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A valley can show a sexual side to a dreamer and even though it is simply a landscape, valleys usually also are a sign of fertility, life, and treasure.

Valleys are places where growth and opportunity would happen for tribes of people and were blessings for people that were traveling or hunting and gathering. Because of the importance of survival and safety that valleys often would give ancient people many cultures still consider dreams of valleys to have incredible and lucky meanings.

In this dream you may have

  • See a valley from afar.
  • Travel to a Valley.
  • Dreamed about the Great Valley.
  • Visited the Valley of the Kings.
  • Went to Death Valley.
  • Were stuck in a valley.
  • Witnessed the flooding of a valley.
  • Arrived in a Valley just in time for the Spring Season.
  • Camped in a valley.
  • Sought shelter in a valley.
  • Found a valley that was ripe with water and land and made a life there.
  • Lived in a valley.
  • Traveled down a mountain into a valley.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Found a home or a shelter in a valley
  • Were given good land in a valley
  • Grew crops or had a vineyard in a valley
  • Traveled to or through the Valley of kings

Detailed dream meaning

Valleys are land massed that are surrounded by mountains. Because of their sunken level they usually are good places to be for a person, simply because there is going to be food, water, and potential shelter. In olden times valleys were good for hunting but a poor place to build a home simply because a valley is hard to protect. Finding a valley and then building near to it was a great find because it meant that you could have a proverbial treasure trove of necessary items at your disposal.

Dreaming of a non-descript valley can be a good sign of potential opportunities coming your way in your waking life. Because of the possible life saving things that one can find in a valley, it is indicative of a positive energy surrounding you in your life right now. This is a good time for travel, adventure, taking risks, and investing. Growing or planting in a valley indicates ripe return on an investment or an increase in money coming your way.

Seeking out new territory is a good thing to dream about as well because it represents manifesting new opportunities and increasing the positive potential in your life. When you discover a valley, this new find represents a new opportunity coming your way in your life. Be on the lookout for positive changes.

Specific valleys have meanings as well. For example, Death Valley represents a very hot and uninhabitable desert environment. This valley is a true desert valley and in a time before cars and quick transportation it was a wasteland except for the most resourceful and tenacious individuals. People have lived on the outskirts of Death Valley for ages, but it is not a place for the weak. Dreams about environments such as this can indicate a very difficult time ahead and a need for resolve. Perseverance will set you on your path and you will grow from some trial or tribulation in your life at this time.

The Valley of the Kings is another desert environment in Egypt. This is where the Pharaoh’s of the past are buried and with them usually history as well as their treasure. These dreams can indicate potential wealth and wisdom, if you make a discovery or witness the greatness of this place. If you are on a journey in this area in a dream there can be some spiritual meaning as well. Pay attention for any totems (spirit animals), God or Goddesses, or spirits in these dreams as they are usually prophetic in nature.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Increasing money.
  • Being lucky or finding new opportunities.
  • Finding yourself on your spiritual path.
  • Being strong willed and having resolve while facing adversity in your life.
  • Getting stable.
  • Establishing roots.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a valley

Happy. Challenged. Secure. Excited. Impressed. Curious. Nice. Adventurous. Active. Determined. Wanted. Saved. Salvation. Hopeful. Strong.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012