Isolated bamboo plants

Isolated bamboo plants

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

To dream of one bamboo plant suggests that you will encounter conflict but it will not affect a huge area of your life.

Bamboo in this sense can suggest that there may be communication problems with a loved one. The isolated bamboo plant is a suggestion that you may feel possible loss or difficulties going forward. Seeing just one bamboo plant in general can suggest possible difficulties and also competition in love matters.

Your dream

  • Seen one bamboo plant.
  • Cutting a bamboo plant.
  • Planting a bamboo plant.
  • Growing a bamboo plant.
  • Watering a bamboo plant.
  • Small bamboo plant.
  • Bamboo on windowsill.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

Often the bamboo plant can be seen on the windowsill as a lucky charm omen. The bamboo is a symbol of growth and is a powerful good luck omen. The bamboo is associated with success. In a greater sense the bamboo can also carry a sense of contentment. In China the bamboo is considered extremely lucky. If you have become bored recently then you could feel that there is a wall that is building around you. To see a single bamboo plant within one dream is a positive omen and isolation will lift. To cut a bamboo plant in the dream indicates that a goal achieved will not give you the full satisfaction that you need. It can also indicate that a fight between two people has come to an end.

If you find yourself growing single bamboo plant within a dream then this is a reflection of your actual accomplishments in life. The good news is that the fight and conflict has been one. Sometimes we have disagreements with people we wish for a better outcome. The bamboo in this sense is representation that two people have fallen out but due to unforeseen circumstances it is very difficult for these two people to come together and reunite. The single bamboo plant featured in a dream is feminine in nature. Watering bamboo plant indicates that androgyny may be present.

Freud believed the bamboo was associated with possible delight in life. The bamboo is used as a spiritual recognition in life. In China seven bamboo plants indicate different stages within life itself. Keeping lucky bamboo shoots within the home is also associated with bringing contentment into the household. it is believed the lucky bamboo is associated with happiness.

By Florance Saul
May 4, 2017