sign of connecting with others. A sparrow is focused on asking for advice and help. Sparrows also indicate overspending money and joys of life itself. To see birds “spreading their wings” is associated with working on new tasks at work. To see a bird nesting is connected to making your ideas real.

To dream of eating a bird in your dream reflects your own hidden desires. To see someone keep birds suggests possible jealousy. To see a bird sanctuary in ones dream represents change. There is boredom in life if ones see a bird without legs in the dream. A hummingbird indicates that you will have happiness and luck in the future. The hummingbird also suggests that you will achieve your own goals in life. Bird wings are associated with messages in life. If we look back to Greek mythology bird wings indicate a love in life. Wings are associated with training in life and also reaching a point where you can accomplish your goals.

A Chickadee in your dream indicates that you need to be aware of the people. A chickadee walking in a dream can indicate that you will encounter a social event that will enable you to progress in life. This could possibly be connected to work or retraining in some profession. Chickens featured in the dream are generally good luck - however, the chicken can also signify possible deception among a group of friends. Relationships will be difficult if you eat a roast chicken in the dream. A dream of chicken generally appears when there is significant problems in a relationship. If the chicken is rubber in material then this suggests that you need to lighten your mood in life. A chicken walking in a dream suggests positive times are forecast. To collect or eat chicken eggs indicates new possibilities.

A crow featured in the dream is connected to the darker side of our life. A crow can also suggest that you have difficulty in resisting addictive substances. This could be alcohol or tobacco or stronger drugs. It indicates you need to focus on yourself in order to give up anything that would do your body harm. To see crows flying in your dream indicates that new possibilities are on the horizon. If the crows are attacking you in the dream and this can indicate that a habit must be given up quickly. Moving on to a cockatoo featured in your dreams - this is suggesting that somebody is going to be dishonest with you in the future. Maybe you have been indulging in a relationship that is not going anywhere. The cockatoo is also representative of somebody that does not wish to give a commitment to their love life. Try to give up bad habits is the key message of the dream.

Ducks in dreams can be featured on water, a lake or even flying in the sky. Generally, ducks are representative of our spiritual growth in life. They are associated with a spiritual context. On the positive side, ducks can not only swim but they can also fly in the sky. The duck is different to every other bird in that it has multiset of skills. Therefore if we relate this to your dream it can suggest that you are going to have many different skills in life that can move you forward. Consequently, if you see more than one duck in the dream indicates that you are not going to give up easily. ;The duck can represent avoiding the situation and as the term ducking out can be applied to such a dream. If you see a black duck that this indicates negative consequences go forward. If the duck is white in color and this suggests that and you started on the horizon. A traditionally colored duck, such as a brown duck for a female indicates that you need to look to mother nature in order to progress in life. A male duck seen in the dream is associated with flexibility and your ability to adapt to difficult situations in life. If the duck is injured or is unusual, such as has more than one head can suggest that emotional times are coming. To feed ducks and the dream is a positive omen meaning that you are going to have the freedom that you wish in order to progress in life. An egret In a dream is an uncommon omen. The egret indicates that there is a relationship that is not healthy. You must focus on your own inner abilities if you see an egret flying in your dream.

To see a pink flamingo represents difficult situations or the consequences of others. If you see many pink flamingos in the dream and this can be associated with the greater possibility in life. To see flamingos and water suggest that you will reach your goals and aspirations but it will take some time. A white flamingo represents peace. To see a foul a dream is representative to worries and problems in a relationship. The found in ancient dream dictionaries also indicate issues and difficulties in companionship going forward.

Geese featured in a dream is a representation of your home life. It indicates you need to spend more time at home and understand yourself better. To see seagulls in your dream is a suggestion that you need to look at your emotions. If a seagull attack’s you in the dream then you need a brighter outlook on life. If the seagulls are dead then this indicates that a relationship will break down. To see seagulls in the sky flying suggests freedom of emotions. A hawk is a symbolism of distrust between two people. Hawks often appear when there is a situation that is difficult. It can be connected to the family. Have you been in a family rift recently? The hawk indicates that somebody is going to speak about you behind your back and also gossip is likely. Are you the one that will gossip? A hen dream is very much focused on the chicken interpretation in that it indicates that other people will talk about you behind your back but the overarching meaning of the dream is positive.

To collect eggs from a hen in your dream suggests some minor prosperity. It can also indicate material wealth: but it will take some time and possible delay. An ibis in one’s dream represents perseverance in life. An Ibis is also connected to the greater good in life. Maybe you will encounter somebody you know and you need to do some charity work and you feel that you should give back in life also.

A jaybird in one dream indicates that someone is going to be offering you some help going forward. Perhaps you were feeling very confident about something in life and the bird generally arises in dreams when you need to review how you approach life. If you see Kingfisher then this can represent emotional stability. If the Kingfisher is on water and this indicates peace and emotional tranquillity going forward. The Kingfisher dream also denotes a fresh start and new beginnings are on the horizon. To see a dead kingfisher denotes a relationship going wrong. Larks seen flying in the sky in one dream suggests that you are going to set your goals extremely high going forward. If the larks are chirping in your dream and this represents contentment. Larks also symbolize a change of residence and you may wish to look at moving abroad.

To see a Loon in one’s dream is an indication that you are going to encounter somebody who will provide you with wisdom. It is quite possible that this person will guide you in life so that you can find the answers to all the questions that you have. The loon is also representative of mental health issues and it can suggest that somebody is going to drive you round the bend. Remember that everybody has an inner quality you just need to understand others better in order to use them to your best advantage.

Not surprisingly, the lovebird seen in a dream indicates that partner yours very shortly the lovebird is probably one of the best “love” omens to see in the dream state and indicates that you will marry or have a partnership in the future. It can also indicate sexual compatibility. The mockingbird seen in the dream is a suggestion that things are going to work out the best. Don’t try to listen to others, it can also suggest a work context that you will encounter a job or project and take the credit. Reading the book “the Mockingbird” indicates progression. Remember to always be appreciative of others when the mockingbird appears in dreams.

A nightingale is a beautiful bird to see in the dream state. Nightingale’s generally mean somebody loves you very much you are not feeling the same way. You need to look within in order to find out why you do not feel emotionally connected to others. An ostrich can generally mean going to be attacked by somebody in life. There is a situation that will give you enlightenment. The ostrich can also indicate justice, especially around other people. To eat or see an ostrich egg dream indicates beginnings. To be chased by an ostrich in a dream denotes difficult situations in life.

A parrot in one's dream is connected to people talking about you. A parrot in a cage can suggest a dishonest person will try to connect with you in the future. If the parrot is out of the cage then this can imply someone will try to make up with you. Have you been wronged in your life? A parrot indicates backstabbing and is focused on “communication in life” to make sure you avoid this try to focus on your own growth in life. A parrot can also suggest that someone is making you cross - are they winding you up? A parrot flying in your dream represents new approaches to old problems. A multi-colored parrot indicates trust between you and someone else.

A parakeet in a dream brings along an important message. Spiritually, a parakeet indicates luck and communication in life. It can also suggest love in life. It is a great omen to have. To dream of the parakeet showing you affection is a great omen. A partridge indicates that you will look after yourself in life - be self-sufficient. To sing the song “partridge in the pear tree” in your dream denotes happiness. The partridge also suggests being rather independent in life. The peacock in one's dream indicates a new start in life. The peacock also represents that love will come into your life. A peacock is representative of a new phase of life and happiness at home. The peacock is associated with giving others pride and happiness. The peacock also represents one's goals in life. The peacock making a noise in the dream indicates that a new beginning is on the cards.

A pelican in one's dream suggests not only devotion but also sacrifice in life. If this visits you then wisdom will be yours. Generally, the pelican can also suggest you will give something to others. If the pelican attacks you then you need to look after yourself. Don’t let others control you. The roadrunner can come into dreams in two forms either on the road itself or just standing there. Also, it is not uncommon to have the dream of “roadrunner” the cartoon character. This dream indicates that things are moving fast in life it can also hate you need to plan better in order to release your goals and ambitions you. If the roadrunner is chasing you suggest that you are not what others perceived to be it indicates your emotions are hidden. If you see a robin in your dream then this suggests a new phase of life. The Robin is a symbolism of fresh starts a new beginning. The robin also brings with it many different possibilities in life. Maybe you’ve been thinking about retraining for a different career? The Robin can also indicate that you need to sacrifice something in order to progress in life. To see a stork in life indicates “baby is on the way” it can suggest that you need to be faithful. The stork represents birth and new starts. The stork is associated with cleaning and making the path better for others in life.

What does a bluebird and rooster mean in a dream?

A bluebird in a dream indicates that you will have emotional sustainability going forward. To see a bird eating a dead animal on a road in ancient dream dictionaries denotes the end of something important. If the bird wounded you in any way then we can link this between our spiritual world in our real world. It can suggest that you feel wounded in life or the life is not giving you what you want. To hear a rooster in the dream is symbolic of love and peace. The color of the bird can also be very significant if you go to the end of the article I have outlined various colors and what these mean.

Your dream:

  • White birds.
  • Birds fighting with each other.
  • Singing birds.
  • Birds brooding.
  • Birds pecking on your windowsill.
  • Making a bird cage.
  • Water birds.
  • Yard birds.
  • Catching a bird.
  • Birds in a bird cage.
  • Migrating birds.
  • Flying birds.
  • Birds eating bread crumbs.
  • Black birds.
  • Departing birds.
  • A bird with a broken wing.
  • A flock of birds.
  • Birds shivering of cold.
  • Birds arriving.
  • You see birds pecking in your yard.
  • Birds flying in a closed area.

Positive changes are afoot if:

Enjoy your freedom of choice. Be ready for a radical change in your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of birds

Surprised. Impressed. Worried. Anxious. Confused. Happy. Stressed. Adoring. Joyful.

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2012