Naked Breasts

Naked Breasts

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams are quite confusing and interesting we often have strange dreams that provide hidden messages.

There have been many accounts of people feeling exposed during the dream state. The first thing I will say is according to dream psychologist, Carl Jung this is a natural progression, it is all about your own subconscious mind trying to understand your relationships around you. Naked breasts are a natural part of the human body and in dreams, they are associated with our motherhood and caring nature.

In life, we sometimes focus on our own growth and dreams are connected to symbolism is which could be representative of our own spiritual foundation. The breast itself can represent a place where your "own mind" is trying to understand the relationships around you. It could be that you might feel more focused on the way you express yourself going forward. Dreams are often a reflection of our own inner thoughts and attitudes. Unfortunately, we cannot influence our own dreams but the benefits are that we can gain and receive answers to our problems or questions through the communication of our conscious mind.

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of a naked breast? In order to answer this question I’m going to look at the biblical meaning of Revelation 15:15, which states that the seven angels came out of the temple having their breasts girded with golden girdles. In this Scripture, it means that your breasts are biblically connected to gifts, favors, and above all blessings.  It is interesting that the biblical association with naked breasts is to protect.

Sigmund Freud wrote at length the connection between our dreams and input in waking life. There has been much controversy around women's naked breasts in public, to the extent, there is a campaign called #FreeTheNipple which promotes women to breastfeed in public. As this campaign is often in the media and breastfeeding is an accepted part of our society and promoted - it is not uncommon for us all to have dreams of breasts. After all, they are part of the human body. There is nothing indecent about our human body and the acceptance of the breasts and nipples have become mainstream over the last decade. In Freud’s theory dreaming of naked breasts could sometimes be due to the media and input we gain on a daily basis. If you are a women dreaming of breasts this dream is connected to “nourishing a challenge” and promotes “independence.” if the breast so your own and this could represent that you are not feeling although you have privacy in waking life. If you are dreaming of breast implants this can signify that there is an issue with a false positive in waking life. I will round up what it means to encounter such dreams.

How can I help?

My name is Flo and I have been studying dreams for twenty years. This dream could include many different elements and I will try to cover the most popular dreams involving naked breasts. I will say, most people have mailed me about dreams of breastfeeding. In dreams feeding a baby can indicate that you are feeding your own mind.

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of breastfeeding?

The mother’s breast obviously holds nutrients and vitamins in order to feed her child. This dream is associated with protection, nurture and also growth. If the baby is seen in a dream this represents that there is something that is of importance that you must protect and nurture. It could be symbolic in that this would be a job alternatively progress in a relationship. The breast in this respect provides growth for the baby a child. It is in an inventible that a naked breast is often seen in such dreams.

What does it mean to dream of bare breasts?

Dreaming of naked breasts are often a sign that you are seeking, wanting, or needing nourishment or to be cared for. While the breast in the dream is naked can indicate a dream of relationships, there is often an underlying current to these types of dreams. For example, a woman dreaming of naked breasts can indicate the desire to be a mother or a sign that you will be married. A man, to dream about breasts, can indicate coming into money or a financial windfall. This may seem slightly crazy but this is the old dream meaning of seeing breasts found in Scottish folklore.

What does it mean to be injured during this dream?

This indicates that there will be a combination of personal integrity and also feeling as if things will eventually slot into place but there may be issues. This is a great time to look at various problems in life and focus on your own skills and understand how you can balance your commitments at work with relationships. Seeing your own naked body can indicate that you are feeling comfortable in the presence of others, if you are breastfeeding a child then this signifies sharing yourself and your truth with other poor people in order to progress your spiritual path.

Detailed dream meaning:

I have already mentioned that the breasts can often be a taboo subject thought and while some don’t want to talk about having dreams such as these, they can hold very important keys to what is going on in the person’s mind or a direction in which their life is going. It is important to understand that these types of dreams mean different things if you are male and female. I have broken these down as follows:

If the dreamer is a woman:

I have stated in this paragraph the dream meaning of breasts for women – according to old folklore. When a woman dreams about her own breasts, she is identifying with her own self-worth or value. A woman’s visions in dreams often reflect on issues in which one would like to change. Large or well-endowed breasts for a woman indicate confidence as well as that she is on the right path in her life. Smaller, especially if her breasts are shrinking in her dream indicates worry and insecurity in her life and that she needs to make a choice to go into the right direction. According to dream lore, a young woman dreaming of having breasts in the future can indicate sickness coming or physical ailments. If the woman is pregnant and she dreams about her breasts leaking or sucking from the breast of another, it is said that she will have a girl in Welsh folklore.

If the dreamer is a man:

I am briefly going to run over the ancient meaning of breast dreams for a man. When a man dreams about breasts, often it is indicative of financial gain or loss according to old folklore. I am not sure how true this is! When a man dreams that he has breasts, especially if they are lactating then he will be finding money or wealth. It can also indicate his desire to be dominant or in control of his life. If a man dreams of suckling on a breast like a child it shows that he is not sure on his path and that he needs to take serious thought to the choices that he is making. If the breasts that he sees are hairy then he is likely to win in games of chance or the lottery. If he sees himself sucking at his wife’s breast and she is pregnant then it is said that they will have a boy child according to Welsh folklore. Also, when a man dreams about a woman and her breasts as a whole, it is often a good sign for a relationship. If the woman that he sees with naked breasts and it is someone that he is interested in it is a sign that he should pursue the possibility for a relationship with this person.


Overall the size of the breast and the age of the woman featured in a dream are very important. The more full and virile that the breast is the more luck and positive changes that are coming in the life of the dreamer. If the breast is lumpy or deflated, then the outcome of the situation for the dreamer is not as good and the dream is a sort of warning for the dreamer.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • You are a woman who dreams of producing milk in the breast or are feeding a baby.
  • If your partner is pregnant.
  • If you are a man wishing for money or gain and grew breasts in a dream - this is a good luck omen
  • Witnessed breasts growing bigger or getting enlarged.
  • If your dream was focused on the nipple this is positive in dreams.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

  • Gaining money or prestige.
  • Having a child or knowing the gender of the child if you are already pregnant.
  • Feelings of increased or lack of confidence.
  • Your own feelings about your breasts. (for a woman)

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of naked breasts:

Desire. Fear. Excitement. Confusion. Insecurity. Surprise. Luckiness. Hope. Heartache. Joy. Self-Conscious. Happy. Wonder. Love. Rich. Rewarded.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012