Dreaming Of Someone Dying

What does it mean when you dream about someone dying?

What does it mean when you dream about someone dying?

It's 3:48 and I have just woken up from a dream of someone dying, and the tears are rolling down my face as I am updating this dream meaning. Being spiritual myself there is a little bit of worry this was a prediction.

Will the dream come true?

This is kind of our worst fear. I have read superstitions that say: “When you dream of death - it might just happen!” Firstly, I have been researching dreams for over 20 years and I can reassure you that dreaming of death is normally just that - a dream. Death occurs quite often in most dreams but it is rarely a negative sign, it is how this relationship is navigated in real life. For example, dreaming about your son or daughter passing away can indicate that you are just worried about them in waking life. These types of dreams are natural. We are worried about death in life and this dream is connected to our own psyche. To see a dead body can also be worrying. Think about the details about the dream.

If you believe in precognitive dreams (dreams that predict future events), then there are some possible explanations for why you may have had such a dream. and these are called precognitive dreams --- which occur when we receive information from beyond our conscious awareness through telepathy or clairvoyance.

While science has yet to fully prove the existence of these abilities, many people have reported having predictive dreams that eventually came true. So it's possible that your dream of someone dying and waking up crying could be a message from the universe trying to warn you about potential events in the future. I read some interesting literature by Vande Kemp who segmented “death” dreams into various categories.

Firstly, the death dream could be telepathic. This indicates that you are dreaming of somebody who is already dead such as a friend or relative may be based on their fear. The second type of dream is known as premonitory, Which means that you are going to announce an impending death in the dream or in real life. The third type of death dream is known as hypermnestic, which indicates that you have forgotten the key details of the dream but can remember someone dying. The fourth is known as predictive, in which you predict your death or the natural death of loved ones. The next death type of dream is known as archetypal which means death is symbolic of something else (like a new job, relationship, end of a relationship with them, etc). Vande Kemp indicated that most death dreams fall into these elements, but that death is often connected to clairvoyant and premonitory dreams. This is because many dreamers have predicted death. Although very rare.

Sigmund Freud came up with quite an interesting theory, he believed to some extent our dreams could be a wish-fulfillment. I don’t want to freak you out now, but this means that if you dream of the unpleasant death of someone you know, a loved one, then the latent meaning can imply you just wanted to be free of this person. Sorry to say, but the death of someone you love might be interpreted as a "wish-fulfilling dream:" in that, you want to be free from either the burden of that person or the traits. 

When we dream we can sometimes see the future but more often than not this is a symbolic dream so no need to worry. I like to think that dreams of the future come about in a different format, are a bit less fuzzy, and life-like --- but this is just not the case as is is hard to tell the difference. Our brains (from time to time) leave us waking up confused, worried, and above all stressed out about this person suddenly dying. In some cases, there appears to be no logic to some dreams that form. They are just muddled images, if you are not with the person who has died in the dream in real life (maybe an old friend, lover, boss, or ex-partner) then it could be a metaphor for times ending and the grieving process of that. 

Firstly, it's important to understand that dreams are not always literal representations of events or predictions of the future. They are often symbolic and reflect our thoughts, emotions, fears, and desires. So if you dreamt about someone dying and woke up in tears, it could be your mind processing some difficult emotions related to that person.

Furthermore, dreaming about death is one of the most common in all my years managing this website --- and doesn't necessarily mean that the person in your dream will die. It could just mean an ending or transformation taking place in your life. For instance, dreaming about the death of a loved one could represent changes happening within yourself or your relationship with them.

What does it mean if you cried in the dream or woke up crying?

I firstly want to say that to dream of someone dying and if you awake crying can be a deeply emotional experience and often leaves lingering questions about its meaning. I know I am still thinking about this an hour after waking up from the strange dream. While some may interpret this as a prediction of death, and as I said above this is very rare, the logical reason is that this is a complex reflection of the subconscious mind and how you feel about this "person" in real life.

Dreams often act as a safe space for us to express our deepest fears without any real-life consequences. So if you're going through a challenging time or know someone who is facing health issues, this dream could simply be an outlet for those worries. It's also worth considering any recent events or conversations that may have triggered this dream. Our daily experiences can heavily influence our dreamscape and bring forth certain themes or symbols from our subconscious mind into our dreams.

Who died in the dream?

The first question we need to address is who died in your dream? It is totally common to dream of a mother, father, partner, child, or sibling or ex to pass away in our dream. Death generally symbolizes transformation and a new beginning! Dreaming of somebody else's death normally is representative of something finishing or an expansion of that relationship.

This could be symbolic such as a changing life, a career move, a new relationship or a change of residence. In some cases, dreaming of someone else dying can be a reflection of our own internal desires. I'm not saying that you actually want this person dead! It could just mean the relationship has been strained for some time and the transformation is going to be a major step in moving forward within the relationship. If we look at the symbolism of the death tarot card, this represents that we are internally changing and often discovering areas of ourselves. I like to think that the death of somebody that you love indicates a new chapter in life.

Turning the dream on its head it can indicate that you may be anxious about this person and it may manifest through your dream state. If you are stressed out and worried (in real life) about the person who has died during your sleep - this could indicate why you are having such dreams. In some very rare cases dreaming of death can often symbolize that you wish to move forward and focus on yourself rather than your relationships. I hope you understand a little more now and the fear of seeing this person dying could just be the exact opposite. If we turn to Western culture dreaming of a loved one dying (from a superstition perspective) represents happiness and contentment. In some ancient Egyptian scripts dreaming of somebody else's death can also signify material advancement.

What does it mean to dream of the death feeling real?

If the death feels real then this can mean that you are trying to impress something that is dying in the relationship with this particular person. I urge you to review the situations in your life and consider the relationship of the person who died. Society itself has often associated dying negativity. When is not necessarily true? Dying can provide some anxiety but it can also indicate fulfillment or acceptance of that person. If you try to your parent's expectations is not uncommon to death. It doesn't necessarily mean they are going to die in the literal sense but it can reflect something you are feeling at the moment. We all know we are going to die at some point in our lives, additionally, those people around us. Dreaming of someone dying could be classified as a nightmare. We often dream to learn important lessons such as how we feel about society, relationships, and other people who are close to us.

What are the reasons for dreaming of someone dying?

Dreaming of someone dying can also be somewhat egotistic. It can mean that you want an aspect of this person in your life. For example, to dream of your mother dying could mean you want to be more caring. Dreaming of a father dying can mean you need more authority. Dreaming of a child dying can mean that you need to stop being immature. If you get my drift. This can also indicate there is a special relationship that you do not have. The relationships with your parents can often change as you move through different challenges and problems in life. As we get older our relationship does change. Dying is often connected to our own emotions and the feeling of being over-burned in life if the person who dies is not someone you know.

What does dreaming of your child dying mean?

This is just the worst dream. It can symbolize your worries and anxieties. It indicates that you are worried about them. The dreams of children can be represented in many different ways. in ancient times dreaming of seeing your child dying is connected to our own goals, growth, and also the development of nurture. The image death of a child in dream lore is connected to the development of children. In dreams as a parent, we sometimes forget we lose our children due to independence and this can mean that we often have such a dream. It normally means that we are worried about them in real life.

What does it mean to dream of your boyfriend dying?

Well, I had this dream not long ago. I could see in horror my boyfriend dying and impending death. It boiled down to the fact that the relationship was moving into a new phase and he had a new job. It did not mean he was going to die but more about changing his life. It is so easy to think this is going to happen. This is a good sign, according to superstitions.

What does it mean if a brother or sister dies in a dream?

The dream of a sibling can sometimes represent an unconscious desire to move away from the relationship or a childhood desire to remove the sibling from your life. Turning to the dream psychologist, Sigmund Freud, believed that older siblings often bullied the younger ones and this can often represent these types of dreams. Freud claimed that due to the relationship between siblings - a negative event occurred in childhood. Freud believed the content of the dream was probably triggered by an unconscious element. The dreaming of a sister or brother dying can indicate a past desire, even though you don’t feel like this in reality.

What does it mean to dream of parents dying?

Parents dying in a dream can be worrying. To dream of your parents are alive and well means that a person close to you will have success. If you see them dying spiritually speaking it can mean a misfortune I am afraid. In psychological dream interpretation, a parent dying can mean building on your relationships with them. The dream can show a change of relationship.

What does a funeral in a dream mean?

Maybe in the dream, it was a total Tom Sawyer scene and you dream of a funeral of a loved one. You could possibly mean that you are focused on trying to hide feelings that you have or you are stressed out about a relationship. Your dream is like a mirror that shows you what you think. Understanding yourself is the best way to understand your dreams. This is a good place to start the process of understanding yourself. Look at your dreams and find ways they relate to your present situation, the funeral is the end of saying goodbye. What do you need to do to say goodbye to something in waking life?

What does it mean if your child dreams of death?

Well, my ten-year-old daughter often dreams of death and this did concern me for some time. Child dreams are so much easier to interpret. Some experts believe that if a child dreams of loved ones (dying) it is simply due to worry and life experiences. Carl Jung indicates that children display aggressive tendencies and if they have had a tantrum or not got there way they often dream of death. It is nothing to worry about, just their inner fears and dangers. If your son or daughter dreams of your death this can mean that they are worried they are going to lose you!

What does dreaming of someone who is already dead mean?

Dreams can (sometimes) involve the ghost of someone who has died. This is known as visitation dreams and often occurs in those who are grieving. There is a relationship between grieving and dreaming. After all, our grief is associated with our own subconscious mind. An apparition of someone who has died often means that you are connecting with them on a spiritual dimension. Hope this makes sense. To see this person dying can indicate that you are communicating with them.

What advice you should take from this dream?

There will be some internal changes, self-focused, positive relationships and also possible anxieties. Take a look at situations in your life and see how this is making you feel. Have you been honest with yourself? It can reflect a true feeling of a problem or situation in your life.

Death psychologically, in our society is interesting. When facing death we are often scared. If we think of sleep as a vital function because we sacrifice so much to sleep, we don’t gather food, eat, or do all the things that we do in the daytime. Sleep is also quite expensive because we don't work while we sleep still mind is basic to all the dream states between sleep, and being awake in death.

When we are asleep we are essentially quiet and our unconscious mind works. The key elements in the dream could represent a peaceful doorway to another existence, or this is quite fear-provoking. There are various mysteries in life, but death often tops them all! There are many ways to interpret the dream of death and understand its meaning. A philosopher (such as Jung or Freud) will approach the interpretation differently from a spiritualist, for example. I read a publication about a study that looked at 700 death dreams (Death dreams: Mysteries of the unconscious, Kramer) and this normally happened in REM sleep. Dream recall was almost non-existent at this point. This is interesting because it was quite rare for someone to recall all the details of the death dream but only basically the gist of what happened.

There are many dreams that are repeated, these can be falling or being chased. Often dreams can open up our own internal past and also future. Dreams can allow us to take a different role and also connect with people that we no longer see in real life. I do feel that dreams open up our own internal feelings which we sometimes hide in daily life. One could say, that dreaming can often be unpredictable and the scene changes extremely fast.

What does it mean to dream about someone dying that you do not know?

I woke up the other day from a dream of seeing a little boy dying over and over again. It was not my boy, but I was there caring for him. It was like I was trapped in a time warp and the dream kept repeating itself. This type of dream can sometimes occur when you are between being awake and asleep. This dream allows us to reconnect with our fears in real life. That there is a magical moment in the future where you will focus on the now, this allows us to transcend the different limits of life itself. Remember that dreaming about someone dying that you do not know could represent yourself. Are you taking care of yourself like you should?

What is the summary of someone dying in a dream?

The dream itself can be defined as a mental experience that could include some disturbing imagery. Many people have contacted me after having a dream of the child dying, simply because they were worried that this was a predictive dream. Each dream portrays our inner experiences in symbolic form. For example, times are neglected and replaced with vivid situations that you real. 

Strangely, many people do believe surprisingly that dreams of someone dying is positive. It could mean that you have hidden your feelings about something and that these odd dreams may have been a visitation of your own spirit guides to focus your life in the direction of transformation.

Sometimes, the emotional content of a dream is more important than the visual content. Dreaming of someone means that it is important to visualize yourself so you can relive the experience in the waking world. What emotions did you experience in the dream? Did you feel one emotion or did your feelings change throughout the dream? You can write anything you think of, even if it is completely unrelated to this dream. You will remember everything you write in your dream journal. This has happened to you in the past. If we're going through an emotional crisis, it is common to have dreams that mirror those emotions. These dreams are very important and can often help us solve our problems.

By Florance Saul
Oct 27, 2018