Lion Dream Meaning

Dreams about seeing a lion can be quite the exhilarating experience, and there is certainly an insight to gain from such a vision. I feel you are likely feeling "powerful" in waking life --- when you see a lion in your dream world, as it is known to represent strength, courage, and leadership. In some cases it could also mean that you are feeling threatened and overwhelmed by certain challenges or situations that have presented themselves in your life.

Many cultures see the lion as a symbol of good luck and prosperity, since they tend to roam in groups with their families during the day while hunting at night. This means that if you are dreaming of seeing a lion then this could be God’s way of telling you to stay protected amidst challenging circumstances. It may also be indicating that something significant or important is going on around you - so make sure to take note of your surrounding environment when interpreting these dreams!

In your dream, you may have:

  • Been attacked by a lion = someone will approach you to be friends.
  • Seen a lion in a forest or safari = there is a hidden agenda.
  • Gone on a safari = good luck will be yours.
  • Chased by a lion = watch out for an enemy.
  • Turned into a lion = loyalty
  • The lion in tarot cards = indicates a mother figure
  • Positive changes are afoot if: The lion was friendly. The lion was golden.

The type of dream involving lions can also differ depending on how they present themselves within the dream itself - do they appear friendly or aggressive? If appearing friendly then this may suggest that opportunities for growth will soon present themselves for the wider benefit; whereas if more aggressive then this indicates releasing power within yourself which has been previously suppressed due to fearfulness or shyness (e.g., standing up for yourself). Either way I am sure goodness will come from such visions! What do you also do to try to remove the "aggression" of the lion.

What did you do in the dream?

How did you escape this agression? Do you run away? Do you fight it? Do you give it meat? Think about what you did in the dream to counteract this threat as that will show how you are approaching problems in life. One last thing one needs to consider when dreaming about lions is whether their teeth are visible – as if so it usually refers directly to physical power; which in turn can range from violence (due for example revenge) through constructive forms like work projects being able complete successfully with ease thanks again its associated strength characteristics coming into play.

As such it's wise not only pay attention what type of attitude any 'aggressive' lions display but also how much aggression appears whenever those sharp teeth become exposed.A lion in your dream shows propitious circumstances and in some cases strength and porousness in your life.

If your dream is about the lion becoming domestic or wild shows that you feel some predestined guilt. If the lion was man-eating or you were in safari then this shows that your dream is connected with a risk of taking chances gambling - therefore prevent trying to gamble for the next few months. A lion in a dream may be calling you to claim your own control over others. If you are being attacked by a lion then this can be a rather scary dream. If you feel helpless and vulnerable then this means you will do so in waking life. If the lion is in a cage then this suggests that one is afraid of power and feel it needs to be held back. Lions are kings of the animal world and powerful hunters. Welcome to my website, and I hope to provide information on your dream. I have made it easier so just scroll down to find your dream meaning.

Is this dream good or bad?

I feel this is a good dream because the lion is a symbol of aggression, happiness, royalty, and pride. The lion in dreams reflect the animal or instinctual part of your nature, so if the fierce animal terrorizing you in a dream consider what this animal represents to you and what it says. If you see a lion in a dream it can indicate that you feel the pressures of everyday life and things are getting a little "ontop" of you. The larger the lion in the dream the larger the problems around you in life.

To be chased by a lion is a common dream. It could also represent a part of yourself you find hard to control. And because we often assign characteristics or personality traits to lion's, dreaming of being killed by a lion may also symbolize gut feelings we have about others. An attacking lion, may depict how we see someone who is being aggressive toward us. To go on a safari means that others will be helpful towards you. Social success could be yours if you notice a lion sitting down in your dream. Hear the lion roar and you'll have to deal with a person that is jealous. A lion cub forecasts an invaluable new friend.

The typical lion dream contain's images that are familiar to us, but at the same time, we recognize something that is unfamiliar and obscure. Traditionally, the characteristics of the dream are applied to the world of humans, often seeing the animal as a harbinger of misfortune or good luck. The lion in the tarot card deck is a happiness. If you are fighting a lion, this is the sign of scandal. If you are fighting a pack of lions, this dream means contempt. To see the lion's main is a positive omen it suggests that you will gain loyalty. The lion represents the "male" part of our nature. Part of our persona may be the role of man or woman we have to play. For most of us, that gender role is dependent upon physical sex. But Jung, like Freud and Adler yet others, felt that we're all really bisexual in character. Whenever we begin our way of life within the womb, we've undifferentiated reproductive organs that just progressively become man or woman, intoxicated by the body's hormones. Likewise, whenever we begin our social lives as infants, we're neither male nor female within the social sense until society conforms us into males or women.

In most communities, the anticipation put on males and ladies differ, but in today's world today, we've many remains of traditional anticipation. Women continue to be likely to be home-makers and nurturers males continue to be likely to be strong breadwinners. So, what does this mean for your dream of a lion? Simply, the dream means that you are showing more masculine tenancies. To see a lion's teeth is a positive dream showing that there will be a great outcome from aggression. To see a lion being won in a battle is a positive omen it means success in the future.

What is color the lion of the lion in the dream?

A black lion is a negative omen. It is associated with harm in life. To see a white lion is connected to a magical new beginning. It may also suggest an awareness of life. If the lion takes over in the dream this suggests possible attacks on others.

What does the lion mean regarding dream symbolism?

A lion seen in a dream is quite an important symbolism. The line itself is often referred to the king of the jungle. This is due to the fact that it has an immense amount strength. I truly believe the lion when represented in a dream indicates that you will soon encounter strength, courage, and power in your life. If you see yourself fighting with the lion alternatively you’re injured it can often represent success in the face of adversity. If we turn to green psychology lying is often an archetypal symbolism of one’s ego. As a line is a powerful dignified predator, I truly believe that this can sometimes materialize we try to hunt for our own identity. As most lions reside in the southern parts of central Africa we also need to understand that this dream indicates through the power and strength that you will be exhibiting in the future, you will uncover something important. Often, lions generally use tall grass in order to hide when they hunted A. To see a line in the grass indicate that you are going to have to hide your own viewpoints from somebody in order to get these across. To see the lion on a safari can indicate that other people will turn to you for advice going forward. I’m now going to briefly give an overview of the lion and the spiritual meanings connected to the dream.

What is the spiritual meaning of a lion?

A lion appearing to you in a dream could be a message of prudence, you may need to maintain balance in your life and help you stay calm. In the spirit world, the lion is also known to be a protector of the family, health, and home. Seeing a lion eating in a dream could mean that, you are angry about something or somebody in your life. it could also be a warning that you need to control your aggression and anger before it controls you. To be frightened of the lion indicates that you must try to start listening to other people’s viewpoints and taking into consideration what they say in a calm matter. For the lion to attack you in your dream can signify irrational thinking. A lion can also be symbolic of the personal struggles you are encountering in your life. It could be that you are feeling threatened and having a desire to escape. You might be going through a struggle and you don’t know how to go about it.

The lions derive from the cat family. They have powerful, strong muscular body’s and denote real power in life. As lions have the most beautiful gold fur they can indicate that we will be successful in the future. To see a lion with a long wonderful mane, spiritually can indicate your surroundings going to be “happy” and “prosperous” in the future.

What does it mean to dream of seeing a male lion?

A male lion is known as the king of the jungle and it is one of the best animal’s to see in a dream. Its spirit has a range of meanings with different symbols attached. It represents gold and the sun which makes it possible for different symbolic messages to be communicated to you in the dream state. Sometimes the lion appears before us in a dream because it indicates that you have this as your animal totem. It means that you will be strong and courageous in various situations in your life. 

A male lion (with a mane) symbolizes personal determination and power and as a wild animal is a symbol of anger and aggression and you could be acting somewhat strong, aggressive and focused and at the same time, powerful. A lion can be a representation of parts of yourself. It could be that you are trying to hide something due to the fact that, those around you find someone’s behavior unacceptable. Sometimes this dream appears when we need to keep our feelings to ourselves. Are you are afraid of what others will say? If you feel afraid of a lion in a dream it is time for you to come out of hiding and think about how other people respond to you.

What does it mean to dream of a female lion?

A female lion in your dream means you are being communicated by your spirit guide, which implies that you are born a leader both at work and in your private life. It is a well-known fact that a lion is an animal which is dominant in its habitat, therefore it can be domineering over others in relationships and even at your place of work. It is a symbol of domination, authority, and power. As your spirit animal, the lion can give you the courage and strength to tackle the challenges that come your way in life and you can conquer difficult situations going forward.

What does it mean to be chased by a lion in a dream?

If you dream that a lion is chasing you, it implies that you are really struggling to control your own anger and feelings. If the lion is aggressive, it could be a sign that, there is an arrogant person in your life who could be your partner, your boss, or even a close friend. When you wake up, you will need to deal with this person, though due to the fact that they are dominant in your life, you might find it tough to do so. You can use the help of someone else who is outgoing to help you to deal with the situation.

What does it mean if you built a friendship with a lion in the dream?

If you have ever seen the film “born free” the lion in that movie was connected to the freedom, escape and destiny in life and of course was friendly, thus from an animal totem perspective the lion could be speaking to you directly in your sleep or appear to be guiding you spiritually. The lion can appear in dreams as either aggressive or friendly. In my research into older dream dictionaries to come across a “friendly” lion indicates you will encounter someone in real life who is fun, observant and great to be around. There will be a bridge of understanding that a person will become a true friend, not just someone you discuss the weather with. This dream can mean that a relationship will develop based on trust, loyalty and will flourish. This person will generally be someone of the opposite sex and on the surface goddess— like but deep down is insecure. If the friendship with the lion is voluntary this will mean that you will find time to spend with a close friend. You will need to look at the qualities of this animal in order to get a definition of this dream meaning. If the lion in the dream appears wild then this can denote that you will have a powerful association with new friends in the future. To be friends with a pack of lions or to be “part” of the pack we need to turn to the symbolism in order to find out the meaning. In our modern world loneliness has become a problem, that can affect all cultures and this dream indicates that you will encounter more satisfying relationships in waking life. To be friendly with a female lion in your dream or feed lions indicates that you will uncover friendships on a deeper level. To see a man riding on a lion means success. For a lion to be in a cage means that you wish to control others. To dream of cubs denotes new lovers and happy times ahead. A lion is also the symbol of the astrology sign of Leo, so a lion in a dream may symbolize someone in your life who is born under this zodiac sign of Leo.

What does it mean to be a lion in a dream?

As a symbol of independence and loyalty, a lion means that you are a person who is very loyal and for the love of your family, you are ready to put your life on the line to grow and reach your desires. Alternatively, it could imply that, when you are around, everything is always under control due to your independence. You don’t seem to rely on others that much. Your creativity allows you to run your life the best way you know how. Your self-confidence has improved. Things are under control and in the right balance in your environment.

Where is the lion symbol used?

Lion symbols have been in use for a long time. We only have to look at ancient Egypt and you will find that one of the most powerful goddesses known as Sekhmet was represented by a lioness figure. This wonderful goddess was used to protect people - especially the rulers. When the formation of cities, kingdom, and countries started occuring, the lion symbol gained a larger role and to date, the lion maintains a symbolic role in various nations. In Singapore, the lion’s head is a distinctive and recognized as a national feature. In Trafalgar Square in London, a set of four bronze lions each weighing seven tonnes reside as an emblem of power.

How do lions live, interact and hunt?

Lions have traditionally been depicted as the king of the jungle who once roamed in Europe, Africa, and Asia. At present, they are now commonly found in the Gir Forest in India and in Southern and Central Africa. They are found to be different sizes, live in a range of habitats, and eat a variety of food. The African lion is about 4.5 to 6.5 feet, that is, from its head to the rump with a tail measuring about 39.5 inches maximum and 26.25 on the minimum. It weighs between 120 to 191 kilograms. The lions found in Asia are a bit bigger with tails measuring 23.62 to 35.43 inches, 6.5 to 9.18 feet from head to rump and a weight of about 300 to 500 lbs. In general, the males are larger as compared to their female counterparts with a distinctive mane around their heads which makes them look impressive to the females and intimidating to other males. During territorial fights, the mane also acts as a shield.

There are various types of lions, and any of these can be featured in your dream. It is always hard to define which ones you have seen. Asia lions are concentrated in the Gir Forest National Park which is located in India. It is on an 877.37 square miles of land with the land having grasslands, forest, rocky hills and scrubs jungle. African lions are found in Mozambique, Angola, the central Africa republic, Botswana, southern Sudan and other sub-Saharan African countries like Kenya. They are found in areas where there are grasslands, scrub or open woodlands. When it comes to food, Asiatic lions eat large animals such as nilgai, goats, buffaloes, sambhar, and chitai and in rare cases will you find them eating small animals. For African lions, they eat large animals which are found in their habitat including but not limited to wildebeests, antelopes, and zebras.

Lions live in groups which are normally referred to as pride with the pride for Asiatic lions being completely different from those of the African lions. The African pride comprises of a dozen females, three males, and their young ones with some pride comprising of a total of 40 members depending on the number of cubs that the females in there produce. The Asiatic pride divide themselves into groups the males and the females having separate pride and only come together during the mating season. The female lion in a pride is normally related to one another. They tend to stay in the same pride of which they are born. For the males, when they come of age, they are forced to move out, wander and meet other males to form their own pride.

Females are the main hunters of their pride and thus they normally form hunting parties in order to trap their prey. If an animal is larger than the lion, it can be killed for food and we often witness the lion tiptoeing up to the prey then striking. They utilize the use of their jaws to pounce on the prey’s neck. For the African males who are trying to be dominant, at times he will make sure that it kills all the male cubs in the pride to avoid competition, which is a rather sad thought.

What does a white lion or white cub mean in the dream?

White lion’s seen in a dream represents our own spiritual strength and power. White lions are connected to our own spiritual journey in life and in many ancient dream books denote that seeing a white lion stands for: great imagination, peace, harmony and spiritual development. Often, the lion is a blonde/ golden color but we have seen in many different zoos the fact that they have populated white lions. In fact, there are around 350 white lions that currently live in captivity in 2017. Some have even returned to the wild. There is a genetic strain of white lions which was created in the Johannesburg zoo in 1977. The white lion is one is a stunningly beautiful animal. To see a white cub indicates your own innocence in life. From a spiritual perspective, this dream is associated with the fact that we need to understand vulnerabilities in life.

What does dreaming of a lioness mean?

Lions represent that you are feeling isolated in a relationship. Maybe you have to always be the strong one? At the age of between three to four years, the female and male lions are ready for mating. The gestation period for the female is four months after which, she will give birth to her young ones away from the rest of the pack. And for the first six weeks, the young ones will be hidden away. When they are born, the cubs normally weigh around 1.5 kilograms and are completely dependant on their mothers. Thus, spiritually this can indicate that you are feeling someone is dependent on you. The lioness in a dream is a symbol of maternity, victory, hope, and protection. A female person has you back in waking life. However, you don’t even notice the person’s effort and care. Luckily for the person, she doesn’t need you to thank her for her help. It’s enough you’re safe. The lioness in your dream also predicts a situation in which you will have to show your compassion. It’s the only way to get out of this complicated situation without harming others. Use your mental strength and skills. In my view, the lioness represents a “female” family member who has your back.

What does it mean to kill a lion in a dream?

As I have already said previously, the lion in a dream is a symbol of strength, power, and aggression. It also represents domination, leadership and courage. To dream of a lion means your social life will improve. You will gain people’s respect and your love life will progress. However, to kill a lion in your dream signifies taming a wild part of your personality. You will give up a battle in waking life. You will swallow your ego and pride in order to keep yourself safe. You will do the right thing, but you will also feel defeated and weak. This isn’t a reason for you to give up the war. One lost battle doesn’t mean a lost war, remember?

What does it mean to dream of a lion hunting in a dream?

If you dreamed of a lion hunting, it means you’re feeling helpless and overpowered in waking life. There are some individuals at work or privately who make you feel worthless and less valuable than you really are. These people are jealous of something you have – I am sorry to say. Maybe they are threatened by your unique skills. To dream of a lion hunting also means you’re always overthinking. You want to build a strategy to win over your enemies. The best way to win someone who works on pissing you off is not to play. Your dream also represents your independence and ability to take care of yourself. You see yourself as a lonely, but capable lion who doesn’t need anyone to survive. However, you also want people to take care of you because it’s how you can see who actually cares about you, and who doesn’t care.

What does it mean to dream of a lion crossing your path?

If a lion crosses your path in your dream it’s a reminder to use your power and many unique abilities to improve your life. You’re not in a very satisfying condition and you need improvement. Apply the big changes you’ve been planning and don’t fear the unknown. The lion crossing your path is trying to tell you something. Slow down, and think twice before you enter a dangerous situation. Your dream also symbolizes major success. To get what others don’t have, you must do what others are afraid to do. You will follow this rule and it will help you achieve your biggest accomplishments.

What does it mean to dream of lion cubs?

To dream of lion cubs is a sign of making excellent choices due to the fact that, they are proud and beautiful. After such a dream, do not be surprised if you get a visit from children. Alternatively, it could be symbolic of the proximity of something tender, innocent, and unworried that moves away from all the difficulties or problems that occur in your day to day life. dreaming of a lion cub could also be a warning that, you should avoid any action or expression unpleasant with any strange boy or girl. The dream brings out the fondness, love, and happiness with children. You should be willing to help and care for vulnerable people around you without strings attached and especially children.

What does it mean to dream of fighting a lion?

If a lion is fighting you and you are fighting back this could denote that your power is being questioned. It is the time, challenges and obstacles are coming your way but the good news is that you can tackle these well. It could also mean that you have a sense of leadership and power which is affecting your self-confidence. To see yourself fighting a lion that is trying to eat you is a sign that you may ensure a string of unlucky endeavors and you may need to take unnecessary risks. At this time, you should refrain from such activities like gambling. If the lion is biting you and you are fighting back then this dream can be connected to being bitten by a situation. To feel or see your leg bitten indicates that someone close to you is using their power over you. For example, it could be a possible boss who is asking you to work extra hours. Seeing two lions fight each other indicates a focus on control.

Conclusion of this dream

When you see a lion in your sleep, it symbolizes assertiveness, strength, power, and courage. At the same time, a lion can represent predatory feelings that you might be harboring deep within you like aggression that you end up directing to those around you. If you have a lion as an animal totem, then it is good to know that, it symbolizes personal struggles to deal with the above-mentioned feelings. This spirit will always warn you about a threatening situation or event in your life. If a lion appears in your dream or during your real life, it is symbolic of something important happening. However, you may not have any control over this. Consequently, a lion is a symbol of anger and fear. Alternatively, it could mean that you are in a threatening and dangerous situation in your life and thus coming to you as a warning so that you take precaution from that time henceforth.

What is the history of lion symbols?

I will just briefly go over some famous lion symbols. You may not wish to read these but I thought I would detail them anyway as they may have an association with your dream. Freud believed that somethings things in the media affected our dreams so if you had a dream of Lion's have been used as symbols for many years in cultures across Africa, Asia, and Europe. They were initially depicted using graphic representation as organized hunters with strategies, great strength, and skills. When human started having ceremonies, lions were used to symbolize significant roles in magic, close association with deities, or even as deities themselves. They served as intermediaries and clan deities of those times.

What famous icons have lions on them?

Lions have been known to be the most iconic creature in history with their behaviors being important to the human race since time immemorial. Some of the animals species have even transcended the notoriety of their species to make a mark in the human culture. Here are some of the famous icons that have lions on them.

  • Leo, The MGM Lion: MGM, a Hollywood film studio used a lion since 1917 as its mascot with Leo being the most dominant of them all over the years which has been used since 1957. It is believed Leo was born in the Netherlands and brought to Hollywood when it was still a young adult. It is believed that since it was brought, it has made several television episodes, films, and commercials from the firm to be successful.
  • Tsavo Maneaters: It refers to a pair of male lions which lived in Kenya in the 1898 and killed over 35 railroad constructors, creating fear and defection thus halting the construction which only resumed after they were gunned down and killed. Currently, their skulls are at Chicago Field Museum.
  • Nemean Lion: According to the Greek myth, Nemean was a powerful monster of a lion which Hercules was asked to kill. It was believed that its hide could resist arrows and blades and thus, Hercules was forced to wrestle it down.
  • The man-eater of njombe: This lion was a pride of lions that worked for hand in hand to kill more than a thousand people in southern Tanzania. This occurred between 1937 and 1947 due to lack of prey. They were later exterminated by a game warden. Yes, a sad state to be honest!
  • Christian the lion: The Christian lion was a pet for Australian travelers Ace Bourke and John Randell who bought when it was still a cub. They stayed with it in their apartment until it grew big to be kept there and they were forced to relocate to the countryside of Kenya. One year later, they were reunited with the animal in Kenya, with the video being played on Twitter showing the special relationship between man and the lion.
  • Cecil: I bet you remember seeing this on Facebook. Cecil was killed by an American dentist Walter Palmer and that caused him to make headlines globally. Lovely Cecil was a special lion who had no fear of park vehicles thus allowing visitors to the Hwange National Park to gain a closer view of him.
  • Bibi the Marsh Lion: Bibi was a lion at Masai Mara in Kenya, who was, in 2015 found dead from poisoning. He was a member of the Marsh pride which featured for over a decade on a BBC popular show, Big Cat Diary.
  • Chauvet Cave lions: Its painting was discovered in 1994 in Southern France as part of the largest collection of prehistoric artwork. The lions were larger the current lions available in today’s world. They were extinct more than 25,000 years ago.
  • Leo Constellation: Leo is the Latin word for Lion. It is the largest record that has a connection to the Persia., Mesopotamia, Greece, and India. It represented the Greco Roman culture as one of the twelve symbols of the Zodiac as seen in the Western.
  • Aslan: Aslan is the Turkish word for lion and is an allegory for Christ. According to the chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis, Aslan is the magical talking lion that is at the center of the fantasy.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a Lion

Terrified. Surprised. Anxious. Worried. Strange. Insecure. Confused. Overwhelmed. Offended. Scared.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012