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Naked Breasts

Naked Breasts.

Dreaming of naked breasts are often a sign that you are seeking, wanting, or needing nourishment or to be cared for.

While the breast being naked can indicate a sexual dream, there is often an underlying current to these types of dreams. For example, a woman dreaming of naked breasts can indicate the desire to be a mother or a sign that you will be married. A man, to dream about naked breasts, can indicate coming into money or a financial windfall.


In this dream you may have...

  • Seen a woman undressing.
  • Sucking on a breast or seen a child nursing.
  • Produced milk from your own breast.
  • Seen nipples or a nipple on a woman’s breast.
  • Been injured in the breast area.
  • Saw an old woman’s breasts.
  • Were attracted to a woman’s bare breasts.
  • Seeing breasts with hair on them.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You are a woman who dreams of producing milk in the breast or are feeding a baby.
  • If your partner is pregnant and you were sucking from her breast.
  • If you are a man wishing for money or gain and grew breasts in a dream.
  • Witnessed breasts growing bigger or getting enlarged.
  • If your dream was focused on the nipple of the naked breast.

Detailed dream meaning...

The breasts can often be a taboo dreamtime thought and while some don’t want to talk about having dreams such as these, they can hold very important keys to what is going on in the person’s mind or a direction in which their life is going.

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If the dreamer is a woman:

When a woman dreams about her own breasts, she is identifying with her own self worth or value. A woman is judged based on her chest and the visions she sees in her dreams about them reflects on issues in which she would like to change. Large or well-endowed naked breasts for a woman indicate confidence as well as that she is on the right path in her life. Smaller, especially if her breasts are shrinking in her dream indicates worry and insecurity in her life and that she needs to make a choice to go into the right direction. A young woman dreaming of having breasts in the future can indicate sickness coming or physical ailments. If the woman is pregnant and she dreams about her breasts leaking or sucking from the breast of another, it is said that she will have a girl.

If the dreamer is a man:

When a man dreams about breasts, often it is indicative of financial gain or loss. When a man dreams that he has breasts, especially if they are lactating then he will be finding money or wealth. It can also indicate his desire to be dominant or in control of his life. If man dreams of suckling on a breast like a child it shows that he is not sure on his path and that he needs to take serious thought to the choices that he is making. If the breasts that he sees are hairy then he is likely to win in games of chance or the lottery. If he sees himself sucking at his wife’s breast and she is pregnant then it is said that they will have a boy child.


Overall the size of the breast and the age of the woman attached to the breast are very important. The more full and virile that the breast is the more luck and positive changes that are coming in the life of the dreamer. If the breast is old, saggy, lumpy, or deflated, then the outcome of the situation for the dreamer is not as good and the dream is a sort of warning for the dreamer.

Also, when a man dreams about a woman and her breasts as a whole, it is often a good sign for a relationship. If the woman that he sees with naked breasts and it is someone that he is interested in it is a sign that he should pursue the possibility for a relationship with this person.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Gaining money or prestige.
  • Having a child or knowing the gender of the child if you are already pregnant.
  • Feelings of increased or lack of confidence.
  • Your own feelings about your breasts. (for a woman)

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of naked breasts…

 Desire. Fear. Excitement. Confusion. Insecurity. Surprise. Luckiness. Hope. Heartache. Joy.


Self-Conscious. Happy. Wonder. Love. Rich. Rewarded.

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