Dreaming of a Pennant

Dreaming of a Pennant

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

To dream of a pennant will directly resemble your own feelings of self-identity.

A pennant (or ‘pennon') is a triangular flag, widely recognized within sport, and warships. They are badges of how communities want to be represented and are linked to the specific attributes to which those communities are associated with. Pennants can be seen in every color or shade, they may also display any design or pattern. In your dreams, they can appear as a variety of sizes too. To properly decipher a meaning behind the pennant in your dream, you will need to consider all the properties and elements of it.

Your dream:

  • Seeing a pennant on a ship.
  • A pennant rope hanging.
  • Seeing a pirate ship pennant.
  • A long flag.
  • A flag serving as an emblem of victory.
  • Seeing a pennant in a baseball game.
  • Waving a pennant during a match.

The pennant is created to be a reflection of yourself. To dream of one means that your mind is displaying that reflection for you. Unfortunately, there will not be a document attached to the pennant, explaining what all of its qualities resemble. Therefore, you have to look deeply into it, and observe its defining factors to then discover their purposes and significance. You can do this in different stages, for example color, texture, size, pattern or design, or if there are any marks due to wear and tear.

Typically, each color will represent different, or slightly different emotions. As an example, the color red will indicate passion and/or anger, while maroon will indicate bravery and/or heroism. If something in your dream is colorless, it most likely means that you are pushing people away, or if something is neon colored, it means you are highlighting that specific aspect and it holds significance. Firstly, you need to begin by understanding your base color. If this is just one block color, then it represents how you recognize yourself, and how you believe others recognize you. If there are many colors, it means that your emotions are very up in the air and uncontrolled, and you may need to slow down a bit.

In some cases, the pennant could be stained, the color may have faded, and the integrity of it perhaps worn down slightly. If this did occur, it may be an indication that you are facing an illness; are not feeling yourself, or are becoming self-destructive. The best medicine is to understand what is going on, take action if necessary, and try to at least incorporate positivity into your life whenever you are able to.

Secondly, consider size, the ‘Japanese Cube Test’ informs us that the size of our cube runs parallel to the size of our self-esteem and how we view our own importance. The pennant’s size is a response to our personal idea about emotional importance. The larger your pennant is, the more you will notice the emotion(s) inside and perhaps allow this emotion to overwhelm you. On the other hand, if your pennant is smaller, it might mean you are more in control of your emotions; or you are in a stage of your life where your emotions are triggered less, and therefore not as powerful. Thirdly, the design can be key to understanding more about yourself. Some pennants may have no design and just one block color; others may have many patterns or shapes, and also many colors and shades. Here are a few common shapes and symbols to get you started:

  • Circle: wholeness, when you are in harmony with yourself.
  • Cross: strife, you feel as though you are on a journey from suffering to perfection.
  • Shell: depicted in Botticelli’s painting ‘Birth of Venus’, represents femininity.
  • Spiral: to feel unattached to realistic ideas, may sometimes be irrational.
  • Square: to have a grounding and realistic idea of yourself.


  • You learn how to understand the qualities of the pennant.
  • The pennant seemed kindred to you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a pennant:

Harmony, happiness, contentment and power.

By Florance Saul
Jun 9, 2017