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Kite flying is relaxing and is a popular pastime of children.

The original history of kites come from Thailand. The kite is also found in military tradition as a tool for warfare. In World War one for example kites were used as observational tactics. But what does it mean to dream of kites? My name is Flo and I have a detailed meaning here about what kites actually mean in your dream so scroll down. There is much legend around kites in general and they are normally made from bamboo but originates from Malaysia. In Thailand kites are supposed to send messages to gods. 

Dreaming about flying a kite is a great dream to have! This dream suggests the possibility of having to deal with problems in your waking life.The dream -  if a kite is broken means that you might be disregarded or ignored by people that are important to you (sorry to say). Also, a dream about flying kites in the sky can have very positive connotations if the kite is connected with children or your childhood. 

What is the detailed dream interpretation of a kite? 

I will now take you through a detailed overview of what kites mean in your dream. Seeing a flying kite (as I have mentioned before) in a dream often reminds one of childhood.

Dreaming of a paper kite foretells your ascension. The ascension can be social, or at work, but also in your private life. If in your dream you see a child or children carrying a kite, this portends lots of happiness coming your way.

To dream of flying a kite indicates that you will be able to solve a problem that seems difficult to you at the moment - it is also a lucky omen. A kite that breaks and falls is a sign of trouble in your business or at work. The same dream can suggest big wealth will come into your life, especially wealth related to your business. A kite thrown on the ground means disappointment and failure could occur sometime in the future. Making a kite foretells competitive situations during which you will try hard to win. If in your dream lots of children are flying kites, this indicates lots of pleasant moments ahead, as well as easy to do work.

Seeing kites going up in the sky until you cannot see them suggests that some of your important hopes might end up in disappointment and loss.

In general, dreaming of flying a kite is the omen of good wealth and great financial income, but also good times ahead, especially with your family and friends. This dream is most of the time a positive one, as long as nothing happens to the kite, such as crushing to the ground or breaking apart. A dream featuring children playing with kites symbolizes your deep emotions.

The child in your dream is, in essence, your inner child, and therefore seeing it flying a kite shows that your inner world is well nurtured and content. If the child is unhappy while playing with the kite, then this shows your need to address a personal issue in your life as currently. You probably are experiencing some type of unhappiness at the moment, and this dream is a warning that you should probably take it easy for a while.

Dreaming that you are laughing while playing with a kite, and you feel happy and cheerful, it means you will be successful in all your endeavors, and you will have very nice companions and friends. If you hear children’s laughter while flying kites, this is the sign of joy and good health.

What does it mean to catch a kite in a dream?

Catching a kite in a dream can indicate that you will encounter a new start in life. As the kite represents simple pleasures. Most people love flying the kite and catching this can represent catching love. 

What is the spiritual meaning of a kite?

Kites date back to around 500 BC and since they have been around for the last 2500 years they are somewhat spiritual in nature. There is a legend of Benjamin Franklin who flew kites in many different kinds of weather - particularly thunderstorms. He used to like to tie a kite and use this to understand electricity. Ok, why do you think I am saying all this. Spiritually, kites represent reaching for goals, the highest and the dream indicates that you will get there with time. In old folk lore kites represent happiness and reaching for something new.

What does it mean to dream of holding a string of a kite?

Flying a kite in the air can suggest building your own life. You will have a feeling of safety.  watching a kite flying and fluttering in the sky can suggest that you need to apply small edging steps in order to progress your life. You may feel that you will spend a long time helping others achieve their best.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Do not mind people in your life criticizing you.
  • Your dream was an amazing experience.
  • You have learned something from this dream.
  • Feel happiness towards the kite in your dream.
  • The land appears to be fertile.
  • It is spring, new ventures are positive.
  • You follow a clear path of action.

In your dream you may have

  • You are flying a kite.
  • You see a kite.
  • Kids flying kites.
  • Flying kites on a beach.
  • Lots of flying kites.
  • A kite threw on the ground.
  • Paper Kites.
  • A kite that breaks and/or falls.
  • You are making a kite.
  • A kite ascending beyond the vision.
  • Your kite crushes and breaks.
  • A child laughing while flying a kite.  

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of kite

Happy. Jolly. Having fun. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Impressed. In good mood. Relaxed. Mellow. Soft. Loving. Kind. Feeling good. Admiring. Pleased. Happy. Scared. Weirdness. Silly. Fun. Nothing. Worried. Scared. Unsafe. out-of-control. Confused. Powerful. Threatened. Shocked. Angry. Concerned. fearful. Pleasant experience.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012