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When a barber appears in your dream it suggests that you will suddenly change an opinion about something. If you are having your hair cut or washed, then this action suggests that you are thinking about formal social events in the future.

If the barber is familiar to you, then you should not give this dream much thought. However, you need to consider all the other factors around the activity to decide for yourself how the dream is relevant to your life.

In your dream you may have

  • Been at the barber.
  • Been shaved by a barber.
  • Had a barber cut your hair.
  • Become a barber.
  • Gone to school to be a barber.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The haircut goes well.
  • You were able to change your hair in a positive way.
  • The barber is friendly and sociable.
  • The barber is someone you know.

Detailed dream interpretation...

To dream of a barber means you will be rewarded for your work if you focus all your efforts on it. However, a barber in a dream can also mean fraud and disguise. To see a barber shaving someone indicates that you are feeling provoked by a tough situation in your life. If the barber shaves you, this means uncertainty and money loss. Being at the barber in your dream could indicate misunderstandings between you and the people in your family. Going to the barber can be an omen of an inevitable financial problem.

If you dream about going to the barber it means that you should be careful not to share malicious gossip that you hear. Seeing yourself in the barber shop could be a sign of troubles and losses in your family. If there is an unpleasant experience at the barber it is a negative sign. However, traditional interpretations underline the fact that this dream could reveal the light in your life or the ability to resist difficulties in life.

A barber shop appearing in your dream tells that you do not have to be worried about your life partner, but it can also have something to do with your work place, foretelling some difficulties ahead.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a barber

Happy. Well-groomed. Satisfied. Content. Happy. Enjoying. Surprised, Upset.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012