Bad Teeth

Bad Teeth

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreaming of bad falling out teeth, crumbling teeth, rotting teeth and many other forms of problems with one’s teeth is a common dream. Teeth are the first feature you notice when someone is talking to you.

You always want to have a good set of sparkling white teeth to impress other people. A set of attractive teeth can help in life. Whether it is in the workplace or your home or in your love life the impact of your teeth counts. Normally, in waking life one goes to a number of lengths to take care of their teeth, such as brushing or visiting the dentist. Teeth are directly related to one’s looks. You might not like to talk to people who have broken or chipped teeth or even dirty teeth.

In the dream you may see

  • Your teeth falling out.
  • Your teeth are slowly rotting away.
  • Bad teeth.
  • Your teeth are breaking away or chipped.
  • Your teeth are crumbling to the touch of a finger.
  • You are spitting out teeth whenever you talk.
  • Somebody is pulling your teeth.

Positive changes are afoot

  • Unable to repair broken teeth
  • Cannot stop teeth from crumbling or falling out
  • Cannot prevent people pulling your teeth.

Detailed dream interpretation

Whenever you see teeth falling out in a dream, means that you are anxious and worried and absolutely unable to take control of your life, workplace or home. You are experimenting with a large number of solutions to bring your life on track but all the options are failing one by one and with each failure your sense of anxiety increases further.

The image of falling teeth also signifies that your anxiety of getting older is taking a hold on you. The fear of getting old and being rejected is growing slowly inside you. You are becoming afraid that others perceive you to be sexually incompetent and from this fear the image of falling teeth appears in your dreams. The symbol of falling teeth in your dream means that you are afraid of making a fool of yourself in front of others. It can also mean your feeling embarrassed by the thought of not being able to meet the expectations of others.

If one’s teeth are breaking away, leaving some pieces in the gums it means that you are not doing things correctly in your waking life. The symbolism means that you need to make decisions.

The appearance of false teeth in your dream is negative. If false teeth are in place of one’s normal teeth this signifies problems in the future. It gives a warning that your actions may eventually hurt others and also yourself in the long run.

The image of rotting teeth in your dream suggests that you that you have been holding back your anxieties and worries for too long and they have started to cause inner doubts inside. To see all your teeth rotting is connected to the perception of others. It recommends that you to get rid of your worries and face the world without fear.

To see a dentist pulling out your teeth is a negative dream. This symbolism suggests that you are trying to hold onto something which others are trying to remove from you by force.

Feelings that you may have encountered in the bad teeth dream

Anxiety, despair, desperation, fear, incompetence, lack of confidence.

By Florance Saul
Sep 15, 2013