Dreams About A Ginger Kitten

Ginger Kitten Dream Meaning

Ginger Kitten Dream Meaning

A ginger kitten is known as a tiger kitten, this is simply because of the color orange. These kittens, in fact, carry a pigment known as pheomelanin which is also found on ginger human hair. Ginger kittens in dreams bring a message to you --- it is about being blessed, lucky, and above all happy.

Ginger as a word is from the 14 century and basically, it’s basically a Latin word, it is connected to the spice ginger. In old times ginger was expensive and used in medicine, but as I am sure you will imagine has a range of spiritual properties such as protection and removing problems in life. In fact, people use to put ginger in the kitchen to prevent negative energy.

What does it mean to see ginger kittens in a dream?

The crazy thing about this dream is that seeing ginger kittens is normally a sign that you are pushing those close to you away. The reason I mention this is because the ginger kitten is connected to fire, and fire is hot. It can mean you are pushing those close to you away. The challenge for you going forward is to make sure that you can move through life without feeling anxious, and for most, me included that is hard to do --- yes, I know. We are all labeled control freaks sometimes and seeing more than one ginger kitten or a litter of ginger kittens in a dream is normally about control. Basically, dreaming of buying ginger kittens is about understanding that it is pointless worrying about things that have yet to happen. As I already mentioned above orange is connected to fire, it can mean that you are finding some aspects of life daunting. 

What does it mean to buy ginger kittens in a dream?

A ginger kitten in a dream is listening to your inner voice. Many cultures associate ginger fur with spirituality. Let me explain. Ancient Greeks believed redheads were reincarnations of their ancestors and had special powers that made them particularly wise. It was also believed that redheads had prophetic dreams and visions that guided their decisions. There was such a strong belief that ginger hair or fur resulted in being able to see the future. Traditionally, redheads have a different but equally powerful spiritual meaning. The Chinese believed that people with ginger hair could draw energy from the Heavens, giving them insight into their lives and facilitating their success. Red hair or fur on animals --- was seen as a sign of good luck, and it was believed that those with the color red hair had the power to ward off all the mess and problems that life throws at us.

What is the spiritual meaning of ginger kittens?

Many cultures still value ginger kittens spiritually. Historically, redheads are believed to be able to detect and repel malicious spirits in some Native American tribes, while in Japan, orange hair or fur is said to have healing powers. It is a matter of personal belief whether ginger hair has spiritual significance, but for those who believe in it, it can have powerful effects.
Ginger fur (in my view)  has a unique and beautiful appearance regardless of the culture people come from. It is believed that red hair has spiritual importance, but regardless of this, ginger kittens are a source of great pride and affection in many cultures around the globe. Given the ginger kitten’s strong spiritual connections, ginger fur can be seen as being a representation of solidity and strength if the dream is positive.

 There are many spiritual meanings associated with ginger kittens. The Chinese believe that ginger kittens expel negative energy and bring in positive energy. Aside from its protective properties, it is also believed to be beneficial for warding off evil spirits and ailments. As part of Hindu rituals, ginger root is offered to gods and goddesses. There are also many Ayurvedic treatments that use ginger. It has been said that ginger soothes and protects the soul in the Christian faith. Good fortune, wealth, love, and health are believed to be brought about by ginger in many cultures. 
In addition to your kitten dream, we must understand that ginger has been used medicinally for centuries. The reason I mention this is because the ginger kitten could have appeared to highlight areas where you may need to improve your health. Ginger is known to improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and aid in the treatment of colds and flu. It can also help with nausea, headaches, indigestion, and even general body aches and pains, the reason I mention this is that if you have been feeling a bit poorly lately the ginger kitten could be a sign that things are going to go well. The ginger kitten, in my view,  is a message that you can overcome that nasty cold, or difficult conversation that you may have --- and ultimately there will be a positive period in life.

What does it mean to dream of holding a ginger kitten?

Holding ginger kittens in a dream is about understanding that you hold the key to your own thoughts. Orange spiritually is about creating what you need in life. It is about your own personal image and personal power within, therefore my conclusion is that holding a ginger kitten in a dream is about understanding that you can overcome all those messy difficult times in life. The kitten represents your own peaceful self and as orange is aligned to Mars it can represent that positive things are coming your way.

What does it mean to dream of buying a ginger kitten?

Dreams that feature buying kittens often are about how we navigate our own lives, and the fact we need comfort. As I have already said kittens are often about our own comfort inside. Buying or owning a ginger kitten is a wake-up call to be comfortable in your own skin. Make sure you understand who you are and what you need in life. 

By Florance Saul
Nov 20, 2022