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Dreaming of a target is a dream that is goal oriented.

It is a dream about reaching a desired point in one's life or seeking accomplishment. The target in a dream can be a bulls eye type target, which is used for shooting and archery practice. Often, these dreams will have old time feelings to them.

People report target dreams such as these being in the Renaissance or when bows and arrows were more common. Contemporary targets can be body images, such as what are currently used in shooting ranges. Other types of targets can be bottles, cans, or tin that have bullet holes in them.

Another meaning for target is in the business sense, such as target goals. These are usually sheets of papers or posters with projected numbers that need to be reached. No matter what kind of target is dreamed about, usually these dreams represent goal setting in your waking life and can often present during times of stress about trying to get something accomplished.

Situations You May Come Across

  • Dream of shooting a target.
  • Of hitting the target.
  • Of missing the target.
  • Dream of yourself being a target.
  • Dream of a target board.
  • Dream of a moving target.
  • Feel like there is a target on your back.

Positive Meaning If

  • In your dream you are shooting at a target.
  • If you hit the target it tells you that you are spot on.
  • And if you miss, the dream is warning you of missed chances, prospects and opportunities.

Negative Meaning If

  • In your dream you are yourself a target as it can be a warning of danger.
  • You are unable to hit a target in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreams about targets have various effects. Sometimes it may be to encourage you on a goal that you have set (when you hit a target), apprising you of success you may achieve or the progress you are making towards your goals. It may represent a chance which you may come across. And if the dream is about you it may be to warn you of somebody’s bad intentions towards you or of some danger ahead in your waking life.

It warns you, such as when there is a warning shot to a target or if you see many oddly placed targets in your dream, that perhaps you might be a victim of someone’s jealousy in the near future. You may feel the starting of this jealousy already. It also tells you about reputation. For example, if you are a woman and you see a dream in which you find yourself a target, then this implies that your reputation is in danger of being sullied because of people causing troubles due to their jealousy of you.

One other dream option is of you trying to hit a target but missing it, which implies a missed chance at something in your waking world. Not only this, but it also shows lack of resourcefulness as well as lack of determination. This can be a sign that you need more focus regarding a task in your life. Often dreams like this will reflect education or work goals that require more attention in order for you to be successful. This dream tells you that reaching your goal is possible but that you need to be working harder or more diligently.

Dreams are often like a mirror of what goes on actually in our lives. They may include our desires as well as the fears we have in our hearts. They may even be images of something we see during our daily life routine. Dreams are also a way of providing an exit to the blocked emotions in our hearts and minds. So before you start interpreting your dream, relax and take a quick go through of events you came across in the past week. It may even be a movie in which you saw cowboys hitting someone!

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of target

Anxiety, anticipation, fear of unknown, relief of ridding yourself of problems.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013