Unable to Find Something Inside A Bag

Unable to Find Something Inside A Bag

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There are several things which are kept in a bag.

A bag can be able to carry your personal things or things which you are taking it to someone else. So a situation where you are unable to find something in a bag will definitely cause anxiety and unnecessary because, somehow, that thing was placed in the bag to be used to do a certain task.

A dream containing a bag that is lacking a certain thing implies that there are important things which you seem to lack in your life; things which that are making your life to be incomplete. It could be that you have been searching for a job, but you have been unsuccessful and this is making you worry about how you are going to make ends meet. It could be a search for a relationship which is not materializing.

In the dream, you may

  • Rummaging through a bag, but unable to find the item.
  • Cannot find something inside the bag.
  • During a magic trick that goes wrong.
  • The bag is empty.
  • A full bag of strange items.
  • The bag which results in something else inside.

Detailed dream interpretation

When you see yourself rummaging through a bag and being unable to find the item it denotes, you have done everything possible to be content in your life but still, there are things which are missing out and this is causing you a lot of anxiety. You are unable to perform some tasks in your life due to lack of finances because, for a long time, you have been searching for a job or promotion which is not forthcoming. You are feeling lonely because you don’t seem to find the right partner to form a relationship with.

A situation where you find yourself dreaming that you cannot find anything in the bag suggests that you are finding your life to be empty. There is no fulfillment in whatever you do and this is causing you a lot of dissatisfaction. If it is a job, you can try and change; look for another job. If it is a profession, try and change; a change is good!

When you see yourself performing a magic trick that goes wrong in your dream, it implies that you have tried to do things different from what those around you are doing but it seems it is not bearing fruits. You still don’t seem to get over the many responsibilities that are presenting themselves in your life. To see someone pull something from a bag in a magic trick denotes a fresh start in life.

A bag that is empty in your dream, symbolizes that you seem to be blank with no ideas to make your life better than it is at the moment. You should start being creative because that is the only way you will find yourself doing things which will make your life better than it is at the moment. You can source ideas from those around you and in no time, you will find that you are occupied with so many responsibilities which will improve your lifestyle.

A bag full of strange things in your dream implies that you are not in a position to handle the responsibilities that are put before you and this could be because of being lazy or, not having the knowledge on how they are handled. If it is laziness, you need to start working hard because that is the only way you will become an accomplished person in your life. If it is a lack of knowledge, try and talk to those who know how to work on the responsibilities so that you can learn how to handle them. That is your highway to prosperity.

A situation in your dream where you see a bag which results into something else denotes that, you have the potential to change your current situation into something better. Something worthwhile that will make your life have more meaning. You have the creativity which you can use to turn the many tasks and responsibilities bestowed upon you into something that will definitely change your life.

Feelings associated with your dream

Better, responsible, overwhelmed, occupied, unsuccessful and stress.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017