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A lion in your dream shows propitious circumstances, and in some cases strength and porousness in your life.

If your dream is about the lion becoming domestic or wild shows that you feel some predestined guilt.


If the lion was man eating or you were in safari then this shows that your dream is connected with a risk of taking chances gambling - therefore prevent trying to gamble for the next few months. A lion in a dream may be calling you to claim your own control over others. If you are being attacked by a lion then this can be a rather scary dream. If you feel helpless and vulnerable then this means you will do so in waking life. If the lion is in a cage then this suggests that one is afraid of power and feel it needs to be held back. Lions are kings of the animal world and powerful hunters. 

In your dream you may have...

  • Been attacked by a lion.
  • Seen a lion in a forest or safari.
  • Gone on a safari.
  • Chased by a lion.
  • Turned into a lion.
  • The lion in tarot cards.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The lion was friendly.
  • The lion was golden.

Detailed dream interpretation...

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The lion is a symbol of aggression, happiness, royalty and pride. The lion in dreams reflect the animal or instinctual part of your nature, so if the fierce animal terrorizing you in a dream consider what this animal represents to you and what it says. To be chased by a lion is a common dream.  It could also represent a part of yourself you find hard to control. And because we often assign characteristics or personality traits   to  lion's, dreaming of being killed by a lion may also symbolize gut feelings we have about others. An attacking lion, may depict how we see someone who is being aggressive toward us. To go on a safari means that others will be helpful towards you.

Social success could be yours if you notice a lion sitting down in your dream. Hear the lion roar and you'll have to deal with a person that is jealous. A lion cub forecasts an invaluable new friend. 

The typical lion dream contain's images that are familiar to us, but at the same time we recognize something that is unfamiliar and obscure. Traditionally, the characteristics of the dream are applied to the world of humans, often seeing the animal as a harbinger of misfortune or good luck. The lion in the tarot card deck is a happiness. 

If you are fighting a lion, this is the sign of scandal. If you are fighting a pack of lions, this dream means contempt. To see the lion's main is a positive omen it suggests that you will gain loyalty. 


The lion represents the "male" part of our nature. Part of our persona may be the role of man or woman we have to play. For most of us, that gender role is dependent upon physical sex. But Jung, like Freud and Adler yet others, felt that we're all really bisexual in character. Whenever we begin our way of life within the womb, we've undifferentiated reproductive organs that just progressively become man or woman, intoxicated by the body's hormones. Likewise, whenever we begin  our social lives as infants, we're neither male nor female within the social sense until society conforms us into males or women.

In most communities, the anticipation put on males and ladies differ, but in today's world today, we've many remains of traditional anticipation. Women continue to be likely to be home-makers and nurturers males continue to be likely to be strong breadwinners. So, what does this mean for your dream of a lion. Simply, the dream means that you are showing more masculine tenancies. To see a lion's teeth is a positive dream showing that there will be great outcome from aggressions. To see a lion being won in a battle is a positive omen it means success in the future.

A black lion is a negative omen. It is associated with harm in life. To see a white lion is connected to a magical new beginning. It may also suggest an awareness of life. If the lion takes over in the dream this suggests possible attacks of others. To see a man riding on a lion means success. For a lion to be in a cage means that you wish to control others. To dream of cubs denotes new lovers and happy times ahead. A lion is also the symbol of the astrology sign of Leo, so a lion in a dream may symbolize someone in your life who is born under this zodiac sign of Leo. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a Lion.

Terrified. Surprised. Anxious. Worried. Strange. Insecure. Confused. Overwhelmed. Offended. Scared.


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