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Bombs can have an understandable link to the feelings within you. If you or anyone around has been in a terrible mood lately, then this dream can signify it is time for you or the others to chill out.

What area of your life are you trying to run away or get away from? This dream can also indicate an awareness of a situation where people feel vulnerable.

A bomb which has exploded in your dream indicates that in the near future there is likely to be events that you will find difficult to control. This dream also indicates that you are likely to visit a wine growing region within the next two years on a holiday or a trip. In some cases explosives such as a bomb or a nuclear bomb may link to premonitions of an argument with another, on the day of the dream. Are you trying to overcome some difficult situation?

In your dream you may have

  • A bomb.
  • An exploded bomb.
  • You defused a bomb.
  • A bomb on a plane.
  • A bomb that explodes.
  • A nuclear bomb.
  • The bomb turns itself off.
  • You are trying to find a bomb.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You overcome a difficult situation.
  • Be aware of your own emotions.
  • Examine a brittle situation in your life.
  • Make the needed changes in your life.

Detailed dream interpretation

If in your dream you defused a bomb, this suggests that positive action may make a situation worse. You may wish to leave it for a while to settle down. To dream of a bomb on a plane means you need to be aware of your own emotions, and also that an unexpected event may be about to reveal itself. To dream that the bomb actually explodes means that you have a fear of death. Are you still alive in your dream? If so, the bomb indicates that times are likely to be calm for a while. What situation in your life feels brittle as if it would explode? Once you have this answer you can start to rebuild your life around this.

It will be worthwhile examining the relationship between you and others in connection with work. The attitude of others is also likely to be questioned in the forthcoming future. It may also be worthwhile consulting the Aunty Flow entry for disasters. To dream of a nuclear bomb it is quite common, and could feature in a number of different situations.

To dream of a bomb will eventually force you to make a decision of some kind. Being driven by this event in your dream means that something is out of your control, and it is time to take the reins and begin the change that you need. To dream that the bomb turns itself off before the explosion means that things in life are not as bad as they seem. Dreaming that you are trying to find a bomb indicates you are trying to prevent some difficult situation in your life. A black bomb (the traditional bomb image) indicates that things are going to be calm in the future, apart from two or three odd events. If your dream featured a bomb going off, and the smoke looked like a mushroom, this indicates some minor upheaval in your waking life, but everything will work out in the end.

If you dream a nuclear bomb exploding and this bomb does not affect you at all, it shows war is coming in the waking life. This can be a war between two people or a full war. To dream that you are stunned by a bomb explosion indicates severe and unanticipated changes in your life. These changes may cause you to think in different ways in the future. To dream of a bomb ticking and then blowing up means that suffering may come into your life soon. To die because of the bomb means that you are being cursed by someone close to you. If the bomb is associated to a war in your dream (e.g. the enemy or yourself using a bomb), it means that arguments will happen between you and a family member. If the bomb goes off, but it does not harm anyone or any of the landscape, then things in politics (in your country of residence) may be unsettled for a while.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of bomb

Terrified. Scared. Upset. Afraid. Worried. Anxious.

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2012